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Delightful dishes made
From love within the past
Journals of their bounty
For years have been amassed.

Have a special recipe
I want to share to day
Made of love and kindness
I'm sending it your way.

If you have a moment
Be sure to send a friend
My recipes are treasured
So please do come again.
Thought I'd start by saying
It's such a lovely day
Come with me and join me
There's more to come your way.

I'd like to introduce you
To recipes divine
Carried on within this heart
I'll share with you on line.

So lets now sit together
Share a cup a tea
Talk about life's wonder
Those old time recipes.
~Francine Pucillo~ with permission
Australian Recipes, from My Australia section
Irish Recipes - old traditional
Irish Recipes - more modern
Afternoon Tea recipes - nice things to eat and indulge in
Decadent Desserts/Cakes - sheer indulgence
Cooking with Herbs - covers all aspects from soup to meals and drinks
Winter Warmers - meat and meatless recipes for warm winter eating
Chocoholic recipes - drinks, desserts, biscuits, cakes, sweets.
Christmas Cake x 2 - on my Winter/Christmas page
Thanksgiving treats - something different to serve when family calls
More Festive Treats - something different for picnics or home
Catering for a Wedding at home
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