In quiet peace of precious land
The Lord extends His Loving Hand
Reaching out to touch the Heart
Canvas filled with nature's art.

Forever walk the land with love
Nature's dream reflection of
Peace within the soul to keep
Journey never far to reach

Silent streams of life retold
Mystery of Souls unfold
Hold my heart within this peace
Solitude within my reach.

Quiet streams of life to hold
Love portrayed artistic gold
Hues of paint with reverence shared
The heart of nature has appeared.

~Francine Pucillo~
(copyright 2000, used with permission).

POETRY OF EMOTION (web site for Francine)
Share an idea with ten people they get to hear it once, but you get to hear it 10 times which means you get the best end of the deal.
This was written by myself in March 1969 about a piece of coastline near Mokau on way to New Plymouth, New Zealand   (when I was travelling).

The trees bend at the mercy of the cruel wind as she blows,
The once small stream goes swiftly as to the sea it flows.
The awesome mountain ranges glare
At the desolation bare.
And the sea is rough and cruel
As the waves and sand, they duel.
Bedraggled sheep stand there in fright
Grouping cattle low their plight.
A lonely farmhouse looks in awe
At the elements rough and raw.
Till the storm dies you can bet
Nothing can be done just yet.

3 days later, that same scene
Is so different, not as mean.

The trees sway briefly as they yearned
For now the gentleness has returned.
Water trickles to the sea
Over fields, so green and free.
The guarding mountains show a smile
The storm it lasts so short a while.
The sea is green and all is calm
Nothing came to any harm.
The sheep are clean and fleecy white
The cattle contented, feel just right.
The farmhouse there has come alive
As busy people crowd the drive.
Everyone pulls their weight it seems
To rebuild the farmers dreams.
ODE TO THE ORCHARD (written by myself in April 1969 when working apple picking/packing in New Zealand)

Icy mornings fingers tortured, joys of working on an Orchard.
Looked-after hands just go west; there's no looking at one's best.
Any clothes that are hard wearing, are the order of the daring.
CLimbing ladders, climbing trees; falling out and grazing knees.
Picking careful, watch for bruising, there's no time for extra snoozing.

In the shed, its very hectic; keeping up makes life electric.
Packing fast, pull down bins ; No time to regret past sins.
Apples apples everywhere ; keep on working, dont stand there!
Call for trays, more are needed ; brows with sweat are getting beaded.
Careful now, lift the case ; all this packing's like a race.

One night a week, ourselves we pamper ; for Friday night to town we scamper.
After all is said and done ; orchard life can be fun.
Social life can be elastic - meeting people is fantastic.
Some are interesting, some are boring: And there's some who like amouring  -
It's for sure these months have been exhilerating, fresh and clean.
FRANZ JOSEF GLACIER CLIMB (by myself in May 1969)

Donning boots and socks with glee
We gaily tripped off happily
Towards the Terminal Face to start
Our climb towards the Glacier's heart.

Huffing, puffing, shrieks and groans
Before we start we voice our moans.
Sliping, sliding, falling down
Careful treading,  faces frown.

Up and up and up we go
Wonder if we'll see some snow.
Solified ice is under feet
A marvellous view is then out treat.

Pinnacles jutting regally grand
In blues and greens they proudly stand.
Now we've conquered this ascension
We all feel fit, I'm glad to mention.
Don't care about the wind that blows - rather, be so ready and so equipped that you can handle any circumstance.
If something has meaning for you, find a way to share it because the more often you share it, thr more value you will get from it.
Top painting original by J.C.Behlen, Jr