The Intellectual Movement before Muhammad's Birth


All the Scriptures foretold of the appearance of a prophet of Ismail’s offspring from the mountainous area of Tohama. The Jewa were expecting his appearance. In the year 71 A.D the jews rebelled against the Romana in “ Iliya”[Jerusalem]. And as a consequence, the Jews, sacred temple was demolished by the Roman commander Titus.and a large number of them were driven out of the land. Some of them headed for Yathirb, Madina, and its outskirts, and they were members of the tribes of Qurayzah, Al-Nadir, Qinaqa, Khybarand others. The flocks of jews went to that part of the land because they were sure, as their Books asserted, that a new prophet would be raised there, and that the religion he was destined to preach will spread everywhere, from the city of Yathrib. They desired to live close to that prophet and to lend him support in the hope that he might restore to them the status they had lost in Jerusalem.

Later, the Jews, anticipating assistance from the prophet Muhammad, prayed for their victory against their foes, the Aus and the Khazraj. But when the prophet preached the Message, that their Scripture spoke of, they rejected both the prophet and hid Message. Alluding to this Allah says: “And when there comes to them a Book from God, confirming what is with them,-although from of old, they had prayed for victory against those without Faith, when there comes to them that which they [should] have recognized, they refuse to believe in it, but the curse of God is on those without Faith“. He also says: “And if the apostle were to invent any sayings in Our name, we should certainly seize him by his right hand, and We should certainly then cut off artery of this heart; not could any of you withhold him [from Our wrath].”

Even Jesus Christ had foretold, as stated in the Gospel, of the appearance of the prophet Muhammad, Confirming this report, the Holy Qur’an says: “And remember Jesus, the son of Mary said: O, Children of Israel: I am the apostle of Good [sent] to you, confirming the Law [which came] before me, and giving glad tidings of an Apostle to come after me, whose name shall be Ahmad

Salman, the Persian, was close to a priest who used to repeat to him that a Messenger by the name of Ahmad will be raised by Allah from the passes of mount Tohama, and that he will be known for accepting only a gift and refusing charity . And this was the reason why Salman converted to Islam.

Jesus Christ, as the Gospel of Mathew says, prophesied the rise of Muhammad (PBUH) as a prophet. He dhim the stone put by the Lord on the top of the building; he told his people that the kingdom of the Israelites will disappear, giving place to another nation, the Muslims. Whoever falls on this stone will suffer bruises, and whomever the stone might fall own on will certainly be crushed.

And because the followers of the Scriptures knew beforehand of the appearance of Muhammad (PBUH) as a Prophet, his letters, which were later sent to their kings and rulers, had albeen received by them with respect and esteem, and esteem, and their receipt had always been acknowledged nicely. The Roman Emperor of the time was about to convert to Islam had it not been for his people who rebelled against him when he called them to have faith in the prophet Muhammad.


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