Prophet Foretold in Parsi Scriptures


Parsi religion or Magianism was established in Persia in ancient times by Prophet Zoroaster and hence also known as Zoroastrianism. The suggestion by some that he was a Prophet of Islam cannot be ascertained or denied for lack of direct evidence in Qur’an and Hadeeth. Their scripture Avezda is in Zend (old Persian) language and foretells of the advent of Prophet Muhammad . The Parsi religion at Rasoolullah’s time suffered, and still does, from two main deviations Tawheed (monotheism).

(1) It divided good and evil between two gods - god of evil was not worshipped, thouggh
(2) Parsis worship fire as God’s manifestation.
Besides Avezda, Dasatir is also a holy book of Parsis. These two give the details of the appearance of Prophet of Arabia in the following terms;
A great sage will appear in a sandy region to the west. (Refer Fig.1) His name will be Astvat-ereta or Soeshyant. Astvat-ereta means the Praised one Muhammad in Arabic. Soeshyant means mercy to the worlds, Rahmat lil Alameen in Arabic. At his time the Parsis will abandon fire worship and will turn towards a temple which will be purified by removal of idols.

On conquering Makkah, Prophet went straight to the Ka’abah, the oldest ever Mosque on earth, and eradicated the 360 idols, reciting the Qur’anic Verse; “Truth has come and falsehood vanished. Falsehood is ever bound to vanish” (Al Qur’an 17:81).

Despite clear prophecies when Prophet Muhammad appeared these three great communities of the world missed him for various reasons;
(1) Hindus because scriptural knowledge was not disseminated but kept confined to the priestly class;
(2) Buddhists because of information barriers due to geographical distances and
(3) Parsis because of jealousy and prejudices even though Prophet and his followers were in touch with Persia. However, Persians eventually embraced Islam, the Prophet’s religion except for a minuscule minority.

20 to 25% of people of Indian subcontinent converted to Prophet’s faith. Conversions of Buddhists of Asia to Islam is to a much lesser degree. But due to today’s information and communication revolutions and current economic prominence of the Arab land the message of Prophet is reaching the Asians, and also all other peoples of the world on a much wider scale. But this phenomenon is almost totally independent of the prophecies. They are therefore joining the faith he preached in a fresh series of waves.

Allahu A’lam. God alone knows the truth of everything, including the above mentioned prophecies in the three major faiths. Allah willing, an article on prophecies in Jewish and Christian scriptures will follow.


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