Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) in Zarathushtri Scripture


Prediction of The Holy Prophet Muhammad  in Zarathustri Scripture :

"When the Persians should sink so low on morality, a man will be born in Arabia whose followers will upset their throne, religion and everything. The mighty stiff-necked ones of Persia will be overpowered. The house which was built and in which many idols have been placed will be purged of idols, and people will say their prayers facing towards it. His followers will capture the towns of Paris and Taus and Balkh and other big places around about. People will embroil with one another. The wise men of Persia and others will join his followers."

[DASATIR No. 14]

What can we deduce from this passage?

(a) The man referred to, will be born in Arabia, just as Muhammad (saw) was.

(b) Persia will be overpowered. Persia was a superpower like Rome. Within thirty years of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) establishing the Islamic State in Medina the Persian Empire had fallen to the Muslims, the followers of Muhammad (saw).

(c) The house will be purged by idols. When the Muslim army marched into Mecca, ten years after the Islamic State had been established, Muhammad (saw) went to the Ka’aba and threw out all the idols that had been placed in it.

(saw) People will say their prayers facing towards Ka’aba. Muslims pray in that direction everyday, as they were instructed to do so by their Creator via Muhammad (saw). Is there any other place in the world that people pray towards?

(e) Persians will become Muslims. After the Persian conquest, Persia became one of the main regions of the Khalifate (the Islamic ruling system)."


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