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Aquiel ~

All the Women
Short, strange little tale that just had to be told. Kathryn Janeway's musings. PG-13

Always and Forever
Hmm, what can I say about this one. It's Prixin aboard Voyager, and the crew is celebrating with their friends and... family. PG-13

Dance Away the Moon
Told from Chakotay's Point of View. He's looking for someone at the party, will he find her? PG-13

Dark Clouds Written with Camilla Sandman
A Collaboration; Janeway has lost Chakotay; can she see past her dark clouds, and learn to live again? Only time will tell. PG

A J/C poem... the first of two in one night! (who'da thunk it??) PG

Forever This Way
# Part 1 The first in the series. A party, a bathtub, an accident and a distress call, and all before morning!
# Part 2 Began March 1998, written with Cam The second in the series. The Away Team is being held on Zarus III
# Part 3 Began March 1998, written with Cam. The third in the series. What will Chakotay do to get his Captain back?
# Part 4 Began March 1998, written with Cam. The fourth, and final part in the series.Will Chakotay be able to rescue Janeway? Or will they be doomed to be forever apart?

Goodnight My Someone
November,1998, A response to a challenge I issued in JetCJr6, to write a story using two specific phrases. PG

I Am the One
A short story, written while in a somewhat philosophical mood on my Birthday... very early in the morning. PG

If and Forever
Most of us believe that J&C should be together; if only TPTB would let it happen... PG

Kathryn, For the Very Last Time
Based on a challenge issued by august, to write a story using this title. PG

The Kiss
I think the title says it all! PG

Kiss the Rain
My response to Spif's challenge in Jr6; Write a story where J/C do not get together, yet are the main characters. PG-R

L R Surprise
Written in response to a challenge issued by ejspock: "Write a story, and incorporate all of the following words in no particular order..." Pure silliness!! PG

The Letter
A story written using the lyrics to a beautiful song called "There's holes in the floor of Heaven" I've been told it's a sad one, so consider yourself warned. PG

Mama's Little Girl
This is a story written in response to a challenge issued by Spif Trekspert. What would happen to Naomi if Samantha Wildman was killed? Not a typical J/C story; it deals more with KJ. PG

Moonlit Tears
Told from Chakotay's P.O.V. Someone he cares for very deeply is hurting, and he would do anything to takeaway her pain. PG

Morning Rituals
A short romantic(?) story. Kind of silly, but that's what happens when I get an inspiration at 2:00 in the morning! PG

Night of Miracles
Quite a few of the Sixers were doing Christmas stories, so not to be outdone... PG

The Old Elm Tree
This is a story written in response to a challenge that I issued in JetCJr6; I would like you to write a story in which the relationship (or lack thereof)between Captain Janeway and Commander Chakotay is observed by a third party." PG

Perfect Harmony
This one is a RR, written over two nights in the chat room. Tom askes a favor of Captain Janeway, but when sherealizes what it is, how will she handle it? PG

Precious Moments
Response to a challenge issued by Kadith; "write a story in which something of monumental importance occurs... i.e a vow of love, a goodbye, the birth or death of a child..." Warning: Hankie Alert! PG

Reflections of the Future
Not exactly a J/C story, but it had to be told... PG

Servant to the Wise in Heart
This was my very first J/C story. They're back from New Earth, now what? PG

Should You Go First
Written with Spif Trekspert Based on a poem of the same name; Kathryn and Chakotay have started their life together, but sometimes, badthings happen. PG

A J/C "what if" story. a short little romantic piece. PG

The Story
A story based on the 'Angry Warrior' legend. PG

The Sword and the Rose
It's finally finished! This is the sequel to 'Kiss the Rain'. You didn't actually think I'd just leave you hanging like that now did you?!?! PG

Su Amante
A short story; Kathryn Janeway's view on life. PG

That Night in the Rain
Chakotay told her he would always be with her, will he keep that promise? PG

They All Kissed Goodnight
Some reflections on the past, and on some past mistakes. Could become part of a larger series. PG

This is What Happens When Nobody Listens!
Our favorite Captain and Commander have yet to establish a relationship, but that's soon to change when our good friend Q gets involved... PG-R

Treasures of Life Trilogy
# NoŽl De Axis First in the trilogy. Ok, I'll admit it's a little out of season, but it was a cute idea. The command staff exchangepresents at the Christmas Party.
# A New Horizon Second in the trilogy. Kathryn and Chakotay's relationship takes an unexpected turn.
# Mockingbird Third in the trilogy. Kathryn takes some time to reflect on the past few months.

A J/C poem....the second one. If anyone has a good title...please share:)) PG

What Might Have Been
A story based on a beautiful song of the same name. PG

While You Sleep
This is a poem I wrote, relating to the relationship between Kathryn Janeway and Chakotay. PG

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