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Carissa ~

After the Sneaky Doctor
Kathryn's back from her forced leave and is slightly angry at a certain hologram. PG-13

All I Want For Christmas
It's Christmas time on Voyager and will Kathryn Janeway get what she wants for Christmas? PG-13

A Bad Nightmare
After watching an episode of Ally McBeal it gave me an idea. Chakotay admits to something. PG-13

Bed Thoughts
Drabble. Chakotay finally gets into the Captains bed. But is it what it appears to be? PG-13

Just how do Janeway and Chakotay get caught together? PG-13

The Costume Party
Tom wants a costume party. People dress up. But does Chakotay know that the Captain is around? PG-13

Daydreams in the Heat
It's hot on Voyager and some of the senior officers are having daydreams on the bridge. PG-13

The Day Off
Kathryn has the day off and starts doing unusual things. PG-13

Drugs Kill
Seven dies from taking drugs. Written for the 101 ways to kill a borg. PG

The Fun little Q Started
A sequel to my untitled story. Q pays a visit and leaves his son on Voyager. PG-13

Hidden Truths
Kathryn is hiding something from Chakotay. How long can this secret be kept for? *contains C/7* PG-13

I am Chakotay's Holey Sock
A sock wonders what is going on with the weird behaviour of it's owner. PG-15

Is He?
4 Drabbles all on one page. 4 different peoples thoughts to a wedding G

Jedi Chakotay
Chakotay decides that Jedi mind control will help get Kathryn to love him. PG-13

Two people ask Tom to help them set someone up for a price. PG-13

The Sneaky Doctor Written with Cassie
The Doctor wants Kathryn to go on leave. Just how will he do it? PG-13

Things To Do To Get Some Rations
Kathryn is out of rations, just how far will she go to get some more? PG-13

A challenge response that was issued on jetcjr10. It involves pranks etc. PG-13

Unusual Birthday Gifts
Tom has a present for Chakotay, but is it all as it appears to be? PG-15

A Valentines Day Tuvok Will Never Forget
It's Valentines Day and Tuvok has a few things to say about peoples behaviour. 7KB PG-13

Won't The Neighbours Shut Up
Kathryn and Chakotay are home and there is a party going on. PG-13

Young At Heart
Q is back and turns some people into children. 27KB PG

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