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Crazy Oboist ~

A midnight conversation over coffee. An 11:59 Episode Addition. PG

All I Want For Christmas
Really, Chakotay, you should learn to think before you speak! PG-13

The Amazon Way
MALES ARE VILE INFERIOR PIGS!!! (according to the Tirakans) Paris and Chakotay have to grovel at B'Elanna's and Kathryn's feet!!! PG-13

While learning more about human behavior, Seven helps Janeway learn too. PG-13

Best Laid Plans
I cannot tell a lie... PG-13

Captive Heart
Janeway makes an interesting purchase at the slave markets... PG-13

Janeway literally FALLS in love with Chakotay PG

Closet Space
Janeway's Closet is getting a little cramped... PG-13

Dante's Peak, 70,000 Lightyears Away
Janeway and Chakotay are trapped on an active volcano. PG-13

Delta Quadrant Paradise
Parody of "Amish Paradise" PG-13

Diverging Paths
My Resolutions story, with a new twist... PG-13

Do Nothin' 'Til You Hear From Me
Chakotay is a baaaaaaad boy. PG-13

Findings Pt. 1
On an away mission to a hostile planet for supplies, Janeway and crew find something unexpected. PG-13

I Believe I Can Fly (Faster Than Light)
Parody of "I Believe I Can Fly". PG-13

Point of View Series
# Part 1 Leola root coffee?!? Oh, the possibilities...
# Part 2 J&C, a shuttlecraft and a storm. Hmmmmmmm.
# Part 3 Janeway is Chakotay?!?! Chakotay is Janeway?!?! Aiyiyi!!!
# Part 4 Poor Vorik is so confused!!
# Part 5 And now the conclusion...

Janeway rambles on about Chakotay on paper. PG-13

How much is that Vulcan in the window? The one with the wagging tail? PG-13

Reverie II: Away Missions
# Janeway's Mission Tom Paris will never think of Megan Delaney the same way again...
# Tuvok's Mission Janeway's dog, uh I mean Tuvok, takes on the Cardassians.
# Chakotay's Mission Chakotay does some digging in the database to find out EXACTLY who Hobbes Johnson is

The Xena vs. Janeway debate
Cast your vote!! PG-13

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