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JC ~

Another Coda
The alien is back, but who are they after. It's got a little of the episode "One" in there also. PG

Children of Time
Voyager meets children of a future Voyager. PG

Perfect One
Well, I don't know what to really say. Alright, the Rellorians believe that one of the Voyager Crew is their"perfect one". Very strange story. I wasn't quite sane when I wrote the beginning of it. PG

Point Guard
It's not about basketball! A collaboration project between myself and Skip. PG

A Sixer Voyager Style Christmas Extravaganza
Yet to be submitted. PG

Very (well sort of) J/C sequel to "Childen of Time" with a little P/T and K/7. PG

Still in Doubt
Take a wild guess. The name says it all. PG

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