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Lena ~

The Dance
Chakotay's point of view on how a challenge changed their lives. PG

When Q's son decides he wants to be human for a month, things are turned around on Voyager. And a secret is uncovered that will change Kathryn and Chakotay's relationship forever. PG-13

Memories of Moving Out
As Chakotay prepares to move out, he looks at how far he and Kathryn have come. PG

A different kind of New Year's Eve resolution opens doors for our commanding officers. PG-13

The Terrorist Who Loved Me
In an a/u, Captain Chakotay is sent to find and kill his former first officer Captain Kathryn Janeway, who along with her band of "terrorists" poses one of the deadliest weapons known to mankind. Instead he is captured by them, and when something even bigger threatens the Federation, they must work together once again to stop it. PG-13

A Vision of Eternity
Upon learning of his imminent death, Chakotay shows Kathryn something that they can share for a lifetime. PG-13

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