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Lissa ~

Bad Day Blues
A really rotten day. 3KB PG

Computer Demon
A little help for Chakotay and Janeway can go a long way. Lots of songs and sweet mushiness. PG-13 (44K)

Helpful Q
Q tries to do Janeway a favour. Lots of laughes and mushiness. Set somewhere after Q and the Gray. PG-13 (30K)

Scavenger Hunt
My really long story about a scavenger hunt that really isn't a scavenger hunt. Beyond that I can't explain it. So just read. PG
# Parts 1-4 30K
# Parts 5-8 25K
# Parts 9-12 29K
# Parts 13-16 25K
# Parts 17-19 16K

Seduces Me
This is what happens when I listen to Celine Dion too long. 7KB G

Chakotay is in very hot water. 3KB G

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