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Puck ~

Better Than Legos
All right, people, this is what happens when you give me a character to work with who's bright, clever, and cute as a button. Naomi Wildman narrates this schmaltzy little tale. G

Coffee, Tea, and Insanity
PG-13 for innuendo-ish stuff, but all in all, it's a harmless schmaltzy thingimijig that I wrote in 20 minutes over spring break... PG-13

The Jugular Nerve Pops Like This!
My first attempt at a JetC Challenge Story. I won't give you the whole recipe, you'll have to read it. But I'll give you the main ingredients: Kathryn, Chakotay, Tom, B'Elanna and... Soundgarden? >=) PG

Not Ever
Set after the episode "Counterpoint". Kashyk is back, and this time he and Kathryn are serious. How does Chakotay react, and how will he help Kathryn when tragedy strikes? PG
# Part 1
# Part 2
# Part 3
# Part 4

Paris's Advice
Tom's advice to Chakotay regarding women -- particularly Janeway. G

Tom, Harry, and B'Elanna are at it again-- only now they're looking to score some brownie points with Chakotay. But there is one factor that even brilliant little Paris didn't forsee: What if Kathryn doesn't find things very amusing? PG
# Part 1
# Part 2

Very short, very to the point, and quite sad. Grab yer tissues, but don't worry, it's not one of those depressing ones that never seems to end. =) G

A heartwarming scene between Kathryn and Chakotay set to rhyme. G

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