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Additions To The Menu
The ice cream is melting... *G* Light Shattered spoilers. It's what I like to call a PG-13 smutfic. :) R

Kathryn's dying and Chakotay goes to see her... Warning: Hanky alert! PG

Can't Live Without Him
They're finally home. Chakotay asks Kathryn to come with him to Dorvan, but she refuses and he blows up at her. A year later, he returns... Don't worry, this story has a happy ending! :) PG-13

# Part 1 Set in an alternate universe, on the Liberty. Kathryn and Chakotay are fighting and Q decides to show them something. PG
# Part 2 Watching their counterparts on Voyager brings Kathryn and Chakotay a realization of their own... PG

Drunken Sailor
Chakotay's drunk. Kathryn remembers an old sailor's song. Enough said. :) PG-13

Holodeck Misadventures
Kathryn invites Chakotay out to lunch on the holodeck... but things don't turn out quite as planned when Tom bungles everything. PG-13

Meant To Be
# Part 1- First Meetings A/U. Kathryn and Chakotay meet at the Academy and fall in love, but Chakotay leaves her. Major timeline tweaking! *G* PG-13
# Part 2- Reunions It's years later and Kathryn's ended up on Chakotay's ship... Rated R, just to be on the safe side. PG-15
# Part 3- Resolutions They're on Voyager, trying to settle things. PG-13
# Epilogue- Revelations Set in a place every J/Cer should hold dear... *G* PG-13

Motherly Visitations
An unexpected visitor drops by... PG-13

Only Human
During the aftermath of 'Human Error', Kathryn inadvertently lets something slip to Chakotay... :) Light spoilers for the episode. PG-13

A Talk With Seven
Seven literally drops a bomb on Kathryn's head. PG

Unimatrix Zero episode addition. Chakotay's POV as Kathryn leaves. PG

Things Unknown
A YOH piece...with a large twist. PG

More fluff... what else can I say? :) PG-13

Under The Tarp
Utterly stupid! A totally dumb slapstick comedy. Kathryn and Chakotay are building a tarpaulin shelter in the holodeck, but they can't seem to do anything right... :) PG-13

Yellow Alert
Pure fluff. Set during Nothing Human, inspired by Chakotay's "disobeyal" of orders. PG

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