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All Q-ued Up
Q takes time away from the collective to make Janeway and Chakotay see what we already know. PG-13

Death of a Salesman-The view from the bridge
Janeway kills for coffee. PG-13

Hook, Line and Sinker
Sequel to revenge. The men try to cover up their embarrassment but end up in trouble again... PG-13

Sequel to revenge and Hook, line and sinker. Everyone is plotting revenge again- but someone decides that enough is enough... PG-13

My Best Friend's Wedding (aka The Kellin Rant)
Janeway strops when Chakotay announces he's marrying Kellin. It's based on the film- but it won't end up the same. PG-13
# Part One
# Part 2
# Part 3

The One With the Dollhouse
Janeway has to teach seven about being a child. PG-13

Pierce Brosnan Series Written with Twynnie and Nemesis
Very silly thing with pierce brosnan in it. PG-13
# Part 1
# Part 2

Pride And Prejudice Written with Laura
Kathryn creates a holoprogram based upon Pride And Prejudice and asks Chakotay to join her, only things don't turn out quite how they planned... PG-13

The women of voyager decide to get revenge on the men by holding a sleepover. PG-13

Steps to Heaven
A very silly challenge story with Steps in it... PG-13

What We Would Have Done With Cathexis... Written with Twynnie
Computer malfunctions eventually bring J and C closer together. Kind of based on the eppy in the title but not really. PG-13

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