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Sonja M Skrovanek ~

A Faith Gained and Lost
My novella about the impact a little girl can have on an entire crew -- Kathryn and Chakotay in particular; a mixture of humor, sadness, and thought. PG-13
# Part One: A Little Girl's Quest
# Part Two: Just Say the Word

Forever and a Day
Is Kathryn finally ready? The sequel to my "Hunters" epilogue written in the form of a "Killing Game" epilogue. PG-13

Icing on the Cake
What's the way to Kathryn's heart? Some J/C romance with a little humor spurred when Seven explores human emotion. PG-13

Lock and Key
Is it too late for Kathryn to say yes? A Christmas story with a very surprising gift. PG

Mending the Rift
Kathryn owes Chakotay an apology... but will he accept? A story inspired by a song, with a twist in the end. PG

Off the Coast of Nowhere
A "Hunters" epilogue serving mainly to tie up loose ends. Kathryn and Chakotay wonder about where the lost message relay network leaves the crew -- and them. PG

After a large fight, Kathryn and Chakotay are kidnapped along with Tom, B'Elanna, and Seven by a cruel alien race known as the Saskia. PG-13

Somewhere Between Life and Death
The sequel to Scream ... J/C with a touch of P/T ... After the death of a crewmember, Kathryn begins to blame herself for that and other things as well. PG-13

Things Remembered
A YOH epilogue for those of you who (like me) could not believe what Kathryn told Chakotay... PG

Unfinished Masterpiece
A J/C angst told in B'Elanna's POV; it's too late for Kathryn, but is she willing to pick up the pieces? Tissues recommended -- it's sad. PG

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