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Tara ~

A Captain's Daughter Doesn't Cry
The Captain's daughter wonders when it's okay to cry when faced with a loss. PG-13

Kathryn muses on how she feels after being in the 'workforce'. PG-13

A Fair Sacrifice
Someone sacrifices their happiness and their love. PG-13

Guy Talk, Strip Poker and an Interruption
If I give you more than the title ... well no , actually I can't, there simply isn't anything more to it! PG-13

Someone decides to boost crew moral. PG-13

A Pip Of A Problem
Communications problems aren't all Kathryn is having trouble with. PG-15

Promises in the Shadows
Someone is watching, whispering in the shadows. PG-13

Someone catches Chakotay kissing in the turbolift. PG-13

They Think I'm Strong
A culmination of things finally makes Kathryn Janeway crumble. PG-13

Trouble's Afoot In Higher Brain Functions
Something's afoot with the Captain. PG-15

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