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Twynnie ~

Her Way
A J/C take on the DS9 eppy His Way. PG-13

Pierce Brosnan Series Written with Shorty and Nemesis
Very silly thing with pierce brosnan in it. PG-13
# Part 1
# Part 2

Tom and B'Elanna use a holodeck program based on men in black but the safeties are left off and the resulting problems could spark big changes for Janeway and Chakotay. PG-13

What Can I Do?
A really soppy story about a song making Janeway realise something. Written for a challenge on Jr7. PG-13

What We Would Have Done With Cathexis... Written with Shorty
Computer malfunctions eventually bring J and C closer together. Kind of based on the eppy in the title but not really. PG-13

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