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Yarb ~

After Death Musings
Sort of an addition to Demon or Course: Oblivion. It’s a short little thing. Took me all of a half an hour to write. G 8KB

Written with Laura
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Kathryn and Chakotay are taken by aliens and tested...

Doctor's Order-A Challenge
Rating: G
Summary: Challenge story, where Chakotay and Janeway create a music video.

Enjoying Your Vacation?
In response to a challenge. Kathryn has to take time off of work. PG 22KB

In The Rain
Sort of an episode addition. Continuing from “Night”. PG 15KB

Rating: G
Summary: Two Chakotay's--now what?

Move Me
This is my answer to The Challenge, including the words: aristocracy, chocolate, handcuff, foam, spirit, and sack. G 26KB

My first entry for a J/C contest. The story is not allowed to include any R's. PG 13KB

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