~ The Longest Moment ~ by Rissa Rei

Disclaimer: The characters belong to Paramount, I'm just borrowing. I promise this isn't for any reason other than my own personal fun. The plotline, however, belongs to me.

Author's note: The lines from "Counterpoint" aren't exactly accurate. And I hope you've at least seen "Counterpoint", cause if not, you may be lost.

The Longest Moment
By Rissa Rei

I could feel the tension rising as we stood together in the launch bay. Kashyk's tiny scout ship was nearby, just beginning to power up, and it awaited only his presence.

"I'm making one change to your plan." I said. "Voyager is going to wait at the wormhole as long as we can- until it begins to collapse."

"I may not be able to join you this time." I could hear the regret in his voice, and I could see it in his eyes as well.

"Try." I pleaded with my eyes, my expression itself. The whir of engines reached my ears, and we both turned to see his ship powered up and ready to go. The tension had grown thicker somehow- now it was so thick I wouldn't think you could cut it with a phaser torch.

Suddenly I felt a strong grip on my arms, and I looked up in surprise. The kiss was so spontanious I never could have stopped it if I wanted to. My lips parted to question him, but somehow I couldn't pull away. The excitement of the moment was gaining on me, and I was powerless to stop it.

He pulled away then, giving me a moment to collect my thoughts and pull myself together. I searched his eyes carefully, seeing only love, adoration, and respect quelled within the shiny ebony orbs. I reached up, and pulled him back to me, closer, for another kiss.

My fingers entangled in his short black hair, and I could feel the warmth of his body, the softness of his lips. His arms wrapped around me, and we were lost for what seemed like forever in a passionate embrace.

He broke the kiss after seemed like the longest moment, pressing his lips first to the back of my hand, then to the palm. Lips soft as silk, gentle as a passing breeze, the feeling imprinted in my mind forever.

Without words, I knew he regretted his leaving Voyager, leaving me. It was a selfless act, done just to save my ship, but if I'd had anything to say about it I would have kept him on board.

I'd wanted a friend so badly, and finding someone who not only enjoyed classical music but was at the top of the command ladder- that was pure luck. Kashyk understood what it was like to be alone, to never feel at ease with those who served beneath you. I never felt I could blend in on Voyager, and I assumed he felt the same way with his soldiers. A Starfleet Captain and a Devore Inspector, similar in more ways than either ever knew.

My eyes lifted, and I watched in silence as his ship began to lift from Voyager's deck and slowly glide through the forcefield- out into the shining, majestic starscape beyond. I thought of the moment in the mess hall, when he had been staring at those lights outside the window, and what had been spoken between us then.

"Are you saying goodbye?"

"No. It's just that, they've never looked more beautiful. Perhaps it's the company I'm keeping."

I'd blushed, then come back with some remark about the polorization axis of the windows. He'd seemed sincere then, he did now as well.

I felt my expression harden as thoughts of now came flooding back to me, and a nagging suspicion surfaced itself in my brain. Spinning on my heel, I headed across the deck to the launch bay doors. I had a plan of my own to take care of now.

~The End~