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To submit anything to JetCJr fill in the correct handy little form and push submit.  The Guidelines and FAQs below should hopefully clear up any questions you might have.  If you still have a question, then please email us at


Form One
Submit a single story.

Form Two
Submit a story archived in multiple parts.

Form Three
Submit a story series.

Form Four
Submit a maximum of 8 stories with one form.


Guidelines and FAQs

# The story must be your own work.

# The URL to the story must be on your own page.  If it is not I will need the direct authorisation of the owner of the page before I link - the one exception to this is the JetC Story Index, Hester and Kira have kindly allowed us to link to stories archived there.  It must also be direct to the story, not an index.

# There must be a disclaimer on the page.

# The story needs a rating, and since this is a JUNIOR archive this means no NC-17 material.

# The summary should be an actual summary of the story (e.g. 'Kathryn and Chakotay talk about their lives on Voyager' not 'This is a silly little thing I wrote in class today').

My story hasn't been beta-ed yet.  Will you do that for me?

No.  Stories will be put up how you send them, we will NOT beta-read them for you - if you need a beta reader go to the Beta Bar and ask one of the volunteers to help you.

My webpage/email address has changed.

If you would like to change any information on the site, then email us at telling us what it is that needs changing, and what it needs changing to.
(e.g. My email address has changed from to, please change it.)

The form isn't working.

If you find that the form is not working, then please send all of the information listed to  This also applies if your browser does not support forms.

I don't have a webpage, what should I do?

We'll put the story up for you, simply fill out the form, leaving the URL space blank, and then send the actual story to  Please make sure your story has a disclaimer.
The stories will only be accepted as .txt files or copied and pasted into the body of the e-mail - NO .doc files or .htm files please.  Also, please double space your stories - this makes it a so much quicker and easier for us to archive, so the turn around time between you submitting and us archiving is quicker.)
Confused?  Email and ask.

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