Camping at Montello Lake  
Montello Lake
Montello, Wisconsin
The summer of '98 I got to go camping at the beautiful Montello Lake in Central Wisconsin.  We spent 5 days camping with our son, Jeff; his wife, Karen; grandchildren, Carly, Rachel, Sara & Richie, and our dog; Risky.  Granddaughters, Cassie & Bridgett could not come along 
as they were spending the week at Band Camp at Platteville University.
We spent our time canoeing, fishing, swimming and just relaxing around the fire.  Jeff kept our fire going all day long.  We cooked over the open fire whenever we were hungry.  Risky loved the water and spent most of his time retrieving a tennis ball and bringing it back for someone to throw out in the lake again.  He even thought he could go canoeing with us.  I just couldn't imagine having a dog in the canoe, so he had to remain on shore.  He would follow the canoe until someone called him back to shore.
Enjoy the pictures of our camping trip. 

Beautiful Montello Lake taken from our campsite.

Carly & me out for a peaceful trip.

Risky following our canoe.  Jim calls him back to shore.

Our campsite

The kids tent

Jeff & Jim tending the fire
The city of Montello has many sites to see.  Right in the middle of town is a man-made waterfall created from Montello granite by the Montello Granite Company in 1966.

One waterfall is right besides the sidewalk in town and empties into a pond.  You can reach out and touch the water.

Around the pond are two more waterfalls.  Several swans swim around in the pond.  The water is brown due to the tamarack trees on the shore.
Our days ended by sitting around the campfire singing songs and watching the sunset.