Lake Applet  
Lake Applet

Sorry, your browser does not support java.
This is a lake applet.  You can turn any of your pics into a lake applet by 
uploading the file:  Lake.class.  E-mail me for this class file. 
Please include the URL to your site in your request. 
Then place the following code on your page:  (Copying and pasting is recommended)
<TD><APPLET code="Lake.class" align="absmiddle" WIDTH="250" HEIGHT="320"><PARAM NAME="image" VALUE="loon.jpg">
<BR>Sorry, your browser does not support java.</APPLET></TD>
Change only the portions in red.  Experiment with the % to set the width of the frame around you pic.  This is the % to use for a pic about 250 wide.   Insert the width of your pic.  Set the height at almost double the height of your pic. Insert the title of your image file.  If you want a borderless applet, change the value of table border to "0".  The border value can be any other number to set its width.  You may have to set up a test page and experiment with the size values until it looks the way you want it to.  When you are satisfied with the result, you can copy amd paste your new code from the test page to the desired location of the applet.  REMEMBER:  Keep you pic around 250 wide.  (Smaller can be used also)
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