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I enjoy surfing the net and finding excellent web sites.  I created some awards to present to the excellent sites that I find.  If you would like to receive one of these awards, E-mail me with the number of the award you are applying for, the URL of your site, site title, your name, your e-mail address and a brief description of your site.  I will review your site and, if I feel it is deserving of my award, send you the award.  All I ask is a link back to my site.  These are just a sample of the actual award so please do not take these images.

Attention Commercial Web Sites!!

The following awards are meant for PERSONAL WEB SITES ONLY.  If your site contains any commercial content, apply for the Commercial Award of Excellence at the bottom of this page.  I do not endorse any products or services!

Award of Excellence
This award will be presented to sites with excellent page design including layout, use of graphics, originality, and content.  If you feel your site is deserving, apply for this award.  These awards look best on a black background but can be used on any color.









This background is transparent.

Top Fishing Site Award
If your site has a fishing theme and has good page design including layout, use of graphics, originality, and content, then you may want to apply for one of these awards.  These awards can be used on any color backgrounds.  The left  award and the right award are shown on a white background.  The center award is on a black background.



Graphic Design Award
If your site uses original graphics in an original way, complimentary to your theme, you may want to apply for this award.  I will review placement and use of graphics.  These awards can be used on any color background.  I have shown the first two on white backgrounds and the last one on a black background.



Extraordinary Woman Award
To receive this award you MUST meet my requirements.
Visit the Extraordinary Woman page to find out more.
Commercial Web Sites
These Awards will be presented to web sites containing commercial content


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