The Fireman  


The Fireman

On September 11, 2001 about 300 brave firemen made the
supreme sacrifice by rushing in to help victims of the World
Trade Center massacre. Work continues to rescue or recover
victims trapped in the collapse of the Twin Towers. Some who
narrowly escaped have gone back in and remain there, working

The nation's respect, admiration, and gratitude go out to these
true American Heroes…. 

He charges in, when others run.
He wants to see his duty done.
He shows his love like no other,
Risks his life to save a brother.
When brothers fall, he rushes in,
For all mankind are next of kin.

He dons his gear, near fifty pounds,
And to save a life makes his rounds
To snatch a life from jaws of death,
To bring them out, or give them breath.
He does his work where none survive,
Hoping to bring one back alive.

And so it was in September,
On a day that we remember.
Our brave firemen, sent to rescue
Are now so many victims, too.
Lesser men would surely have run,
But these will stay till duty's done.

When these brave men have reached the goal,
Then some will pay a heavy toll,
With tortured days, and sleepless nights
From echoes of the sounds and sights.
This is the price they pay for love
Second only to that above.

Does he do it for the glory,
To see his name in a story?
Does money make him conquer fear?
Then what about the volunteer?
It can't be glory or the fame,
The news won't say one fireman's name.
Why do they go where no one can?

For God, Country, and fellow man.
To save one life, he'll risk his own.
What greater love was ever known?
Do they all think they're heroes, too?
"It's just my job. It's what I do."


Glen Pysell

©Copyright September 16, 2001
Used with Permission

My Tribute to Firemen & EMS