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June 8, 1998, my dog, Risky, saved my life.

Briefly, I fell asleep with something was on the stove.  Two hours later I awoke to Risky's frantic barking.  My house was full of smoke.  I could not see the furniture through the smoke.  My throat felt like it was closing my air off.  Risky and I got outside and later aired out the house.  Risky's barking woke me or it may have been too late. I could have died from smoke inhalation.

My Main Page was getting too congested with Awards so this page was 
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Many of the siyes have either moved or no longer exist.
I have removed any links that no longer work.
This was a Featured Page August 1997.  Thank you GeoCities!

"Thank you for your excellent contribution to 
 This page was awarded the
Treasure Award
by Yosemite Community Leaders.
Thank You C.L's!

"The Yosemite Community Leaders want to give you an award of recognition for an
     outstanding web page!"

Yosemite Pride Award
"We found your site to be very informative.  So many pages! So little time!  Keep up the great work!!  Thanks for putting together a great site for all to enjoy! 

Yosemite Outta Site Award
July 1999

Thank you Lady Lynda
June 12, 2000

"I was very impressed by all the hard work you have put into the sites and have to congratulate you on a wonderful achievement in web site design.  I would like to extend my congratulations on producing a couple of  very visually appealing, informative and resourceful web sites for all your visitors to enjoy. Excellent additions to the web, ones that you should be very proud of."

"Congrats your site has won the WebGuide GeoCities Site Award".....JP's WebGuide

Take Camp-a-Roo's Good Camper's 
Test and earn this award.
This award is presented by me to Extraordinary Women
with Extraordinary Web Sites.
Would you like to receive this award?

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I Am A Proud Member Of:
The Official Phenomenal Women Of The Web Seal
Phenomenal Women Of The Web
You have been accepted into a very prestigious group of women on the internet, and in turn been given the "Phenomenal Women On The Web" seal. 
This is a membership into a very exclusive group of Women. 

"I've looked over your page and I think it's incredible!  Your page is the kind of page I want my award on".....Dennis (Willards Creek)

"Great page you got here!!! 
Keep up the good work!"
Country Critter

"WOW what an amazing site, it's absolutely fabulous, so much to see, what an incredible job you've done.  You certainly deserve this award and much more!" - 1/20/99 
Karen Lyster (New Zealand)

"You have a great sure shows long hours of work!  I really enjoyed my visit there..Keep up the great Job!!" - 1/28/99

"I am HONORED to give you the Forgotten Coast Award of Excellence!!
Your talent and devotion to your web site is an inspiration to me and every one else that visits!"  Thank you, Captainette

"Your website looks great, loads of stuff 
and great graphics.  Total point: 245"

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