Bunny Title: Bunny.
Author: T3kk0 the Yoshiki
Archive/Mirror: Yeah.
Pairing: HisashixTeru.
Rating: XXX baby.
Notes: Get the kleenex ready. This one's a doozy.

"Come on Tono," Teru whispered, "you have to tell me
what you want."

Hisa perched himself on the edge of the bed, idly
stroking the front of Teru's pants. He looked at the
ground, a faint blush staining his cheeks.

"You're so shy..." Teru kissed Hisa's cheek. "Well,
looks like I'm gonna have to coax it out of you." He
unbuttoned Hisa's shirt and slowly pushed it off his

Hisa blushed brighter as he looked up at his lover.
"Kiss me."

Teru leaned down, capturing Hisa's lips with his own.
He ran his hands down Hisa's hips and quickly
unfastened his pants. He grinned at Hisa's lack of
underwear. Teru pushed the pants down Hisa's legs and
lightly rubbed the bare thighs.

Hisa grabbed Teru's hands. "Would you, um, give me

"Anything for you Tono..." Teru leaned down, licking a
line from Hisa's navel to the tip of his arousal.

"Ahh..." Hisa sighed happily as he felt Teru's lips
engulf his hot flesh. He arched his hips up, forcing
the rest of his length down his lover's throat. He sat
up, watching Teru's head bob between his legs. //I
can't...I can't hold it back...// Hisa gripped the
back of Teru's head, thrusting his hips harder. "Ahh
yeah...suck it..."

Teru tightened his lips around Hisa.

"Nnnn...oooh...suck my cock...suck me dry..." His hips
started spasming. "Swallow it all baby...oh god!" Hisa
threw his head back as he came, his whole body
throbbing as his heat filled Teru's eager mouth. He
fell back on the soft bed, gasping for air.

Teru crawled back up to him and cuddled Hisa close,
kissing the smaller man gently.

"Tekko? You wanna know what I want you to do?"

Teru licked Hisa's cheek. "Tell me."

Hisa wriggled his way out of Teru's arms and kneeled
on the bed, sticking his cute ass up in the air. "Fuck
me. Fuck me till I can't walk. Till I can't even

Teru licked his lips and stripped off his clothes. He
rubbed Hisa's smooth behind and parted the cheeks
gently as he thrust into his lover's tight hole.

"God...you're so fucking big..." Hisa pushed his hips

"And you're tight...nnnnn..." Teru licked Hisa's

Hisa pulled Teru's head closer, licking his lover's
lips slowly. "Harder...ooh fuck me harder Tekko!

Teru smiled and thrust harder and deeper. He reached
around, grasping Hisa's hardening arousal.

"Ahhh...am I your little fuck bunny?"

"Yes Tono..." Teru tightened his grip around Hisa's
sex, rubbing his thumb along the vein.

"Ooh I love you. You and your big cock...unnn..." Hisa

Teru stroked Hisa faster and pumped his hips quicker
and deeper.

"Ahh Tekko...ahhh...come for me..." Hisa tightened his
muscles around Teru's throbbing organ.

"Oh god...Tono...god...ahhh...AHHH!" Teru screamed as
he came and fell backward on the bed, pulling Hisa on
top of him. His hand still gripped Hisa's swollen sex.

Hisa covered Teru's hand with his own and moved it up
and down slowly at first, gradually picking up speed.
"Ahhh make me come..." He pushed his hips up, panting
and shaking. "AHH! TEKKO!!" he shrieked, releasing hot
come all over his stomach.

Teru moved so he could lick the cooling cream off of
Hisa. "Mmmm...I like it when you talk dirty."

Hisa blushed. "Really?"

Teru licked Hisa's lips. "I love you...my little fuck

Hisa grinned and pulled Teru into a deep kiss.


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