by Aiya


Sakito shakes his head in disbelief as he sneaks away from the function room. Formal receptions… It is as if the people in there have no self-control. Industry players lusting after their possible money and fame, hanger-onners and groupies lusting after their bodies.

The door to recording studio seven clicks shut behind him and he walks into the darkness.

A hand reaches out from nowhere and pulls him into the sound booth.

“What the..?”

Lips push roughly against his and a husky voice declares,

“I’ve been waiting for you little singer boy..”

The guitarist greedily kisses at the startled man’s mouth. His hands working quickly- beginning to undo Sakito’s fly.

“Not you too?”

His hands grasp the other man’s wrists in an attempt to stop him.


Pleading eyes gaze into his. More clumsily place kisses. An eager tongue trying to tempt the other.

“I REALLY want you to fuck me.”

“Excuse me!!??”

Miyabi lowers his face and does his best ‘I’m actually innocent’ look, his voice following suit.

“It’s not as if we haven’t before..”

Small licks caress the side of the other’s face, traveling close to his ear and down his neck.


A sparkle of mischievous pride appears in the guitarist’s eye as he snaps his head back and arms away, then pulls something out of his pocket.

“I have lube..”

He pushes his body against the shorter man, licking the inviting neck again quickly progressing to nimble bites.

He slides his hands around Sakito’s waist and down his butt, grinding his very evident erection against him. The vocalist gasps, feeling a definite increase in temperature and licking his lips in spite of himself.

Miyabi’s hands find their way under the waistband of the other man’s tux, rubbing and clawing at the material of his shorts eagerly.

The tall one’s tongue slides into Sakito’s ear. A whisper.


More goose bumps.

“Well, if you insist.”

A sudden surge of blood causes the vocalist’s cock to double in size, and Miyabi practically squeals in anticipation.

“I almost forgot just how big you are.”

A frenzied kiss puts an end to talking; Miyabi pushes of Sakito’s jacket, flinging it over a far panel. The guitarist’s quickly joining it. Fingers fumble with bow ties and slide inside partially open shirts.

Sakito’s fly is finally undone, he grunts as his band mate’s hand grasps his solid cock and begins to pump.

The shorter man’s hands knead at the guitarist’s ass, one lifting him slightly as they lean back against the panel.

Tongues fight for dominance.

Greedy fingers snap open Miyabi’s pants and tug them down, a leg sliding high to push them to ankles. Shorts are almost torn at the seams as they follow. The bottle of lube is clicked open; it’s contents haphazardly poured into one of the vocalist’s palms as his trousers are also slid down.

Four hands spread the liquid onto each other and then part: Two reaching for Sakito’s now throbbing cock, one for Miyabi’s balls, and the last trying with difficulty to slip a finger into the guitarist’s ass.

The vocalist pushes himself off the sound panel and urges the other around to create an easier angle for penetration. He almost smiles when he feels the other tense and shudder as the digit finally enters him.

Miyabi’s head flicks back and then snaps forward again as a second finger enters him, barely brushing the hard nub of flesh inside him. He wrenches his head around and bites the base of Sakito’s neck hard, He then finds the control to speak-

“Take .. me .. now!”

The fingers move in and out, copying the increasing rhythm and force of Miyabi’s hand.

“You’re .. not .. ready..”

“I .. don’t .. care!”

The guitarist tears away from the other, and twists around to present his ass to his band mate.

“You’re big enough that it’s going to hurt anyway.”

He rubs back against Sakito’s sex.

“That’s one of the reasons I want you right now.”

Sakito’s member twitches in appreciation of the statement. Rough hands grasp and part soft white skin and the taller one pants in expectation. The seme positions himself and moans as the guitarist leans back a little more, teasing, inviting, demanding. The guitarist bites back his scream when the huge cock slams into him, holding still for a moment and then beginning to plunge long and deep into his band mate. The pain itself is exquisite- friction against Miyabi’s g-spot is almost secondary. The guitarist moans with pleasure again as a well lubricated hand begins to stroke his sex with the same long motions. Another delves inside his shirt to clutch at a hardened nipple.

Their speed increases and Miyabi shakes as he comes into Sakito’s hand and over the soundboard. He licks hungrily as fingers are offered to him momentarily, they disappear and the sound of sucking fills his ears. He tenses himself around the vocalist, Sakito coming loudly as a reward. Warmth fills Miyabi and then he feels empty.


Minutes later the two are dressed properly, ties straightened, jackets smoothed. They look around carefully to make sure there is no evidence it was they who used the booth and not a room.

The two stare at the one tell tale sign now drying on the panel and switches.


“They won’t know what it is.”

“.. ..”


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