by Aiya

He stretches as he sits, black t-shirt lifting to expose his waist slightly. He dumps his bag unceremoniously on the floor next to the sofa.

"You want tea?"

The voice from the kitchen barely registers.

"Eh? On, nah... I think we need something a little stronger after that marathon today, don't you?"

Nine bassists. The same age rank and serial routine between three guys, nine times. Observing, judging and undergoing the same treatment.

Guitarist appears.

"You get the mail? I could do with a little fan girl gush fest to pic me up ne."

The red cotton and denim covered blonde sits and hands Tatsuya one of the beers he is holding. The vocalist looks at him, then his bag, and back at his friend.

"You are sick Kaine-kun, I swear."

"Just get out the pretty little sticker covered envelopes already."


Tradition is followed and the smallest are opened first, just letters, cards. Slowly they move to thicker envelopes and small packages. They haven't been to the office for a while, so the pile is a considerable size. Nearing the end of the third beers they reach the last, most impressive looking offering.

"Have we every been sent something in a tube before?"

"Nah. Must be a poster.. some girl bought more than her fair share of C.D.s and ended up with too many gifts??"


Kaine takes his last mouthful of amber relaxation and tosses the empty at the trash. He hears Tatsuya's land there too as he rolls out the large paper.



The vocalist's head turns back and he focuses on the pic.

"Ahhhh. Yes. Perhaps 'oh' is a good response, but i would have put a slightly different inflection in my voice I think."

They stare almost open mouthed at what is before them. Not a commercial poster, but a hand drawn one.

"She managed a, ummm, a good likeness don't you think?"

The blonde having a few difficulties phrasing himself at this point.

The picture is them, together. Naked. Tatsuya lies on his side, front forward. Kaine is on his back in front of him, one leg strategically raised to cover their most interesting traits. The figures look at each other with no small amount of hunger in their eyes.

"The faces and body proportions are damn good I must admit. But she obviously didn't research it that well. Your piercing is missing."

"Well I am not the type to go about flashing my nipple on stage."

"And so is my tattoo."

"Ta.. what tattoo??!"

"The one I have on.. well, there is only one way you would ever get to see it..."

Kaine grins as he rolls the fanart up and moves to slide it into the cardboard again.

"Don't think either of us are quite that desperate yet ne..."

He giggles slightly at the thought as the tube swallows the picture.

Vocalists voice is serious.

"Maybe we should be."

"Excuse me?"

"We spent the best part of the day searching for someone to replace Hikaru. The band he left us to join is well known for screwing each other senseless..."

"You don't seriously think that one, or both, of us fucking Hikaru would have kept him with us do you?"

"Yes.. No.. It's not the sex per say...."

"Then what?" "It's, ummm, the fact that they share each other like that. Everything. That band is so close knit- maybe their, um, off stage time has something to do with it...?"

His cheeks are reddening a little now, voice questioning itself. Kaine looks intently at the top of the vocalist's head, Tatsuya focusing on his own knees as he continues to speak.

"Gomen na. It really is a stupid theory. I suppose today got to me more than I realized."

"Your, ahhh, theory... I can see some, um, merit, in it. Perhaps we should, well, test it- for research purposes that is. And..."

Kaine begins to relax a little as he sees the more familiar mischievious glint in his band mate's eyes... "And what Kai-kun?"


"Nani ga?"

"Irizumi ga..."

The vocalist's grin spreads wider as he pounces.

"Never thought I'd hear you ask..."

Strong hands push the guitarist back against the arms of the couch, faces almost touching, evil glint in Tatsuya's eyes more than close. The blonde wonders if this was perhaps not such a good idea, and a flash of insecurity flickers through his gaze. The other's voice softens.

"I am so glad you did."

And he gives him an eskimo kiss before standing and leading him to a more comfortable space.

"Bed is bigger ne..."


They sit with each other, face to face, legs angled slightly off the bed and slightly under themselves. The brunette reaches out and sweeps locks away from the other's eyes.

"I didn't mean to startle you..."

Fingers slide down the guitarist's face and under his chin, moving further down his neck as their gaze meets and the gap between them narrows. Eyes close slowly and lips connect, skin pressed together warm and dry. Scent, touch, taste combining as mouths open slightly and heat and heart rates increase. Slide closer on the bed. Tatsuya encircles his friend's waist with his arms, pulling him deeper, asking for more. It is gladly given, and gladly received. The guitarist's rough fingertips slide under the back of the black t-shirt aching for naked touch.

Kiss breathe kiss.

Minutes pass, hands slide under the red t-shirt too.

Relaxed motions, slow movement.

Breathe kiss breathe.

Longer breath, lips slide along the vocalists cheek and find his ear.



"Nani ga?"


Shiver of anticipation lingers as their shirts are lifted and fall almost simultaneously. The blonde leans back and they shuffle higher on the bed as he claims the other's lips again, searching for more of the new but already familiar taste. His body tremors as tongue leaves his and makes a thin wet trail down his chin, neck, chest. One flick across his already hardening flesh and then a hard hot breath. Kaine's back arches slightly and he lets out a small sigh, then looks down to find eyes staring into his own. Tatsuya holds his gaze as the pink muscle flicks out of his mouth again and then lifts the metal ring that is embedded in his new lover's skin. He levers it up and down before resting it between his teeth and using his tongue to twist it back and forth, side to side. The guitarist moans when the heat touches his skin directly and the brunette begins to suck. Control amazing. Only his tongue and mouth moving, the rest of his body still against the one beneath him.

"Want more... mitai..."

Kaide's hands rest on bareback skin and inch lower until they find the denim they seek. Slide around and along metal and being to tug the zipper down. His fly too is undone as the vocalist manages to lift his hips without breaking contact with the skin he is still busy devouring.



The swollen nub is let go of reluctantly. They partially sit, and denim and then cotton slide from their skin and are disregarded. Lips claim each other again. Tongues a little more insistent as erections touch for the first time, bodies seeking more. Kaine's turn to venture lower, mouth hungry. He pushes and they change positions.

Now above, he kisses long and wet towards the vocalist's waist, hands tracing a path along the side of his body in unison. Then blinks. He smiles.



"It's rather unique... just like you Tatsu-chan."

Kaine first stares carefully at the red ink in his band mate's pale skin, between the bone of his hip and now very solid sex. The grin on the vocalist's face softens and then changes drastically as the other decides he not only wants to look at the tattoo, but also taste it. He laps gently across the small mark, allowing his hair to touch other more needy skin. Lick, suck. Deep breath filled with the aroma of the other. He nuzzles lightly across waxed space and then along silky hardness. He samples the source of the scent. Tatsuya moans loudly as he suddenly feels warm and wet and oh so good.

"Stooop.. oh gods. Come back up here."

Kiss harder, longer, hotter.

"I.. does Kai-chan you want.. or does he want..."

Luscious wet sounds of tongues sliding together. Pant. Hardness grinding together.

"Not sure.. not as experienced.. just want ..."

Tatsuya rolls on top and slides them towards the side of the bed while reaching for a familiar feeling tube. The cap clicks open and it is quickly disregarded. Warm sticky hands reach around the guitarist's cock and hot wet tongue for his mouth. The brunette separates their skin momentarily and pulls Kaine to sit up. He then settles back down, legs moving to surround the other. He fills himself with hard throbbing guitarist, and starts to move. Arms slide around his waist and they begin to find rhythm. Kisses become slower again, comfortable. A dry hand finds a sticky one to steal some of it's coating and then slides between bodies that press into each other. More movement, same pace. Need begins to build. Words steal time from kisses.

"Don't know.. how long last... soo hot.. Tatsu-chan is so tight... "

"Mo... Kai-chan feels so good.. inside and out.. want you deeper, harder."

Seme's thrusts become sharper, more intrusive, grip tightens and increases in speed. Tatsuya bites his lip as he feels himself step closer to release, then spills his own blood as his spills his seed. He covers his fingers in the salty whiteness and traces a heavy path of it across Kaine's lips, then pushes into the guitarists mouth with his tongue to share the taste. He feels him swallow his scream as his body trembles again. Lean backwards flat once more.

Tatsuya moves away and begins to clean the body of his lover with his tongue. Gentle hands call him up for kisses and then search for more of the bitter taste on his skin too. More kisses, return to long and slow.





Hours later as they settle to sleep in each other's space for the first time.

"You realize that this is going to mean doing all the interviews over again."

Sleepy response.


"Have to ask just how much they like the taste of lobster."

Slightly calloused fingers slide over the red ink protectively.


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