by Azrael Llywen



Chapter 4: Distant Calls

When Psyche got home to his apartment, he laid down his things and had a long stretch. He was astonished though noticing his front door was open. When he opened the door, he was shocked to see who was sitting at his living room. It was Linesy awaiting Psyche to come home.

"Welcome home Psyche!" she greeted nonchalantly.

"What the hell are you doing in my house?!" Psyche said infuriated.

"Why, can’t I come into my fiancÚ’s house without being invited?"

"No you can’t. Now get out before I file you in for trespassing!"

"Before you do that, hear me out first."

"You’ve got ten seconds for you to tell me why are you invading my private space and why should I listen to you nag."

"Well, first of all, I have something you can’t refuse. As a matter of fact, you have no choice at all but to accept."
"Spill it!"

"I’m here because you’re parents told me to pick you up so that we can go home and finally get married."
"This is my home! There’s no way I’m getting out with your cheap tricks! I’m not some kid anymore that needs attendance by some bitch like you. Can’t you get that into your thick skull!"

"You’re the one who’s blind and stubborn Psyche, not me. Can’t you see? I run a multi-national corporation that I think supply every living creature here with the sufficient investment they need. You’re just an entertainer with a craving for delirious fanatics. Your job is to make sure they aren’t bored. They don’t need you like me."
"What makes you think you’re so badly needed?" Psyche interrupted.

"I have my proofs. Now come with me and I can lead you to a better life. I can teach you how to run the business and make everyone proud of you like you always dreamed of."
"But you don’t understand Linesy; this is what I want to do. And I can’t let my members down. They are there for me."
"Ah, but you only think you want this life because in fact you don’t know what you really want. As for the members, they’re not really there for you. Like you, they also think they are obligated to Mescaline because they can’t make-up their minds. They linger on what they do because they are really stuck. Because of you they think they need someone to rely when they can make it on their own."
"What makes you so sure?"

"Psyche, I’ve done my research. I know all about you’re band. Let me tell you when you quit and finally became a professional, the other members can move on as well. Ravie is an intelligent boy. With his family in high political society, he can truly make it to the top. While Sadie is a smart, sleek person whose attitude can lead him to modeling and still be a good lawyer. He really has the potential you know. Dream on the other hand, well I can’t really see what he can do. He has no records whatsoever. But I’m sure he’d be a swell recording artist and can soon own one too. Think of it Psyche, if you let them go they can fly right into their aspirations. Otherwise, you’ll only held them back on what they are cut out to do."

"Well I…"

"Never considered? Well you should. Either way, you’re coming with me. Your parents arranged everything. They know what’s best for you."

"I know what’s best for me Linesy and so does the other members. I trust them very well and it’s our decision if we want to disband or not. Mind you we can make as much money and do twice as well as any tycoon person does."
"Really? Then prove it to me. Prove to me that Mescaline isn’t a fading rock guru. Produce a sure-fire platinum selling album within the next three weeks before your big tour. If you do that, then I would leave you alone for eternity and I’ll even convince your parents to forget the whole thing and do everything your way. Deal?"

"I’m not too wild about this idea but if it takes that much to convince you people I will. I’m tired of being apprehended! I’m going to prove to you once and for all that Mescaline is something. We’ll stand up, you’ll see."

"I sure do hope so, for your sake. Sweet dreams."

With this Linesy left blowing a kiss to Psyche. Psyche lied down in his couch sighing deeply just too relieved that was over and finally getting some slept.

As Linesy walked down the street on her way to her car, She saw a fair, dark-haired woman standing on the alley nearby.

"Hello dearie, did you do it?" The mysterious woman bellowed at her.

"Yes, Lachesis I did."
"Well done. I’m sure he’s down by his music sheets trying to write another pretty melody."

"Lachesis, I just want you to know that I’m not doing this for you but because I’m concerned of Psyche’s well-being. I want to make sure he has a future left."
"Is that so? Then why did you push him to create songs that you know would lead to his downfall?"

"He won’t! I have faith in him. He’s better than to linger onto some band, which he thought, existed. He’ll soon realize what’s best for him and how much I care for him."
"But what if he does? He’s pretty dedicated to his band you know."

"Then what you assumed will happen. And who will be the one left to take care of him? Me!"

"You do have more credit than expected. That’s a perfect plan if I do say so myself. I just hope it won’t end up to a blunder."
"That’s the reason I’m teaming-up with a millennia old witch in the first place."
"But you still know you’re hanging on the edge of the blade. You love him that much to loose all your wits when you know you can be so much better? In that case you are no different with the path he chooses."

"Yes I do, I know that."

With different intentions, the two gregarious women walked side by side as they arranged their dubious plan to foil Mescaline for good.

"Aww…damnitt! I can’t come up with anything!" Psyche squirmed at his desk as he was trying to compose Mescaline’s new son. Even with the help of the orb, he can’t keep up through all the pressures he was taking. He was hesitant to use the orb because he knew the consequences it might bring. Eventually it lead him to no other choice and he knew the capacity of the orb was near breaking point but that didn’t stopped him from getting his song done. He kept on scribbling and playing his keyboards on whatever came up in his head. But nothing just as good came up. He tried so hard to compose something but his tiredness and worries got the best of him. He fell asleep at his desk composing a few notes. The next morning, Sade was there to pick him up again assuming he might not come on time again. As expected, Sade caught Psyche sleeping at his desk.

"Wakey-wakey dear." Sade whispered at Psyche.

"You is it?" Psyche snorted sleepily.

"It’s Linesy Psyche. I come to take you home." Sade imitated Linesy’s voice

"What the fuck! I told you to lea…" Psyche suddenly revolted until he noticed it was Sade. Sade was laughing so hard at Psyches expression.

"Shit Sade don’t you ever do that!"

"Come on Psyche, you’re working too hard. You’re simply a wreck! You should lighten up for a while you know."

"Yeah I guess I’m a little bit on the edge pretty much."

"Linesy was here wasn’t she?" Sade inquired.

"How did you know?"

"It’s written all over your face. She’s some kind of a drag isn’t she?"

"She’s one hell of a drag. The nerve of that girl showing up late at night forcing me to marry her even though she knows I don’t like her and now she’s forcing me to leave Mescaline!"

"That’s not all, wasn’t it?" Psyche just shrugged.

"You shouldn’t let her get into you, Psyche. I know what I’m saying is very difficult for you but even so, no matter what she tells you, we’re the only one’s who know you well enough better than anyone."

"I’ll keep that in mind Sade."

The two went out and headed for the practice.

"Oh you’re here!" Ravie greeted.

"Yeah now let’s get started we have a lot to accomplish." Psyche said as Mescaline started to practice. The practiced for about four hours then they took a break practicing a couple of more hours after that. They stopped again for a while to check whether their instruments are still tuned nicely. Ravie took this opportunity to finally talk to Psyche on what he felt was really going on.

"Hey Psyche can I talk to you for a minute?" Ravie inquired as Psyche was busily fixing his strings.

"Sure Ravie. Do you need help with anything?"

"Not really it’s just that I want to talk to you because you don’t seem yourself lately."
"I don’t know it’s just that you seem to be working too hard and I miss the old times when we use to hang out together."

"I’m sorry Ravie it’s just that things are a little different now. We’re in the top and there’s so much to do that we don’t have time for anything else. You understand that don’t you?"

"Yes I do Psyche. I’m not a kid anymore. That’s why I want to know what’s going on so I can help. You’ve always been there for me so I want to help out in whatever the band has to face."
"Believe me Ravie I know how you feel. You’re just as good as any of us. People no matter how strong they may seem still have a weakness. And you know what, I’ll never stop treating you like a child because knowing I could take care of you is my strength and the thought of losing that makes me weak. See how much I need you."



Psyche held up Ravie’s gloved hand. He was so overwhelmed by the way Ravie looked up to him with delight and innocence. The younger man always knows how to bring the affability of anyone. And Pyshce was just too grateful for that.

"You know what Ravie, you’re right we should lighten up a bit."

"I am?"

"Yes and for that, I’ll arrange a freestyle gig at the new carnival downtown and we could go have fun with the people there."

"You mean it? That’s so wonderful! I’ll go tell the others."

Ravie skipped cheerfully through the hall about to tell the others. The other two heard the news and Sade got reactive about it.

"What! The carnival?! Don’t you think that’s a bit too…immature!" Sade protested.

"Look who’s being a kill-joy now. Come on Sade it’ll be great." Ravie persuaded.
"Yeah Sade a lot of people are expecting us there and who knows, anything could happen and I mean anything." Psyche added.

"Oh alright! I guess a bit of second childhood wouldn’t hurt.

"Yay!" Ravie screamed excitedly.

The four headed to the carnival. As expected, they had a wonderful time. For once, all of them seemed very happy. Even Dream’s expression became ‘uplifting’. They resembled a lot like innocent children. They rode all sorts of the rides there and actually laughed together without thinking what everyone has to say. Psyche felt his problems slipping away. After that they had a quick snack and taking a few photo shots for memories. They joked around in the photos and with the photos as well doodling all sorts of things. But the most special one was when they had their group photo. They looked so happy in it and content that after that, they promised to stay together no matter what and signed the pact by writing in the photo ‘MESCALINE, a dream of forever’ and signed their names and regards at the back. When the afternoon ended, they got ready for stage for their performance. Everything was just wonderful. They had a great time at the live. They were having so much fun along with their most loyal fans. No attachments, no complications, no worries, just plain music and a good show. After their performance, they arranged their things and started for home.

"That was great! Let’s do it again sometime." Ravie exclaimed.

"Yeah some other time. I’m poofed. I’m going home." Psyche said.

"Not me. You kids run along. I have some business to attend to." Sade said getting his coat.

"Another meeting I suppose?" Psyche inquired raising a suspicious eyebrow.

"Let’s just say old habits take their toll."

"Okay bye." They greeted as the three went to the door. Sade remained still fixing his stuff and waiting for his ‘counterpart’. Suddenly he noticed a shining red object at the side of the table near the stage.

"My who could have left this?" Sade said to himself as the beautiful glowing jewel mesmerized him.

"It’s beautiful! It must belong to somebody. Hey this is weird." He noticed the further he holds the silver jewel, the more its shiny red stone glows. He looked deeper into the red stone noticing the patterns it was making. He held the jewel closer and closer totally astonished when suddenly a person tapped him from behind. He jumped startled nearly dropping the jewel to the ground.

"Hello babe. Ready to go?" the man said to Sade.

"You scared me." Sade said greeting his visitor frantically putting the jewel in his purse.

"Sorry it wasn’t my intentions." The guy said.

"Well let’s get out of here this place is giving me the creeps. Anyway I have big plans for you bucko." Sade said giving the other guy a feathery kiss at his nose.

"Right hon." The couple walked away covered in each other’s arms.

Sade had no idea on the danger he posses. First of all he didn’t knew what he was holding the orb of Seth. He also didn’t knew the danger it has when it was held by another person other than the one entrusted with it and how saturated it got that anything might happen to it. One thing for sure if he didn’t loose it, nothing positive will happen.


to be continued...

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