by Azrael Llywen


Chapter 5: The Thin Line Between Life And Death

Sade took off with his companion walking hand in hand. They stopped by a local motel with uncontrollable lust. Sade was just too exited with his newfound lover he met weeks ago. He was just too sedated with passion that he had forgotten the dangers that lies beneath. Both Sade and his partner hungered for each other exploring every inch of their skin. He didn’t realize that the Orb of Seth glowed copiously, steaming with intense emotions. What they didn’t knew was that the orb was triggered with human emotions and thought that when it reaches its height like ecstasy or sudden repression, it simultaneously combust into something deadly. This is what Lachesis meant by ‘abusing its power’ and Sade was certainly reaching the climax of his rapture. When he did realize the beautiful red and silver jewel was glowing again, it was too late for him.

"What is it love?" Sade’s lover questioned him at his sudden startle.

"I don’t know. Something strange is going on. Look!" Sade said at he pointed at his glowing purse.

"Woah! That it weird! You stay here, I’ll go check it out."

"Hey wait! You don’t know what it does!" But before Sade’s warning could reach him, there was an explosion that occurred and a radiant red light surrounded the guy. Sade could do nothing but watch his boyfriend struggling and screaming in agony too horrified to do something. He wanted to stop the whatever creature but he felt his muscle tense so hard he was utterly paralyzed. After the creature was finished with the guy, Sade witnessed his former lover was suck dry of his bodily fluids leaving him with a mass of skin and bones. Sade felt himself scream from the inside but no sound came out of his dry mouth. The abstract creature went closer and closer to Sade until he decided to confront his fears.

"What are you? What do you want?" Sade screamed at the beast.

Although he didn’t understand the sound the creature was making, he understood perfectly through some sort of telepathic link that he wasn’t after anybody else but Sade. He also understood that he was a beastly menace that sucks out the life from other people. By and by Sade had a sudden urge to stop the creature and his evil plans. He assumed it was his compassion for Psyche and Mescaline that insisted him on doing this madness even though he was near the borders of death.

Meanwhile Dream stayed at Psyche’s apartment again after they had dropped of Ravie at his house. They were hoping to finish their new single by tomorrow. They worked non-stop for hours and finally coming up with something but still remained unfinished. While the two of them were trying to arrange the pile of music sheets they have, Psyche suddenly had an outburst of migraine. Dream tried helping him to stand up seeking what was wrong.

"I’m okay." Psyche responded to Dream’s non-verbal language.

The first thing Psyche did was to check on the orb. To his worries avail it was gone and remembered leaving it at the carnival with Sade. He felt an unconscious voice of Sade being in trouble. He tried contacting him in his mobile phone but failing.

"We have to find Sade. He’s in big trouble." He said to Dream.

Then Psyche grabbed his phone and called Ravie.

"What is it?" Said the other line Psyche was calling at.

"Ravie wake up. Sade is in big trouble. I’ll pick you up in less than five minutes." Psyche said.

"Psyche is that you? Wait! What’s going on?" But before Ravie could ask Psyche already hang-up so he got up quickly, changed his clothes and waited at the door. After Psyche hanged-up he quickly got his coat and headed to his car, Dream wasn’t far behind.

Psyche shifted nervously at his car as Dream drove on. For some unknown reason it looks like Psyche knows were Sade was. They pass by Ravie’s house and picked him-up.

"What’s going on Psyche? Why is Sade in trouble?" Ravie asked worriedly as soon as he was seated in the car.

"I don’t know but I’m certain that if we don’t hurry we might not find out." With Psyche’s words, the members stopped questioning his ominous vision.

"Stay back!" Sade screamed at the creature as he got hold of his Swiss army knife he always had in his pocket. The creature still went forward so Sade summed up all his courage and attacked the creature with his knife. He struck the creature at its chest but it was no use. The creature was too powerful to conquer and now it was very mad at what Sade did. Sade trembled at the growling beast. He gasped when the creature’s arm-like structure got a hold of him. He tried to get away from the beast’s hold but it was no use. He squirmed and shouted and achieved to losses the grip a little. When it was enough for him to escape, he tried running away but the creatures arms turned into daggers and punctures Sade’s slender ankles and shoulders. He screamed in pain and continued on resisting. He was surprised when the other members of Mescaline went bashing into the door.

"Oh my God it’s a giant mummy!" Ravie exclaimed judging by the creature’s looks.

They tried to get near but Sade stopped them.

"No! Don’t go near it’s a trap! Get out now!" Sade said as he was squirming in pain as the creature slowly sucked the life out of him. When the creature noticed Psyche, it growled heavily and started at him releasing Sade’s limp body. Psyche backed up slowly, horrified by the creature. When it was about to attack him, it suddenly stopped. Sade struggled to stand up holding the pieces of the orb in his hands. The creature stayed immobile for an instant then went back to Sade. Sade held up the broken orb.

"You want this, come and get it." With that Sade smashed the orb onto the floor and in an instant the creature disappeared into thin air.

"You’re not as smart as you think, aren’t you?" Sade commented finally failing to the ground due to excessive bleeding and energy loss. Ravie and Psyche quickly got him.

"Guess I was right about me being the first huh." Sade struggled to speak.

"No, no! You can’t die Sade! You’re gonna be alright." Ravie persisted as tears sprung out from his eyes like a fountain.

"Oh don’t worry Ravie, I’ll still be around." Sade smiled at Ravie brushing away the stray locks of hair from his face. He shifted to Psyche.


"Hey." Psyche responded trying to sound normal despite his tears. Sade held Psyche to keep him from trembling.

"Why are you crying?" Sade asked.

Psyche kept silent.

"You shouldn’t cry you know. It doesn’t suit you. Of all the times we’ve been together I’ve never seen you cry like this."

"You don’t know me Sade."

"No Psyche. I know you can be so much more. Remember it may seem too late but it’s not. There’s a thin line between life and death. You can die easily but it seems so hard to live. But you know what?"


"It’s not really that hard to live as long as you know how to die. The moment you learn to accept that part of yourself you need to let go, you’ll see it’s not so bad."

"I’m not gonna tell you. You have to find out for yourself."

Sade carefully caressed every inch of Psyche’s moistened face.

"You’re so beautiful. And very…pretty eyes." For a few seconds Sade eyed Dream who was behind Psyche and gave him the sweetest smile he could offer. Dream gasped and turned down like a low bow. With one sudden strike, Sade jerked with the pain he felt couching an amount of blood. Then slowly, he started to withdraw drifting into unconsciousness. His eyelids fluttered into shut never to wake again. Psyche looked downcast. Dream checked Sade’s pulse and shook his head at Ravie. Ravie wailed and cried like a departed child. The sound of ambulance filled the air and the paramedics took away Sade’s body covering a white cloth onto his body. When Sade was delivered, Ravie ran unto Psyche’s arms seeking comfort. Psyche hugged him back full of sorrow as well. Psyche turned to the downcast Dream who placed his hand upon his shoulders. The remaining members reminisced the memory of their old comrade and friend. Passionate Sade, the wild blue-haired bassist of Mescaline. Wonderful, always alluring, but full of compassion and resonance. They all agreed there was nothing like him and never will be.

A day and a half past away since Mescaline’s precious friend went away. They held the wake at the memorial park were most of them spend their quiet time thinking of the things that had happened. All of Sade’s friends and relatives came and the three stood there together to bid one last farewell. No more tears were shed this time since they thought it was over. But they thought it was just a little early for Sade. They watched his coffin being displayed at the funeral while the priest sermons away.

"He looks like he's just sleeping." One of Sade's friends commented.

"Yeah isn't he a beauty? Too bad he was taken away to soon." Another one replied.

Although the other Mescaline stayed silent, in their heart they all agreed he was one of the most beautiful person they'd ever seen. The wake ended as soon as Sade was buried. The coffin slipped slowly to the ground. Ravie threw in a lush bouquet of roses as a final gift to his dearly beloved friend. The three turned away not showing any trace of lament they had. For one must always learn how to move on and heal the scars.

As Mescaline was leaving the cemetery, the dark woman appeared before them.

"Greetings." Said Lachesis bringing a stem of orchids up to her hand.
"You! What are you doing here?" Psyche asked demanding.

"Oh but it is proper to greet the dead, isn't it?" she replied

"Right. If it wasn't for you, this wouldn't have happened in the first place." Said Psyche.

"If it wasn't for me, you would've had the success your having now. It was your carelessness that brought you to this incident. I warned you, remember?"

"Psyche what is she talking about? Do you know that woman?" Ravie asked worriedly.

"Dear, for your information, your friend here made a deal with me. And now because of his nonchalance he is suffering the consequences. I am now here before you to do what is proper and stop this nonsense once and for all."

"Is that true Psyche?" Ravie asked.

"I'm afraid it is, Ravie."

"Tell us Psyche, what was the deal?"

"Yes Psyche, what was the deal indeed." Lachesis bellowed.

There was no use of trying to hide now. So Psyche confessed everything he had to tell to the other two members. He told them about Lachesis and the deal he made with her about the orb and what was it all about. Ravie was just shocked to hear what their leader had said. All this time he believed in him and it was all a lie.

"How could you Psyche?! I always thought you were the one who made Mescaline on top but no! You have to rely on that stupid orb that started this mess in the first place!"

"But you don't understand Ravie." Psyche said.

"Oh I understand it. You always said you believed in Mescaline but instead you didn't You were so nervous we couldn't make it on our own that's why you sold your soul into it even though you knew the risk. Do you know how it made me feel? If Sade were alive you would've killed him in so much hurt. All you thought about was success and not our friendship. You are so not the person I thought you were." Ravie ran away with so much hurt crying along the way. Psyche tried to stop him but some things must be done first. Dream held him while he was about to run after Ravie. It meant that he knew Lachesis wasn't just there to attend the wake and they had to listen pretty intently.

to be continued...

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