by Azrael Llywen


Chapter 6: The Sea of Memories and the Sky of Remnants

"Listen up to what I've got to say. You are in big trouble and this isn't just about going down hard." Warned Lachesis.

"What are you talking about? That creep that killed Sade is already dead." Replied Psyche.

"You're wrong." Lachesis handed the pieces of the orb that Sade used.

"What were talking about here is a Millennia old spirit god that is about to suck the life of every person in this population including yours."

"No way!" Psyche exclaimed.

"Yes. If you remember that legend I told you, that creature you saw back then was the spirit of Osiris out to take revenge and get back what's his. That means all of us are toast."
"Yeah but why help us? You must have something to deal with it."
"Remember I get my life force by channeling yours. That means I'm getting something from Osiris and he's gonna want it as much as he wants you. I come to you now because you’re the only one who can stop him since you're the one who agreed to be chosen."

"Okay. I'll help. But I'm not doing this for you or anyone else but because I want to avenge Sade's death and protect Ravie and anyone else who doesn't need to get involved here."

"Agreed. I'll meet you in due time Psyche." With that Lachesis disappeared again into the shadows.

Psyche stared at Dream for a moment then he asked.

"Dream do you think what I did was wrong?"

"Do you?" Dream asked back.

"Stop repeating what I’m saying! I have no time to figure out what mumbo-jumbo you’re talking about." Psyche said irritated.

"What I mean is you’re asking me what you did was wrong when you’re the only one who can answer that. Do you think what you did is something worth paying for?"

"Kind of. Ravie was right. It was pretty terrible of me to let you all endure that especially Sade. Damn he didn’t have to die!"

"Maybe but do you think it will make much difference if you didn’t do what you did."

"What do you mean?"
"If you didn’t took the orb, if you haven’t made Mescaline famous with that, if you obeyed your girlfriend and your parents so that Mescaline wouldn’t exist. Do you think you wouldn’t feel the same way?"

"I don’t know. I just felt like I did what I had to do. And now something tells me I should’ve looked more carefully so that none of this would’ve happened."
"That’s what I’m talking about! You didn’t know. None of us knew. So what makes you so sure the same thing won’t happen if your decisions were otherwise? You did what you felt was right. Isn’t that enough? Can’t you see nothing will happen if you keep on blaming yourself? What’s done is done. Now the tough part is that the more you linger in the past, the more likely you’ll get stuck with it."

"Is that the reason why you have no past? Because you want to let go?"

"Everything has its reasons Psyche but it doesn’t necessarily mean it has to compensate to reality or what is logic of us. If you say that is my reason for leaving the past, then perhaps it is. To logic of course."

"Perhaps. People has two abilities, one is to feel and to forget, both working hand in hand with each other to make a person okay. I guess if you lost one then it’s like losing yourself."

"Right. That’s what you should do. It doesn’t seem as terrible once you get the hang of it."

"Yeah but this is one promise I don’t want to forget."

Psyche left Dream to look for Ravie and apologize to him. Dream on the other hand waited ‘till everything was all right. Psyche noticed Ravie was sitting near a mausoleum, which isn’t very far from Sade’s grave.

" Hey." Psyche greeted.

"Leave me alone!" Ravie protested.

"Okay but I won’t have your permission not to sit here." Psyche said turning away but not budging one bit. A moment of silence befalls on them.

"Are you still mad at me?" Psyche asked.

"Not really…but I’m angry that you lied to me. To all of us." He replied entwining a chrysanthemum flower at his finger.

"It’s just that I admired you so much and I never thought you would do such a thing and I’m so disappointed about that."

"I’m so sorry Ravie."

"You don’t have to be. What’s done can’t be undone. It’s just that for once in my life I thought I believed so much that I thought it finally came true. But I was wrong. I was so wrong. And now I don’t know if I still want to believe."

"You shouldn’t stop believing Ravie. It’s not over ‘till it’s over."

"Easier said than done. You didn’t grow up the way I did."

Another moment of silence as Psyche took time to hold Ravie’s gloved hand but Ravie pulled away the moment Psyche accidentally pulled Ravie’s gloves and saw the terrible scars hidden underneath.

"No don’t come close!" Ravie screamed retrieving his marred hand.

"Why Ravie? What’s wrong what happened?" Psyche asked worriedly.

"Nothing. It’s just something…y’know! I don’t want to get back into." Ravie sobbed violently, although he tried to stop it still can be heard.

"Let me see that. Don’t worry I won’t judge you." Then Psyche gently slid off Ravie’s gloves and was shock to see the nasty burns covering the rest of his baby smooth skin.

"Oh my God Ravie that’s a really bad burn!"

"I know. I have it for some time now."
"But why didn’t you tell us before?"

"Because I was afraid of what you’ll think of me and I don’t want you to get worried because of that. Besides it’s something I wouldn’t want to recall myself."
"Come on Ravie. Tell me. You know you can’t hide forever and you’re not gonna let go by simply hiding it."

"Okay. It all started when I was little. You knew my dad was a former politician but he was no good at all. The weird thing about is that even though he was terrible, my mom still loved him deeply. And I love her so much too. That’s why we couldn’t get away even though my dad was beating us all the time. It was just hell. Everything will seem so normal outside the house but once you see the real thing, you’ll see the naked scarred truth. He always demand perfection and even with just one mistake, he will lash me out ten times or more."

"That’s terrible Ravie."

"I know but I can’t seem to do a thing about it. First of all he was my dad and second of all I don’t want to see mommy cry anymore. So I just obey what she says no matter how difficult it is for the both of us."

"Didn’t you try to fight back? I mean didn’t you hated it?"

"Of course I did! But what can I do? If I try to fight back, I would end up being beaten again."

"That’s so sad."

"It’s not so bad. I try to be thankful for what I have like my parents told me. I know it wasn’t fair but I believed everything would be okay. Especially when I meet Leslie."

"Who’s Leslie?"

"He was my dearest friend. A lot more than that actually. But he was always there to support me. He cheered me up whenever I was down. He was the sweetest person I’ve ever met and we love each other so much. When my dad knew about it, and he was just too furious to find out. He punished me so hard and made me promise not to see him again. But that’s just so hard to do even for me. Leslie was so mad at this when he saw me and suggested we should run away."

"Did you follow him?"

"Yes! I can’t say no to him even when my mom said I shouldn’t. He was just too kind for me and he promised to always take care of me. Unfortunately my dad found out too when he sent his men to spy on us. He prepared for us. When I went out to meet him at the porch, my dad suddenly dropped-in, carrying a flame-thrower. He aimed it at Leslie but before I could reach to him and warn him, my dad already shot him. I was supposed to go after him but my mom stopped me. I kindda shoved my mom aside and I still went after him. I tried to put out the flames with my bare hands but it was no use. That’s why I got these nasty scars. He insisted that I should save myself because I have so much to live for. He also promise me that I shouldn’t worry because a same guy like him will meet me and would take care of me forever. And when that happens, he would be there to watch over me and wait for me when it comes my turn."

"That’s really awful but how did you end up here?"

"Well my dad tried attacking me after he killed Leslie. He was so disappointed on how pathetic I was. But before he could reach me, my mom bashed him with a metal tube near our drain. She said she couldn’t take it anymore. And she was tired of seeing me hurt. She said that I should run away and return when things are finally all right because staying here would just bring me more pain. I hesitated but in the end I understood what she meant and obeyed her. I’ll promise to come back for her when I’m stronger and she promised to wait for me. She arranged everything for my l eave and enrolled me to this boarding school where we met. And that’s how I ended here."

"So that’s what happened. I feel really terrible Ravie."

"It’s not so bad. As long as I’m with you." When Ravie said this he took out a photo from his wallet with a picture of him and a person that’s looks exactly like Psyche. Psyche took a look at the photo and was so surprised.

"Ravie, I don’t remember taking this photo with you. And how come you have short hair in this?"

"It’s not you silly! It’s Leslie and me before he um…. passed away."

"Oh so that’s him! Jeeze I never knew he looked so much like me."

"That’s why I still keep going on. He promised me I’d meet a person just like me who would take care of me. And that was you Psyche. You know you and Leslie are almost exactly the same. And I guess miracles do happen. "

‘But Ravie I’m not him. Don’t you think you’re expecting too much?"

"I know. You and Leslie are the same in many ways and you’re both special to me. But I also know you are a lot different too. No one can replace Leslie and so are you. But he’s gone and you’re here. That’s why I like you so much whatever you may be because you showed me that you cared. That means a lot to me. And knowing I’m with you gives me hope."

There was a moment of silence. Psyche looked deep at those green pools of innocence of Ravie’s eyes. He thought for a while gently caressing Ravie’s scarred arm. Then he smiled at him.

"Yes Ravie. You are so right."

"About what?" Ravie asked curiously.

"About everything. You said the more a person means to you the more it gives you hope."

Ravie just stare at him and listened while Psyche was touching his face.

"Ravie you are such a child."

"No I am not!" Ravie said defensively.

"Yes, maybe that’s true but you will never grow up to me. I couldn’t even wish to have your innocence and purity. That’s is something very rare and I want you to stay that way no matter what. Taking care of you means a lot to me and knowing you’ve been through hell and back, it gives me hope. You’re very strong Ravie. And with that strength, I want you to be with me as long as I live."

Psyche embraced Ravie tightly as Ravie felt him breathe resting his head upon his chest. Just that kind of emotions made Ravie forget all his troubles as freely as the tears would flow through his eyes.


‘Just like a delicate flower in a deserted frost, Ravie you would stay as young and pure forever to me. Your smile would stay warm in the most desolate of days and your voice would comfort even the most isolated soul. Please stay the same always…for me…’ Psyche thought as he cherished the moment with his most loyal and trustworthy companion.

Before they left the cemetery, they took another look at Sade’s grave and another not very far from it. Ravie brought them fresh flower. But at the second sepulcher, Ravie brought the picture of him and Leslie with the flowers. He brought one final kiss of farewell. With a solemn promise, he cleared the grave’s stone with the weeds and dust covering it revealing a name of Leslie Skyler.

to be continued...

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