by Azrael Llywen



Chapter 8: In the depth of my mind…you were there

The awaited day finally came, the grand concert of Mescaline along with the release of their single. Everybody anticipated hard on this day especially their fans that went head over heels with them. It was also made to be a tribute to the dear bassist of Mescaline, Sade. A concert for a lot of reasons: some for the mourners, some for those who want to enjoy, others to adore, and those who have a promise to keep. It was a truly significant day for them. But the one of the obvious things was none of them were truly enjoying it for various reasons. It was a moment of betrayal and revelation. Finally the truth from all the lies will finally be revealed. It was also a moment of hope.

Psyche sat at the backstage near Mescaline’s dressing room doing the final sound checks for the show. It became real uneasy for him doing the concert because of all the pressures surrounding him. First he wasn’t used to doing concerts with only three members. Next he wasn’t very sure if he will win the bet against Linesy although he tried his best in doing their new single. He even asked Dream for ‘help’. But most of all he doesn’t know what kind of peril awaits him in his encounter with Osiris.

Meanwhile Ravie stood in his dressing room thinking about the things Lachesis said to him. His heart was full of regret and confusion not knowing what to think and partly feeling guilty about his decision. He felt he suffered so much he had a hard time controlling himself from crying. He finally put-on his dress and fixed his face extra hard so that no one will notice his depression. Lastly Dream sat at the corner of the dressing room smoking his cigarette. No one really knew what was Dream focused in even Dream himself. But even though how secretive he may be, he can’t hide the fact that he was dead worried about the future of Mescaline. ‘Finally all will be revealed’ he said to himself. Suddenly he felt his chest hurt so much and his throat scratched a lot he coughed terribly and gasped at the sight of blood coming out of his mouth. He quickly got a tissue ant wiped it away quickly until it was all gone. ‘Calm down. No one’s going to find out anything. All you have to do is be there for him until it’s over. They don’t have to know’ he was trying to repeat that phrase like a mantra. Obviously it didn’t work because for the first time he could remember, he was actually wrong.

It was finally time for Mescaline to come out. The moment everyone was waiting for. The fans screamed in anticipation as the musical intro cued. The three finally stood up and walked upon the hallway on their way to the stage. They can hear screaming everywhere. Even their own heartbeat was practically heard. Psyche clutched the jewel that supposedly would protect him from the greatest treat of his life. The group went on-stage and everyone just utterly went ballistic. The first one to come out was Ravie. He quickly went to his drum set that fortunately covered him. He hoped everything would just go all right and have fun. The two came next sending a painful pang in Ravie’s heart but he tried to ignore it and smiled at the thousands of people who adored him. Immediately Psyche went to the mic. to greet the audience.

"Hello how are you doing?" A shriek replied Psyche’s question. When Psyche gestured back his approval, the audience slowly settled down.

"Okay so this is our first concert in our first tour since we hit major. I’m sure you’re all aware of that." Suddenly Psyche stopped as he saw Linesy smirked at him in the front corner of the audience. He tried to ignore her despite his distraction and just smiled at his fans.

"Well Mescaline had gone a long way these past four years we’ve been together and I’m sure most of you guys took part of it since we wouldn’t be here in the first place if you weren’t. Sure we had some a lot of fun times together and some tragic ones too. So once and for all before this show starts, I would like to say a big thank you to you all. And that I would like to dedicate this to all of you and to our dear friend Sade that I’m sure is with us right now. So enough with the sappy stuff, let’s all get wild and have hard core fun!" As Psyche said this he riffed his guitar in full blast and Dream started singing their first song. The audience went into a trance and got totally with the first rocking hard-core number. Everyone was screaming along with Dream’s screaming. A couple of Mescaline’s loud songs followed this and with each one, felt like a drug that made you forget everything and a feeling into slipping away in bliss.

It was nearly the end of the live and so far everything went smoothly. Psyche gasped when he saw a dark purple mist surrounding the premises. It was certainly his cue that the enemy has arrived. He looked at Dream and Dream looked back. Then they both glared at the materializing creature in front of them. They knew they have to do something fast.

"Okay people had enough?" Psyche screamed exhausted with the audience roaring back at them.

"I think so too. This next song is familiarly new to you. It is our would-be next single and I’m sure most of you can relate to it. I hope you would enjoy it, as it is brand new for us too. The next title of our song is ‘Dreamscape’ by me and Dream." Slowly the slow ballad started. The audience was enchanted with the haunting melody. As Dream sang it the audience felt as if the whole stadium was moving into velvet softness. But even before they could finish the song, a voice entered Psyche’s mind.

"Psyche it is I." The low enigmatic voice said and Psyche felt like he was being transported into another dimension.

"You are here." Psyche responded as he confronted the incoherent being.

"Yes and I am here to get what’s rightfully mine. You know you have, that do you?"

"And what make’s you think I would give it to you that easy Osiris?"

"What makes you think not? Look at me Psyche, I am a God and you are a mere mortal."

"A mere mortal who has your powers Great God."

"That it true. You are a clever one. But don’t you think I don’t know you’re situation child? You made a desperate deal with a sorceress when you knew you were losing your own stamina. You made a bet with that girl just to prove to her that you’re superior. You broke the heart of a child and a person who is dearly devoted to you. All that and a life of kin, it cost you that much. I’m not really blaming you I’m sure a lot of people have done that. But what do you think now?"

"I…" Psyche’s head slowly began to ache with confusion.

"Yes you’re downfall is coming up too much with people’s expectations that you can’t even find your own self. Now you have no idea what to think of it and what to do now. You fail to recognize yourself and with that I shall destroy you and win what’s rightfully mine."

"No…" Psyche felt himself weakening and started to breakdown.

"You’re weakness is my strength. You use to draw that from me. I made you strong and successful and now I’m taking it back. It is just, no?" Osiris laughed but then Psyche carefully stood up with a numbing feeling from his body.

"I…you may be right about everything about me. Maybe I really don’t know myself that I need to rely on other people to boost me up or push me down for something to happen. But even though, people need me and as a person, I also want to be there for them. That is all I know about myself that’s why I strive so hard to fulfill my identity. " Psyche was now standing and strangely enough he was smiling as he pointed out his fans, supporters and Mescaline from that other realm.

"You may not know this, but I am human. That means I know how to feel and I want others to notice that. It also means as a human I want to love and to be loved. That is all I know about myself." Psyche said.

"Great speech! But even so I shall destroy you like everyone else!" The angry god emitted a radiant energy that was aimed right at Psyche. But before it could reach Psyche, Dream pushed him and avoided the fireball causing the dimension to collapse and so did the stadium. Everyone felt it and started running for their lives. Ravie tried to get a hold of his other members but he was caught in the stampede and left to struggle in finding them.

"How lucky! Unfortunately you are too soft and clueless so both of you can die together!" The God shrieked. Dream helped Psyche stood up as he confronted Osiris.

"Well that’s just too bad because not being able to live with humans, means not being able to live at this world at all." With that Psyche flashed the jewel give by Lachesis and the creature was immediately sucked like a vacuum in it. The creature was once again entrapped with the jewel. With that, Psyche collapsed in Dream’s arms with exhaustion. The two stared at each other intently not minding the commotion behind them.

"That was impressive." Dream said to Psyche.

"You weren’t so bad either." Psyche replied sluggishly. Dream remained speechless when Psyche carefully touched his face.

"I always thought you think for me." Psyche said.

"And I always thought you feel for me." Dream replied.

"How sweet." Suddenly Lachesis appeared interrupting them.

"I’ll take that now." Lachesis said taking back her jewel.

"Now you can’t!" Dream suddenly stood up and protested.

"Why not? It is mine after all. I hold the power to it."

"You’re wrong! You used Psyche to hold in your crummy life because you know you were fading. You knew it was Mescaline all along who did all the work and faked it for Psyche to take all the blame you power hungry hag!" Dream revolted.

"How did you know that?" Psyche said shocked still laying behind.

"Very good Dream. Aren’t you clairvoyant." Lachesis sneered.

"And I can be so much more than that." With that Dream emitted the same blue energy almost similar to Osiris that destroyed Lachesis into smithereens along with her schemes.

"Fading Immortality should never remain here." Dream said going back to Psyche.

"Wow, I didn’t know those stuff." Psyche said.

"Apparently Lachesis was telling a lie and was only using you to channel your stamina into her so that when Osiris escape he would go after you. Then she would take back her life force so that she could live forever. That’s why you’re so week now. You poured out almost everything in that stuff." Dream explained.

"So all those stuff we made were us all along?"

Dream nodded.

"Tell me Dream who are you really?" Psyche questioned intently.

"I guess there is now point of hiding from you now. When I was a little kid, I had some sort of ‘talent’. It was like I could do stuff telepathically and create objects with my mind. Since my parents weren’t really fond of having a child, they thought I was a freak so they gave me away to my uncle and aunt. They were a total science nutcase and experimented on my body to use my abilities in their own gain. They try every chemical, every method they can just to find out what made me tick. I can’t take it anymore so I incinerated them like what I did with Lachesis. I erased all my history and records so that no one can trace me and I could forget. From then I tried my best to fit-in and vowed never to use my powers again. I think that’s bad enough for me."

"So that is the real Dream." Pscyhe commented and Dream just nodded. Then Psyche sighed and threw his head back.

"I’m so tired Dream. I’m so tired of everything. Osiris was right. I don’t know myself and I’m tired of hearing voices in my head along with other people always telling me what I should do and what I’m supposed to be."

"You don’t have to listen."

"I know but it’s too late. I’m already worn out. I served my cause anyway. What I’m here for, to prove myself."
"You don’t have to prove yourself to Mescaline. To me." Psyche gazed at Dream intently then moved closer to him.

"Thank you Dream. Tell that to Ravie also. You made me feel I was actually alive." Psyche smiled then draws his lips near Dreams cheek after totally losing consciousness. Dream closed his eyes and cradled Psyche in his arms. And for the very first time of his life, he felt hot liquid streaming down his eyes and somewhat a deeper sense of loss.


‘So this is what they call tears. You were the only one Psyche. The only one who can do this to me. We shall meet again.’ Dream thought ironically. Dream also lost consciousness with a sudden strike of pain and lay beside Psyche.

Three days after the incident, Dream was in a hospital. He was waiting for the doctors as the confirmed on what ‘illness’ Psyche got after that. Dream stood up when he saw the doctor leave Psyche’s room.

"Dream, your friend is very lucky. Psyche did get an acute brain damage from his sudden loss of stamina. At first we thought his internal organs were damaged too but it was a miracle that it didn’t. Although we can’t say the same for this condition that he has fully recovered. You see he is very unstable. For now he has acquired some sort of amnesia and won’t remember anything for now. We’ll place him under observation."

"I see doctor so he is alright for now?"

"Yes and we can only hope for the best. But aren’t you aware of your condition young man?"

"What do you mean doctor?"

"You too have been medically observed and did you know you had some sort of terminal cancer? Your body has been too saturated with chemicals and in other compounds you’re body could not take."

"Yes doctor I’ve known that for some time now. I had an accident when I was a child."

"I see, well I’m placing you too under observation too cause sad to say we don’t know how long you’ll live. Take care now."

"I understand." With that the doctor finally left and Dream entered the room. He awed at Psyche’s sleeping figure looking so angelic. He went closer to remove the stray locks of hair on his face.


‘No, Psyche would not know this. I’m dying but I want you to live. But even so I guess we kind of stayed together cause I know I’ll be taking the old Psyche who already died back then. You are reborn so live on. We will continue to be with each other in our dreams. Forever.’ Dream said intently to Psyche as he was sleeping. Suddenly Psyche stirred and slowly woke up beside Dream.

"Where am I and why are you here?" Psyche asked innocently.

"I was guarding your sleep you were having a nightmare." Dream said enclosing his arms around Psyche.

"A Dream?"

"Yes a Dream and this is… reality."

Both sighed enjoying the moment of completeness that they belong to each other. Knowing no one can take that away from them. Both had a longing and one Dream of forever.



to be continued...

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