by Azrael Llywen




Ravie walked in the hospital where Psyche and Dream stayed. He was regretful that he wasn’t the one who stayed with Psyche in his three-day coma. He was so worried hearing Psyche developing some kind of brain disease due to the sudden trauma during that incident. For once Ravie felt so remorseful that he hasn’t been able to do something about the most adored person in his life. He certainly felt like there was nothing left for him.

He walked past a certain room and saw a familiar woman there who grinned at him.

"Excuse me do a know you?" Ravie asked being paranoid from her stare.

"You lost him too didn’t you? He went away into nothingness and left us here." The girl said.

"What are you talking about? Hey, you’re the girl who was suppose to marry Psyche."

"Yes I am but I never did had him. He belonged to his dreams, his belief and when that went away so did he."

Ravie went speechless at the thought Linesy made. Then suddenly, the hospital facilitators grabbed her taking her back to her room. Linesy went hysterical and kept on saying: ‘You never had him! No one did! He’s gone forever in dreams!’ Linesy laughed maniacally that the nurses had to bound her in a straight jacket.

"I’m so sorry for the inconvenience but you see she just arrived here." Said one of the doctors to Ravie.

"It’s okay doctor but how did she came here?" Ravie asked curiously.

"Well you see, she was in the concert of a certain band. Mescaline I think. And when that mysterious stampede started she just went into compulsion saying something about losing a bet and losing his beloved. So we immediately brought her here because we knew something was wrong. Poor girl."

"Oh. Well thank you anyway." Ravie said his gratitude and bowing slightly before going away.


‘You never had him. He is gone in with his dreams…’ That was the only thing that Ravie thought. He thightened his hold at the bouquet of orchids still feeling hurt. Even though it was killing Ravie, he still convinced himself to believe.


‘If he’s really gone, then I’ll see him as a brand new person. I guess we’ll start all over again. But it’s still Psyche no matter what and for that I’ll just have to believe…’ Ravie thought hard still coping at his depression. He arrived at Psyche’s room. He knocked at it but no one answered so he hesitantly opened it. He was shocked to see Dream and Psyche interlocked together but not really all that surprised. He cried and broke down right there and then with the intensity if the pain. Then suddenly he thought he saw Sade coming towards him but he only a nurse who looked exactly like him.

"Why are you crying child?" the nurse asked

"Because dreams are so unfair…" Ravie continued.

The boy turned away trying to keep his tears from flowing but failing anyway. He clutched a photograph on a band he used to belong with writings saying: ‘Mescaline, a Dream of forever’. His tears faded the photo as he watched his two ‘friends’ in the room as he murmured to himself.

"Even though dreams are unfair and happiness can’t last long, still we need them. And I’m sure he needs you too." The nurse said pointing at Psyche and Dream.

"Both of the need you. If you can’t get over this then they wouldn’t have a chance to start again. Can’t you see? You are hope. Now why don’t we come over there and let me help you with these presents." The nurse continued.


‘So like Sade.’ Ravie thought. He smiled at his words and went in the room. This time he felt like all the pain went away especially when he saw Psyche. For once he looked happy and without any worries. He fascinated at the way their eyes glittered. ‘Psyche and Dream the human mind and human thought. Always together and I shall be there to give them hope.’ Ravie thought. The four of them gathering in constancy and seclusion: Mind, soul, passion and delight, always together. These are the four elements that composed the innermost of human emotion like an addictive drug whose sensation bring new heights but seem to go away quickly. But the Dream never fades. It will continue when no one waits. As long as someone will long, as long as someone will hope. Mescaline would always remain a dream of forever.


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