by Azrael Llywen


A thin dark, longhaired person with porcelain skin entered the asylum and onto the room of his ‘friend’. He was wearing his prettiest in an above knee skirt and blouse pure as white with his black vest on. He brought a beautiful bouquet of rare orchids with him to give to his friend as he visited him.

‘He always liked these kind of flowers.’ He spoke to himself. He kept his head down half covered by his lustrous hair tied up neatly in a half-ponytail. He stared at the door in front of him checking the number on it. Hesitating to go in. He knocked it once, twice, thrice, but nobody answered. Finally summing up all his courage, he took one deep breath and slowly opened the door. He was shocked at what he saw making him drop one by one the flowers, his balance and his composure. He saw his most cherished ‘friend’ in the arms of another friend. Then he heard his friends’ conversation:

"Dream, Is that you?"

"Yes, it’s me."

"Where am I?"
"Somewhere safe."

"Where’s Ravie and Sade?"

"Sade went to a long trip and probably wouldn’t be back. You know that guy. And Ravie, he’s around here somewhere. Don’t worry, he’s coming here later."

"Then why are you here?"

"Because you were having nightmares. I stayed here to make sure you are safe."

"A dream? Yes I remembered having a dream."

"That’s right Psyche. It was all a dream and this is reality. Don’t you ever forget that."

His short auburn-haired friend gave a long sigh his eyes beginning to flutter as he held on to the taller dark-haired man. Both of them sighing on what seems like contempt but truly empty inside. The delicate boy couldn’t take it any longer dropping down to his knees beside the door in tears and an anguished face. A pretty short dark blue-haired worker approached him mistaking him for a former companion.

"Why are you crying child?"

"Because dreams are so unfair."

"Dreams trick the soul into things that aren’t really there. They can easily lure it and confusing it making it fall hopelessly. Although it may be for the best, soon you’ll have to wake up to reality sensing it was all a lie making you breakdown and crumble inside. This is kind of the same for passion and delight. They can only last for so long but they always fade away in the end. That’s why people cry when they sense extreme delight or passion because they know it’s gonna end all too soon. Oh yeah, these things are the things only children can posses because you don’t stay like a child forever. You have to grow-up sometime and it will all fade away."

The boy turned away trying to keep his tears from flowing but failing anyway. He clutched a photograph on a band he used to belong with writings saying: ‘Mescaline, a Dream of forever’. His tears faded the photo as he watched his two ‘friends’ in the room as he murmured to himself.

"Yes, It was all a dream. Life is but a dream, but you have to wake up, sometime…"


to be continued...

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