callista-fuck off!!!
Fuck Off!!

by Callista


Die was sitting in his room silently, he sow Kaoru's face telling
him "I love Toshiya" again and again... And again... He thought that
he might be very tired. He decided to go to sleep, before Shinya will
be back, wanting him to fuck him. And he wasn't in any mood of
fuckin' anybody... even Shinya. He took of his cloths and headed to
bathroom. Hot water made him even more tired and sleepy, that he
almost fall in a sleep while taking bath. When he ended and run to
his room, Shinya was still missing. What's he doin'? It's really
laaaate... He jumped on his bad and fall a sleep quickly.


Have you ever been thinking about touching him? Kissing him? Licking
him? Making love... to him? So admirable. So beautiful. So lonely...
Do you remember when you told him anything gentle and helpful? No..?
Maybe because of your last addict? Were you thinking about it? How
are you annoying for other members? How you scare them? Please, for
your own sake.. or at least for Toshiya's sake... Stop.


Kaoru woke up in his room. He felt a bit dizzy, and he could taste
something in his mouth. A metallic taste? Blood? Noo... It's only an
illusion of his mad mind. He, again, dreamed the same strange dream.
Someone speaking to him, pleading him for stopping. But what? He
really didn't remember. Always, he woke up on a next day, not
remembering the subject of pleads. It was making him confuse and lost
in his thoughts.
He tried to stand up, but he couldn't. His tired body didn't listen
to him. So he just lied on his bed tiredly, hoping for no one to call
him up. He closed his eyes. "Where did you sleep last night?" he
remembered NIRVANA's song, that was perfectly suiting him now. He put
his head to the forehead. "Toshiya..." He sat up on bed, suddenly
feeling tearing pain on his back, and shoulders. He decided, to check
it, but his body wasn't listening to him and he fell on the floor,
hitting painfully. His vision blurred as he dried in pain. He huged
himself, while silently sobbing. "Toshiya, I'm so sorry... So
sorry... Please forgive me..." He cried, while looking up.


Toshiya was making him self a breakfast, when phone ringed. "Moshi,
moshi, Toshiya desu" he picked up.
"Kon, Toshiya, how's day?" asked Die on other side of phone line.
"Ah! Fine, I feel much better then yesterday, thanks for caring" on
Toshiya's face brightened a smile.
"Uhm, Since today's the off-day of practice, maybe we go for few
drinks, ne?" Die asked a bit nervously, since his plan was unfinished.
"I would love to, but you see, I wanted to do some shopping with
"Oh, so, maybe later, in the evening?"
"Oh, Die what's your point, you never been this way!"
"Nothing! I just wanted to meet with you n talk!" Die laughed
"Die, is it really something important you need to tell me? Toshiya
felt his heart beating faster.
"N-nothing important"
"Die I'll call you later, cuz Shinya just arrived, okay?" Toshiya
heard knocking on his door.
Toshiya put phone down and run down to the door. "Coming!" He reached
it and opened it sawing lil' blondie man. "Kyo, what are you doing
here?" Toshiya didn't even hide his surprise.
"Hmm... Just felt like talking with you" Kyo said shyly. What the
hell's wrong with you ppl?? Toshiya thought.
"Oh, well, come in" Toshiya opened the door wider letting Kyo in.
When Kyo took off his shoes, he looked back at Toshiya ( who was
watching him ). "Toshiya..." Kyo started, while leaning neer
Toshiya's body. "You know..." He poked other's man chest with his
finger. "I've always been thinking... That you're the sexiest member
in our group..." He said with very husky voice, making Toshiya
shivered. "I..." his hands were drawing circles on Toshiya's chest.
The taller man's heart was pumping. " want..." Kyo's hands wandered
down. "you..." he breath the hot air near Toshiya's ear. "now" he
suddenly put his hand against Toshiya's groins. Toshiya jerked. He
thought that he'll gonna die. "Please..." Kyo looked up at him with
innocence in his eyes. Toshiya, almost without thinking, wrapped his
arms around Kyo, picking him up and placing him on the table. He
pressed his lips against Kyo's and with great force opened them with
his tongue. The were kissing passionately, and then broke up for
breath. Toshiya started to kiss Kyo'ss, cheeks, then, lightly licked
his neck and again he kissed it. "Kyo, are you sure, you want me on
top?" Toshiya asked hotly, while delicately biting shorter man's ear.
He heard Kyo's moans got louder, when he started to lick again his
neck. "Hm? Are you sure?" Toshiya replied his question and took of
Kyo's shirt. "Answer me!" Toshiya started to lick and kiss right
nipple, while stroking with his fingers the other one. He heard Kyo's
moans grew even louder. "Y-yes!" Kyo cried in pleasure. "More!!"
Toshiya done a trail of saliva from one nipple to the other. He
kissed a hard nipple, then trail again saliva down to Kyo's pants,
making older man stop breathing for a second. Toshiya unbuttoned
Kyo's pants, and took it ( and boxers too ^^;) off of him. He looked
for a while on Kyo's big arousal. "Oh, my, Kyo your... big... So
big..." Kyo smiled lightly. Toshiya took of his clothes too, and
began to massage Kyo's hardness. He kissed Kyo's belly, then again
his nipples. He licked Kyo's neck and lips. And then kissed him
passionately. Kyo was moaning very loud. Toshiya smiled. "Oh, To-
Toshiya!!" Toshiya stopped making good to Kyo. "Don't stop!" Kyo
cried. "As, you wish" Toshiya licked the top of Kyo's arousal. Then
kissed it, and took it fully in his mouth. Kyo gasped. Toshiya was
working, on that Kyo would feel only pleasure. He was licking,
sucking, making Kyo gasp even more. Kyo came in to his mouth with a
loud cry "TOSHIYAAA!!" Toshiya choked, but he swallowed all of Kyo's
semen. Then he licked his penis clean.
"Ne, Kyo kun, Toshiya kun need a release" Toshiya hotly whispered.
Kyo smiled. "You wanted to be on top." Kyo closed his eyes. "Then
take me" Toshiya smiled and he spread Kyo's legs, looking how
inviting little man was. Then without any preparation he thrust his
penis in to Kyo. Kyo gasped in surprise. Toshiya was making rhythmic
moves, thrusting himself even deeper in Kyo. Toshiya was moaning cry
loud, feeling how pleasure was building inside him. Kyo cried
Toshiya's name out. When he felt Toshiya hitting the spot. "Deeper!!"
Toshiya's eyes were full of pleasure, he jerked his hips filling Kyo
with his seed. In hew seconds later, Kyo came again, scattering his
semen on Toshiya's belly.
"We.. should repeat it" Toshiya kissed Kyo on nose. "But then you'll
be on top" Kyo smiled hearing Toshiya. Then they help each other


to be continued...


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to be continued 

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