callista-fuck off!!!
Fuck Off!!

by Callista


Toshiya bumped with Kyo into the practice room. Kaoru looked at two
late man with glare.
"You're late" leader-sama's cold voice called.
"Ah... (phu~) su-sumimasen... (phu~~)" Toshiya scratched his head.
Kyo was still trying to catch his breath. Die looked a bit suspicious
Kyo's wearing the same shirt as yesterday n he's with Totchi he shook
his head Whatever, it's non of my business. "Okay everyone,
practice!!" Kaoru yelled, while picking his guitar up.
"What's first?" Kyo asked, while sitting on the couch and brushing
his hair.
"Hm... Let's play Rasetsu Koku" Die suggested and everyone's eyes
looked at him. Why, all of sudden, Die wanted this heavy song? Die
blinked. "Wha??"
"Okay!" Kaoru shouted "3-2-1-start!" The heavy beat filled the room.
Shinya beat his drum set with great power. Don't wanting to think.
Toshiya couldn't concentrate on his bass playing. What have he done
night before?! What he was thinking?! He looked up at Kyo, who was
yelling in to his mic with his eyes closed.
Well at least it was a really good fuck. Toshiya thought. Then he
felt someone watching him. Very tense stare. He knew that kind of
stares. Man looking at me. Wanting to take me. Woman looking at me.
Wanting me to take them. [ aaah~~ |Regardless of what they say| ne?
^^; I love those sentences, InSilence! ~call ] But in that look was
sth more. Sth that Toshiya couldn't describe. He still felt hurt
after what Kaoru did to him. But he decided to concentrate more on
his bass.
Kaoru was looking at Toshiya, his eyes gazed dreamingly at love of
his life. He wanted to touch him so badly, to hug him, to kiss him,
to tell him how he feels about him. But he knew that Toshiya wouldn't
listen to him, not after what he did to him. He looked down
Kyo stopped yelling, the song was ending. Finally, everyone except
Toshiya stopped playing. Kaoru looked at Toshiya ( who was looking as
if he was in another world ) shocked "Toshiya..."
Die n Shinya gave him a glance, Kyo walked to the bassist. "Toshiya!
Wake up!!" He touched Toshiya's arm. Bassist looked up at Kyo in
fright. Kyo's concern view met Toshiya's shocked one.
"I... I'm sorry... I was lost in thoughts" he put his bass down and
leaved the room for smoke. "Well, at least we have short break" Die's
cheerful smile broke silence.
"Okay, 5min" Kaoru looked at Die.
"Yatta!! Come here, Shin-chan!" Die jumped to Shinya's drum set.
Younger man jerked up in fright. "What?" he pouted. "Ow... Come, you
wanna have a smoke, don't you?" Die teased.
"What are you talking about??" [ We all know how Shinya hates cigs,
ne ^^;; ~call ] Shinya shoot a glare.
Die wrapped his strong arms around Shinya's tinny waist. "Argh!! Put
me down, you, you, BRUTAL!!" Shinya yelled while punching Die's arms.
His beautiful hair all in mess.
"What? I didn't hear a word, can you repeat it Shin-chan?"
"AAHH!!" Shinya didn't really know what to do. That jerk!! That
idiot!! I hate him, why can't he leaves me alone?? Die dragged Shinya
out of practice room to the smoking room. [ ow... poor Shin-chan ;)
~call ]
"AAHH~~~~~~~!!" Shinya yelled even more, when they reached the room.
Then suddenly he stopped screaming. Die also stared with shock
painting his face. There. Under the wall, with arms embracing his
legs was sitting and sobbing Toshiya. Die would never imagine to see
the self-centred, I-am-so-fuckin'-sexy Toshiya this way. Then he
remembered what Kaoru did to him. Does he care about Kaoru? Does he
feel hurt still?
"T-Toshiya" Die started, while putting Shinya on the ground. Younger
man run to Toshiya and hugged him lightly. "Toshiya, what happened?"
Shinya was very concern "Oh, Shinya" Toshiya pulled his long arms
around smaller man. "I am so stupid..." to believe...
"No you're not! Tell me what happened?"
"Nothing, please don't ask..."
Shinya said nothing, but keep on stroking Toshiya's back. Die walked
slowly to the two man. "Die, plz, leave"
Shinya glared at him. Die looked at him "Why?" He smirked.
"Uh... Don't make me repeat myself!"
"Oh, Shin-chan, you have so beautiful voice, I just wish you could
repeat it!!" Die looked at Shinya with a puppy eyes. "AAH!! Just
leave or.. or....!!" Shinya's cheeks were all crimson.
"Or else you do what?" Die chuckled.
"I'm gonna kick you!"
"Oh, yes? We'll see 'bout that!" Die grabbed Shinya and picked him up.
"Ah!! You bastard, leave me alone!!" Shinya yelled. Die was laughing,
while dancing with Shinya in his arms. Toshiya looked up. A light
smile appeared on his face. Those two... They're perfect for each
other he thought I envy them, hope to see them together soon. Shinya
was still in the air and Die was still laughing.
"Gah!! Daisuke, I command you to put me down!"
"Put you down?"
"Yes!!" Shinya looked murderously at Die. And suddenly regret his
Yes, Die put him down, but on the couch underneath him! Shinya was so
shocked, it felt too... uh.. strange to have Die on top of him. "Die,
what are y-" Shinya couldn't say anything, he could only feel and
taste Dies lips on his own. Die's tongue slid into Shinya's mouth.
Younger man gasped but responded.
Toshiya looked at them with a grin. He liked the view. Maybe finally
someone will make out with virgin Shinya. But deep in his heart he
wanted the best for him, he wanted him to have a special first time.
And he thought that Die might be the best. He looked at them and
pretend to be silent.
Suddenly Die realized what he was doin'. What the hell am I doin'???
I AM KISSING SHINYA!!! AGH!! HE GONNA KILL ME!!" Die broke the kiss.
Shinya's eyes were full of pleasure. Die blinked. So he liked it?
"Uh... Ano Shinya... Um.. I'm sorry... I don't know what was over
me... I.. I hope..." Die looked with scared eyes at Shinya. The
younger man said nothing, just pulled himself up and leaved the room,
while smashing the doors.
Gods... I'm shit now... He looked at Toshiya. "So what am I suppose
to do now?"
Toshiya blinked and chuckled. "What's so funny, smart ass?" Die was
"N-Nothing..." Toshiya waved his hand. "Give him some time... Maybe
he'll say 'yes'..." Toshiya added seriously.
'Yes'..? Die thought. "Thanks Totchi..."

What they all doing there?? Kaoru was a _bit_ pissed of [ yeh, right,
n I'm saint Peter... ~call ]
The break is over, we _need_ to practice!! Then the doors opened
forcefully and all red Shinya came in. Ignored asking looks of other
members, he headed to his drum set. What made him so upset? Kaoru
looked at the younger man. "Shinya, where are the others?" Kaoru
asked. Shinya didn't respond. "Uh... SHINYA!!"
"Y-yes?" Shinya jumped. "Where are the others?" Kaoru looked a bit
"Uh..." Die's kiss flushed in his memory "Ano... In the... In the
smoking room..."
"Uh, still?? I guess I need to go for them" Kaoru headed for the
other room, when he leaved, strange silence filled practice room. Kyo
fall again asleep on the couch [ haha~~ how come? ~call ]. Shinya was
lightly beating his drums. What did it mean? He stopped and touched
his lips. Does he...?


to be continued...


OOOHOHO!!~~ Will Shinya know what Die meant by kissing him? :] Will
Die talk to Toshiya, and what will see Kaoru? Gah, just read the
other parts. :]

I guess I'm a bit sleepy *sleeps on der Schreibtisch* But I have my
eng lessons soon!! Ah!! And I told my teacher that I show her Visual
Kei/JRock musicians!! haha~~ So I think I'll drag one of my FOOL'S
MATEs ^^;; Wonder, what she say... *evil grin*



to be continued 

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