callista-fuck off!!!
Fuck Off!!

by Callista

comments: Oh.. my ^^; I was just thinking bout changing the title...
U know.. it's a bit... vulgar ^^;;; Anyway, tell me what u think bout
it ne ^^ BTW, in this part, something really bad happens to Shin-
chan. I was writing this part at school, n I was quite pissed off,
becuz of the math teacher... She's fucking annoying :P Okay,
whatever, what I want to say is that Shinya was the only one so close
to harm ;D But it won't be coma!~ [ hehe~ So many fics bout JRockers
in coma ;DD ]. Okay, have fun ^^~
band: DEG
pairing: lol, KaoruXToshiya, DieXShinya
genre: AU


What's taking them so long? Kaoru was standing in a corridor,
wondering. Die and Toshiya, alone... Kaoru thought of what he pleaded
Die. Maybe... He decided no to interrup them, but when he walked down
the corridor, he stoped in front of the door to the smoking room,
because he hear loud maons> He glared atthe door. Strange thoughts
were flying in his mind. What are they doing?! he thrilled.


"Oh... Toshiya... You're ah~ so fuckin' goooooooooooood~~" Die moaned
"I know Die. God! You're so hard!! Toshiya laughed. Die chocked.
Toshiya got lost in his thoughts n he didn't notice that he touched
Die a bit too hard.
"Itai!! Totchi, that hurts!!" Die cried "You have so thin fingers and
it hurts, when you're doing it so hard!"
"Sorry, Die, I was away" Toshiya smiled.
"What?!" Die glared [ fake one ;D ~ call ]. "How could you?"
"Oh, sorry, my love!!" Toshiya played with fake sad, watery eyes.


Kaoru was standing in front of the door. Great shock painting on his
face. Then it slowly turned into sadness. So Toshiya loves Die...
Kaoru's eyes were burning, he hear Toshiya calling Die, his love. I
guess I'm not wanted here. Kaoru came back to the practice room.
"Guys!! End of practice!" He tired his best, not to burst into cry,
he could hardly put his mask of coldness [ Kaoru the Death God!! ~
call ]. Then he leaved the building, not even caring that he didn't
take a coat.


Kaoru and Shinya were standing in shock [ so many SHOXXes here >.<
~call ]. They looked at each other with surprise on their faces. What
"Well, at least I can go sleep earlier" Kyo smirked.
The small vocalist took his coat and walked to the exit, while waving
his hand. "C'ya, dude"
Shinya didn't look at him, he looked at the wall. He didn't know what
to think. Kaoru was suppose to take Die and Toshiya back there. Maybe
something happened there? I'll check it.

Shinya closed the door behind him and headed to the other room. He
stpped in front of the black door, shocked. What are they doing
there? he panicked
"Oh, Gods! Toshiya!! You're soooo... ah!!"
He heard definitely Die's voice. Then Toshiya's:
"Die, calm down!!"
"Ah!! Toshiya, you're so damn good, I can't!~"


Toshiya sweatdropped when he saw Shinya's expression on face, when
younger man opened the door.
Die stopped his moans, looking at Shinya's red face.

"hey, Shin-chan..." he spoke lightly, feeling younger man's aura of
anger filled the room.

"Shinya, what's wrong?" Toshiya asked.

"What are you ding, for God Sake~?!" Shinya yelled angrily.

"Ugh... I was messaging Die's back, ne?"

Shinya stared at them confused. That's right... They're still in
clothes... Ah~! You hentai! What were you thinking?! Shinya hit his
head in thoughts.

Die stood up and waved sexily to Shinya.

"So, my lil' Shin-chan's jealous?" he teased.

Shinya turned even more crimson.

"W-What are you talking about?! Kaoru leaved the building few minutes
ago, he said there's no practice!!" Shinya glared at Die. "And he was
_suppose_ to take you back to the practice room! What have you done
to him?!" Shinya yelled.

Die and Toshiya looked at each other confused.

"Erm... Shinya, Kaoru wasn't here" Die smiled.

"What?!" Shinya couldn't believe.

"Yeh, Shin-chan"

"But, but why he was so upset?" Shinya didn't gave up. "Oh! I know!!"
Shinya's face became crimson again, as he looked at both man. Why my
cheeks feel so hot?

Toshiya looked at Die, then at Shinya. Why Shinya thinks so much bout

Die stared at Shinya with a small smile. He looks so pretty when he's

"Because you were making so strange noises here! Maybe that's why?"

"What strange noises?" Die asked, blinking.

Shinya could feel really hot and sweaty, but at the same time a
bit... Jealous? NO!!

"Sounds like making sex here!"

"So Shin-chan knows that kind of noises?" Die giggled.

"Argh!! NOOO~!!" Shinya's eyes became watery. He doesn't understand
anything! He can only tease!! NOTHING MORE!!

That was it. Shinya slammed the door behind. Die stood confused.
Toshiya felt like crying and soon he burst in to a silent sobs.

So he thinks now that I'm with Toshiya, doesn't he? Die thought,
after all, he didn't feel like joking anymore. He looked at crying
figure on the couch. "Toshiya..." he started quietly. "What are you
feeling for Kaoru?" Toshiya looked up surprised.

"Die... why you ask?"

"You're crying.... It's because of this misunderstanding... It's
because of Kaoru, isn't it?" Die sat beside Toshiya, looking deeply
in to his chocolate eyes.

"Die... I don't know... I-I don't want him to be angry at me..."
Toshiya looked down. "I think that... That I like him very much..."
Toshiya blushed. Die took his chin in his hand.

"Look at me..." He spoke quietly. "You should talk to him... He
doesn't know that you like him. Gods, he thinks that you hate, him?"

Toshiya shed his tears away. "Hai" he nodded. "I try..."


Stupid! Ah!! Why do I think so much about that jerk!! It can't be...
No! No way! Shinya kicked an empty can of coca-cola. He walked
angrily into the building, then in to the elevator. I will not think
about him! But his mind filled again with pictures of Die kissing
him. "Agh! I'm so hopeless!" Shinya kicked the door in the elevator
and it suddenly stopped. Shinya blinked. "What?" he panicked, when he
realised that id stopped working. "Agh! Nooo!! Shinya yelled while
pressing a button "HELP".


Kaoru was walking by the streets. Sun was almost down, so the only
lights were from street-lamps. He hoped that what he heard earlier
wasn't true. He hoped that he could turn back time, to the moment he
hit Toshiya. The hot tears filled his eyes, then soundlessly they
fall down his cheeks. People were staring at him weirdly. His walk
wasn't really normal. Feet, legs weren't listening to him. He waved
through the darkening street. He decided to go to one of those pubs,
where he wouldn't go if his heard and soul were fine. His heard
ached. His soul cried. His thoughts were waving painfully in his
mind. His vision blurred again.
He saw pink light of the pub in the corner of the dark street. He
opened the door. Smells. People. Marihuana. Alcohol. Cigs. So much of
it, but he didn't care. Didn't care at all. One girl walked to him
with a seductive smile placed on her full lips.

"Wanna have some drinks?" She asked with blurry eyes. Kaoru looked at
her. She was pretty. She was _very_ pretty. But not as pretty as
Toshiya. Well at least she doesn't have crooked teeth. Kaoru smiled
sadly to himself. "Or you wanna have some fun?"
Why not? I have nothing to loose" he thought.
"Both" his throat was dry.


After pressing button "HELP" Shinya waited for rescue, but it never
came. After 15 min. he started to get nervous, so he pressed button
again... and again, and again. He hit it furiously. Suddenly the
elevator moved. Shinya stopped breathing. He felt something in his
stomach. No...
He looked at the small window in the door. No... Please no... He
couldn't believe. The elevator was falling down uncontrollably.


Toshiya walked out of the studio. He looked at dark sky, he shivered.
It was getting cold. He walked to his car.
"Hoi!~ Toshiya! Wait!!" He heard Die yelling. Toshiya turned
around. "What?"
Die stopped, he tried to catch his breath. "Oh... To-Toshiya, wanna -
uh- go for -uh- few drinks?"
"Heh, Die, okay, but you pay"
Die scratched his head, and run his slim fingers through massy hair.
"Okaaay... But, u know, u r sucha brat" He smiled.
Toshiya pouted and punched his arm lightly. "Jerk"
"By my car, ne?" Die took Toshiya's hand and pulled him to car.
Soon, after short ride, they stopped in front of Shinya's building.
"Look, there are so many ppl out there, and even the ambulance"
"Yeah, I see it"
Suddenly Die jerked up and run out of a car, then he ran wildly to
the ambulance.
"Die!!" Toshiya yelled, and in short period of time he ran after
Die looked at the person on the stretcher. His eyes widened. "Die,
what happened?" Toshiya asked him, after joining red-head. Die
couldn't say anything, he begun to run through the mass of ppl to the
person lying on the stretcher.
"Hay, you!!" Somebody yelled.
Toshiya couldn't run after Die, somebody wrepped him. "DIE!!"
"Hey, stop!! You can't-" Die punched another man, who tried to stop
him. "Sorry asshole" Die muttered silently. The nurses were packing
man to the ambulance, when Die yelled. "Shinya!!"
Nurces looked at him confused. Die jumped almost on the stretcher,
where Shinya was lying unconsciousness. He looked at fragile person
in fright.
"Oh, God, Shin-chan" he covered his lips by palm.
"Sir? Do you know him? younger nurse asked.
Die looked at her. "Yeh, his my friend, bandmate. C-Can I go with you
to the hospital? Please? Die's eyes were looking pleadingly at both
"Well, I guess, since you're his friend and bandmate..?" a blond
haired nurse turned pink "Dir en grey, right?"
"Yeh" Die nodded and smiled.


To be continued...

to be continued 

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