callista-fuck off!!!
Fuck Off!!

by Callista

comments: Erm... Another part! Dedicated to Maharet ^^ n SHEMOYGE members ;D
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genre: AU

PART 5 ~
"Gods, where are you, Die??" Toshiya yelled angrily to the cellphone. He
still was in a place of the accident.
"Toshiya, sorry, but I think that today's drinkin' won't fit"
"But where the hell are you?!"
"Erm... In the ambulance, on the way to hospital"
"How to say, Shinya got terribly injured in that accident."
"He was in the elevator, when it fell down. That's what happened."
"Oh, my God, wait Die! I'm gonna ride there, and... and I call Kaoru and
Kyo! ja!"
Kyo returned to his apato. He was tired like hell, no surprise, he was tired
always. After closing the door and taking off his shoes, he walked lazily to
his bedroom. I bet Toshiya doesn't care... Well, I shouldn't care either...
But... I don't know... His hand on mattress, on smooth sheets. I should go
to sleep... He crawled on bed and soon he fall asleep. One tear fell on the
Die looked at sleeping Shinya, he got big dose of morphine. Shinya is so
beautiful... Die touched his face, whole in blood.
"Spine is the most injured" one nurse said to the other, while putting some
medicine on the table.
Die looked worriedly at his friend. No....The nurses were talking and
disscutting about Shinya's present state, but Die's ears could hear only
simple words. He treid his best to hear more, but he couldn't.
"...he may..."
"....but at least.."
Die got pissed off. Why can't he hear more?! He stood up and walked to the
"S'xuse me, but what's with him?" he pointed at Shinya.
Nurses looked at him, then at Shinya, then at each other.
"A-ano, I think, you should wait to hear what the doctor say"
"Wha? And you don't know??" Die looked at them with a glare.
"What _we_ think and know, may not be true!" One nurse stood up. "Please,
sit and wait patiently for dorctor."
"Fine.." Die returned to his place. Other nurse walked to him [ a Dir en
grey fan~~ - call~ ]
"I'm so sorry, Die-san, but we're just suspecting something.."
She looked down, blushing.
"What is it?" Die looked at her.
"We think, that this accident may be very tragic for Shinya-san"
Kyo woke up, hearing the phone ringing. Gods, what the fuck... He cursed
while kicking the sheets and blanket away. He ran to the phone, while
brushing his hair.
"Moshi moshi??"
"Yeh, who the hell??"
"Kyo, it's me, Toshiya!"
"So what?! _Nobody_ can wake me up in the middle of great dream!" he snored.
He doesn't care... doesn't care.... Pretend, just pretend that nothing
happened... "When that cute lil' girl was about to suck my-"
"Shut up and listen, you moron!" Toshiya pouted. God, I hope he doesn't
care... I don't wanna have troubles with him either... But he acts like he
doesn't care... Good.
"Die's on the way to hospital. Something happened to Shinya."
"Whaa?! Dun fool me around, Toshiya!"
"I'm not, it's true! Plz, could you call Kaoru. I-"
"Why don't you do it by yourself?" Kyo smirked.
"I can't... Plz, do it for me!" Toshiya begged.
"M'kay, dude"
"Thanks" and Toshiya blew him a kiss. "I guess, I see you later... At
hospital! Ja!"
"Ja" so he doesn't care, he's only the flirt one...
Kyo put the phone back, and suddenly something forged his feet. "Itaaaaii!!"
He yelled, while jumping aside. "Wow, dude, you're here~~ he he" Kyo
giggled, while looking at his pet. "Gods, you should be in box!" Kyo bend
and took his 'friend' - a black, shinny, living thing [ lol, :P ~ call ].
"You shouldn't be running so freely here, some guests might get scared." He
teased, while walking to his bedroom. He opened the box and put an animal
in. "Okay, I need to go, make some calls for Toshiya." He walked back to the
Kyo looked at the table where phone standing. What was between Toshiya and
Kaoru? Kaoru often yelled at Toshiya, because of his daydreaming, but Kyo
wasn't stupid [yeh, right~~ ;) ~ call ]. He could see those pair of eyes
looking hungrily at Toshiya. Oh, yes Kaoru lusted for young bassist, but Kyo
also could see something else in those eyes. Little vocalist shook his head.
I think about it too much, but in other way... If I can't have Toshiya... It
could be nice to help friends. Kyo smiled a little. He felt jealousy in his
heart, but what can he do about it? He should know that Kaoru liked Toshiya
_very_ much, he should help him. And he's going to help him. Suddenly he
felt something climbing on to his feet. He looked down. A bid sweat drop
appeared on his head. "GAH~~!! You lil' brat!! You suppose to be in da
box!!" Kyo yelled, while picking up an animal. "Okay, dude, you're going
back to box, no walking today!" He walked with a scorpion back to the
bedroom. He delicately patted it and put it to the box. "Sleep" He headed
back to the phone again, then he dallied the number.
When Toshiya arrived at the hospital, Kyo and Kaoru had already been there.
Kaoru didn't even look at the bassist, who almost fell when he saw him. Oh,
God, I hoped that he would come later.
Kyo brushed his hair with his slender fingers. "So what happened to Shinya?"
"erm... He had an accident... I don't know what exactly" Toshiya said
"Sou ka..." Kyo looked up.
Kaoru walked to the window, opened it and lighted his cigarette. Toshiya
looked worriedly at his cold face. I need to talk with him. Fucking
misunderstanding. Suddenly door opened and Die walked in slowly.
"Hi guys..." He said sadly, almost without life.
"Oho... Something really bad happened" Kyo said while looking at the
Toshiya ran to Die and hugged him. Kaoru piercing eyes didn't miss it. His
face turned even more cold. It is my fault... All my fault...
"Die kun... What happened? What's with Shinya?" Toshiya asked worriedly.
"He... he is paralysed" Die whispered, trying to hold the tears that
appeared in his eyes.
The rest of the members looked at him shocked.
"Wha-what?" Toshiya couldn't believe believe, his throat completely dried.
"He is paralysed!!" Die cried out, the hot tears burning his cheeks.
"Shinya... no longer... walk..." He fall on his knees. "God, I wish I could
turn back time... To the moment of that misunderstanding that we had,
Toshiya" he looked up, his eyes shinny and wet from tears.
Toshiya also started silently sob. Kaoru didn't say anything, but walked out
of the room. Kyo ran after him.
"Toshiya... He is paralysed from waist to toes... Shinya won't play drums
"Die, but you know that it... it might be cured or something...."
"Yes, but still it will take much time and he will never walk as good as
he's now..."
"Oh, Die" Toshiya hugged the crying guitarist, letting hot tears wet his
shirt. "Everything will be okay.... Okay..." And he closed his eyes, letting
few tears fall.
to be continued...

to be continued 

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