callista-fuck off!!!
Fuck Off!!

by Callista

Comments: erm... haaahahah~~ I've been thinking about this fic lately very much, n it sounds too much like soap opera ;D *giggles* well, I dun have any ideas how Shinya might be cured >.

Part 6

Die beside him.
"You know" The read-headed started, not looking at a friend "I think that everything here is just a dream... Bad dream... Nightmare. And soon I will wake up. And, and Shinya will be fine"
"And KAoru won't be mad" Toshiya added silently, studying his long fingernails.
Suddenly the door opened and Kyo stormed in. "Okay, Totchi, we're out!!" Kyo yeleld while grabbing bassist's skinny arm. "What?!" Toshiya panicked. "And Die?!"
"He stays here" Kaoru said calmly, when he walked into the room. Toshiya glared at him. "What?!" he threw Kyo far away, anger filling him ~How can he think about Leaving Die _now_??~
"How DARE you, leave YOUR friend HERE in this situation!!" He yelled angrily while walking to Kaoru.
Pink haired guitarist didn't say a thing, he looked at Toshiya without expression on his face. ~Oh God, oh God... He loves him... He loves him~
Toshiya stood in front of Kaoru, still yelling at him, he poked guitarist on chest.
"How DARE you?!"
Kaoru closed his eyes. ~Pease, stop. I won't take it anymore~ the anger, the energy surrounding Toshiya, was just too much for him. He felt his groin painfully against trousers. Bulge hardening, growing.
"Kaoru, SAY STH!! Our great leader-sama??" He laughed dryly. Ironically.
"Toshiya, it's okay-" Die said, sadness painting in his eyes.
"NO!" Toshiya looked at him. "Nothing is okay!"
"So, Kaoru-sama??" He smirked. "Argh! You're noth-" Toshiya couldn't end, cuz Kaoru's lusting lips pressed roughly on his. "mh!" Toshiya gasped surprisingly. Kaoru was kissing him passionately. His hand grabbed Toshiya's ass and pressed him closer to his hard bulge. Toshiya responded hungrily. Die looked _very_ shocked. His eyes stared at kissing couple, he could feel himself hardening. ~You jerk, you're hungry for sex, when your love lies in hospital! Damn you!~ He scold himself in mind.
Kaoru was still kissing Toshiya. Their tongues playing, touching. Toshiya sucked Kaoru's lower lip. Then, suddenly, he broke the kiss, looking surprisingly at guitarist. He met Kaoru's dreaming gaze.
"W-Why..?" he asked and then touched his lips.
"I'm sorry Toshiya, I'm so sorry" Kaoru's arms tightly embraced him. I love you, Toshiya. I love you."
Kyo smirked. Die let a small moan.
Toshiya closed his eyes. "Kaoru..."
"But I know, Toshiya" Kaoru took his delicate face in his arms. "I know, that you love Die"
Die fet like throwing out, but he limit himself only to fall from chair. Loudly. Kyo smirked again. The read-headed stood up heavily and smoothed his clothes. "Kaoru, Toshiya doesn't love me, he loves you, you moron!" Die walked to the pair.
Kaoru looked confused. "B-but..?"
"Oh, shut up!" Die punched him on arm. But Kaoru still was looking like he didn't understand.
Toshiya smiled sadly. "Kaoru, are you still angry?"
Kaoru looked at him, still quite not knowing what's happening. "N-no, honey.." he kissed him lightly on cheek.
Die smiled sadly, when he saw Toshiya hugging Kaoru. He really wanted to take Shinya in his arms, the same way as Kaoru was holding Toshiya now. He felt so jealous, but at the same time, he was happy to see them together finally.
"Okay, I g-go n check on Shinya" He walked out.
Kyo looked at leaving Die, and raised his eyebrow, then he kept on starring at Toshiya and Kaoru again.
He felt so alone. No one cared about him.
Toshiya, let's go out" Kaoru said. Toshiya's eyes opened slightly.
"And what about Die?"
"I wanted him to stay with Shinya... That might be better."
Toshiya nodded.
"Kyo?" he turned to the little vocalist.
"Are you going with us?"
"No~, I guess I'm a bit tired" Kyo looked down, while brushing his hair. Then he walked to the door. "I'm gonna get some rest, C'u tomorrow... I guess" he left.
Toshiya looked at empty door. ~I hope that he doesn't care~
"What happened?" Kaoru broke the silence.
"N-Nothing" Toshiya smiled. "Let's go out"


Die sat on a chair, beside hospital's bed. He was silent, but Shinya woke up, when he entered the room. He also didn't say a thing. They spent few minutes, just staring at the wall.
"I-" finally they both started.
"Erm... You first" Shinya blushed.
"No, you first!" Die giggled.
"A-ano... Why are you here?" Shinya looked at his hands, which were grasping material of his blanket.
"hn... Because you're my band mate, friend..."
"Sou ka..." Shiny away a bit disappointed.
Die stood up and sat closer to the drummer, on his bed.
"Shinya, let me tae care of you" he said huskily, while brushing few strands of Shinya's blonde hair. Shinya could feel his heartbeat faster. ~Oh, Die...~
Somehow he looked at Die's trousers [ *laughs maniacally* ~call ]. He surprised seeing big bulge.
"Erm... O-okay, Die..." He said, but the voice wasn't quite his. ~Why am I so weak?? Why am I feel so strange, why, why the hell, I want him to take me here and now?!"~ Shinya felt like crying. He couldn't believe his own thoughts. Die realised Shinya's depressed expression. "What's wrong?" he asked. ~Oh, I hope he didn't look at my penis...~[ BUAHAHAHAHA~~ erm, sorry, couldn't take it ;D ~call ]
"Nothing.. Really"
"If you say so" Die patted his head. He stood up to walk away. Shinya said nothing. Die opened door. "Bye.." he said. Shinya still reminded silent. Die left. The blonde one felt strange.
He couldn't feel his legs, and still he couldn't feel the pain after accident. He punched his leg. Nothing. He hit it even harder. Nothing. He hit again, and again. Nothing. Nothing. This was scary. Doctor told him what exactly happened to his body, he felt awful. Oh, yes, one thing was aching badly. And it was his heart. Shinya closed his eyes, tears fall. ~I won't play drums~ He buried his face in palms.


Die stood in front of the door to the Shinya's ward. He could see crying Shinya through the little window in the door. His heart was hurting. "Shinya.." he whispered. Die looked down and walked away.
Suddenly someone grabbed his arm.
Die turned around. "Oh, doctor, what's up?"
"Shinya-san can go back home tomorrow. But someone need to take care of him... We can't do anything now. And Kyo-san said that you would take good care of him."
"I will take him" Die said.
"Thank you, Goodbye, then"


Kyo returned to his apato. Oh, yeees, he WAS tired like hell. The day was full of surprises.
He felt strange, he could say what was happening to his heart. "I think that the idea of Die taking care of Shinya is good..." he murmured. He walked to his bedroom, his little scorpion was sittig silently in the box. Kyo walked to it. "At least you're a good friend".
He sat on the chair and reminded silent, he was only watching the scorpion.
~Okay, Toshiya and Kaoru are finally together, now.. Now... It's time to work on Die and Shinya.. Well at least, Die's taking him tomorrow home~ he scratched his arm. ~And then, everything should be fine, or at least Die will tease him mercilessly.. What a stupid jerk... He should think more...~
"Yosh! I feel like writing some lyrics!" he took pencil and some paper. He started to write something, not quite thinking about it.

~Darkness That is the darkness in the dark, dark heart
Eyes Those are eyes that see the painful, painful reality
Feelings That is the feelings of the body unloved
Betrayal That is the betrayal shown on the outside of the inside

These are what the boy feels from other people, imprinted in his heart
Being hurt everyday, being hurt but still go on living
A bird that cannot fly
The reason for not to fly away from parents
Just like me
No matter how many times I cover my eyes, I still only think of that
Even at a place where there are humans
If no one is needed
If no one is being loved
No one loves
Gradually, I too, would fly away from such a rotten human society

0ne little one
Two little one
Three little one
Four little one
Five little one
Goodnight, very tired, get some rest
To all the humans who live amongst decadence, unloved and betrayal

368 sleeping pills~***

And he fall asleep.


to be continued...

to be continued 

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