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Fuck Off!!

by Callista

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Part 7

They sat silently in exclusive restaurant. Kaoru decided to take Toshiya for
really great dinner, he was ready to pay a high price for making Toshiya
forget. He was afraid, that younger man won't forgive him.
But Toshiya wasn't thinking about past, he was all roses and pleased that
Kaoru took him for a dinner.
He longed for that. He longed for warmth, love and caring.
They both were smiling. Toshiya only with a corners of his lips. [I love
this smile! ~call]
Soon waiter came and took their order.
When he walked off, Toshiya folded his hands and rest his chin on palms. He
stared at Kaoru, who started to feel a bit uncomfortable.
"Erm, Toshiya, why are you looking at me like this?" he asked, while taking
a sip of a red wine. ~What he thinks? What he wants. Oh Toshiya, your eyes
tell me nothing~
Candles on a table. Red rose placed near one of them. Red tablecloth.
The restaurant was quite empty, only several pairs sitting and chatting
silently. Nice, slow music in a background. ~Very romantic~ The blue haired
thought, when he focused his eyes on table, then again on Kaoru.
"Because I missed you" he placed his smooth palm on Kaoru's. Guitarist
Soon waiter placed their meal. They ate mostly in silence, but sometimes
they talked, and smiled.
After romantic dinner they went to Kaoru's place.
~The world, I don't wanna exist. What is it?
I feel tired. Nothing, just let me rest. Please~
Shinya opened his eyes and gasped. Am I still alive?~ The room was dark.
Shinya looked through windows. Beautiful night already fell. Moonless night.
Shinya heavily sat on his bed. With trembling fingers he brushed few strands
from his face. ~I can't believe that this is happening to me.~ Somehow he
thought about drums, but then suddenly, about sex. ~I've never been with
woman... or... man... Damn you! You're hopeless. Stop thinking about Die!~
Hot tears burning his eyes. But he couldn't hide his feelings away from
himself. He knew that it was too late. He felt his heart aching. ~But now, I
won't be with anyone... with him... never~ He admitted. ~This is impossible
now. But... But I want it! I want to make love with.. someone. Someone who
would love me!~
"God" he looked up.
Toshiya burst in giggles, when Kaoru wrapped his strong arms around him and
they both fell on the floor in guitarist's apartment. It was already dark.
Toshiya kept on giggling, when Kaoru's hand brushed his face.
Toshiya started to roll on the floor. Kaoru tried to stand up, but bassist
kicked him unintentionally. Kaoru screamed and then fell on the floor beside
Toshiya. He started to giggle too. [Insane ppl XP ~call]
But he felt so aroused. He wrapped Toshiya's hands, younger man screamed.
Then Kaoru pressed his lower body to Toshiya, making him gasp. Toshiya's
long legs wrapped Kaoru's slim body, and then pressed his wet lips to
Kaoru's. Kaoru moaned, when they broke the kiss, his lower body still hardly
pressed to Toshiya.
~This is beautiful~
Toshiya smiled seductively, and he closed his eyes in pleasure. He could
feel Kaoru's hard penis against his. He waited for this to come for so long.
"Kaoru.." he said silently. Pleasure rising in him every second. Kaoru kept
on pressing his body. He also was very high. Toshiya couldn't wait anymore.
He wrapped his hands on Kaoru's arousal, making him gasp. Kaoru opened his
eyes wide in shock. ~He is really in need~
"Kaoru, I beg.... you~" Kaoru smiled.
"I know my horny Toshiya" he licked his earlobe then bite it. Toshiya
Kaoru could still feel Toshiya's hand on his thighs. He took it, and again
pressed his groin against Toshiya's. He started to move slowly, massaging.
"How can you be so rude to me, Kaoru??" Toshiya was about to cry.
"Don't cry my honey... I... love... you..." he said with husky voice,
Toshiya felt more aroused.
"I love you too..." Toshiya said and kissed his lover passionately.
"Kaoru! I was waiting so long! I want to make love!" Toshiya cried.
Kaoru touched bassist's cheek. "You're so lovely"
then they started to undress each other.
Sounds of pleasure, meanings, filled the room. Toshiya felt so hot, even
without clothes.
Kaoru didn't wanted to wait, he wanted to take Toshiya now, on this floor.
He placed hot kisses on Toshiya's cheeks, jaw, neck. Licking his very white
skin. Kissing collarbone.
Toshiya moaned loudly, he massaged guitarist's back, strong arms. Toshiya's
eyes shut in pleasure, his lips inviting. Kaoru smiled slyly and kissed
those pink lips, lightly biting on lower lip. Toshiya's hands on his neck,
pressing him tighter. Deep kiss, two tongues playing. Love game. Kaoru
missed Toshiya's kisses, he missed his perfection and... professionalism.
He placed himself between Toshiya's inviting legs. And thrust roughly in to
him. Toshiya screamed. Kaoru's moved deeper. Toshiya wrapped arms around
Kaoru's neck, and placed himself more comfortable on hard floor. He moaned
loudly, and felt better every second. Kaoru looked at him with a satisfied
Toshiya could feel Kaoru's hard organ in him. The feeling was so good. Kaoru
licked Toshiya's cheek leaving some of saliva on it. Bassist moved with his
lover in a rhythmic way, so saliva slowly made it's way from his cheek to
ear. Toshiya moaned and Kaoru felt more aroused seeing liquid on Toshiya's
neck now.
"Faster! Ka-Kaoru!! Ah!!" Toshiya screamed, as Kaoru thrust in him faster
and deeper.
Toshiya's smooth and delicate fingers started to stroke Kaoru's nipples.
First delicately, then more roughly, as Kaoru's hips hit his. Kaoru moaned
and closed his eyes in pleasure.
Few more thrusts and Kaoru came loudly. Toshiya second after him, feeling
Kaoru's seed deep in him.
"Kaoru!!!" He exploded and his semen painted guitarist's stomach.
Kaoru opened his eyes and spread Toshiya's seed on himself even more. Taking
some of it on finger and licking. Toshiya looked at him and smiled.
"How does it taste?" he asked.
"Try it" Kaoru smiled slyly. And soon, Toshiya was licking his own semen
from Kaoru's belly. Kaoru moaned as he felt Toshiya's professional, wet, and
incredibly sexy tongue on his skin.
Kaoru wanted to press Toshiya's head more on south, but younger man refused.
"Tomorrow" he said, and stood up. He giggled whole way to his bedroom.
"You look so funny with that face!" Toshiya smiled to him.
Kaoru blinked, and ran after Toshiya, who screamed, and hide in the
Die lied on his bed, thinking about what doctor said. He can take care of
Shinya? His beloved Shinya?> The one that was on his mind for so long? But
somehow it seemed to be to perfect.
"Life isn't perfect" he mumbled and turned on his other side. He covered
himself with blanket and closed his eyes. ~If it's true, and Shinya will be
with me... Then I'm the luckiest person living!~ He smiled to his thoughts,
and closed his eyes. ~Die, you need to be in a great condition tomorrow. So
better, SLEEP!~
But somehow he couldn't. He relaxed his body, and started to count sheeps.
"One little sheep..." he whispered. "Two little sheep..." After few seconds
"Ten cute sheep... Eleven cute Shinya.. Twelve cute Shinya..." And so he
fall in a peaceful dream with lot's of Shinyas in his head.
to be continued...
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to be continued...

to be continued 

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