Apple of Eden

by VanillaMint

Part 1: Obsession

Die locked his palms together, his chin resting on them, as he gazed intently at the copper-haired drummer. The studio was almost empty except for him, Shinya and Toshiya who was nowhere to be found, and a few other over-time staff. He wet his lips with his tongue, still not tearing his eyes away from the petite man who was dressed modestly in a three-quarter sleeve maroon shirt and a tight-fitting pair of black trousers.

Practice was over and Shinya was busy dismantling his drum set. He was feeling tired…actually he had been feeling lethargic the whole day but he didn't know why. Sighing, he dumped the drums into the closet and locked it up.

From the corner of his eyes, he could see a certain red-haired guitarist staring at him. He tried his best to not to appear freaked out and ignored him. The guitarist had been looking at him weirdly for the whole day too. It was starting to annoy him.

" Who's locking up?" suddenly Toshiya appeared, his hands stuffed into his jeans which were so tight it practically was his second skin.

" I have the key. You can go first," Die said, waving as the bassist took his instrument and slung it over his shoulder.

" Ja!" A gust of warm air entered as the door closed behind him.

Now with Toshiya gone, Shinya felt a bit uncomfortable. He gulped even though his throat was dry.

" Well, see you," Shinya said, stuffing his drumsticks into the black bag and pulled the strings to tighten it.

" You're going home straight?" Die asked. He stood up from the couch and stretched a bit.

" Yeah, I'm tired."

" Why don't we go relax at the pub? It's only down the street," Die smiled as he voiced his invitation.

Shinya was silent for a few seconds, contemplating whether should he go or not.

" Hm…?"

" No, it'll be too late." Shinya shook his head as he politely refused.

" Aw, just for a drinkie! I'll send you home, that is if you don't mind," Die insisted.

Shinya hesitated for a moment and noticed Die was having that pleading look on his face. "Well, I suppose a drink or two wouldn't hurt…"

" Yatta!" the older man cheered. " Let's go!"

Shinya bent down to pick his belongings. Suddenly he felt an arm snaking around his waist. He jerked up but it was only Die, smiling widely at him. He hadn't the heart to get angry at the man so he just let him hold him as they walked out into the streets.


Shinya sat on the tall stool, his long legs touching the stone and gravel ground, fingering the rim of his beer mug. The air was crisp and chilly; the ojiisan smiled at him warmly though and the drummer smiled back. Beside him was Die. Shinya felt his face flush a little as his eyes flitted over to the older man whose eyes locked with his for a mere moment.

Shinya coughed.

" That's your third mug now, Die."

Die nodded in agreement. "And that's your first...are you always like this?" Die's brows knitted together.

" Like what?" Shinya's eyes rolled over to Die.

" Like this…quiet, dull, boring…"

Shinya felt as if something ignited inside him and set him into a time bomb. His mouth twitched and his fingers clamped around his mug tightly. "Sou desu ne…" Quickly, he gulped down his beer and slammed the mug down on the wooden top of the stall. "Since I am sooo 'quiet, boring, dull…' I think I shall go." Huffing, Shinya got up and paid the shop owner, striding off.

" Hey! Shinya!!!" Die yelled from his stool. When he realised Shinya was not going to answer, he ran after the younger man. "Hey! Hey! I was just joking!!!"

Shinya ignored him.

Cold and distant…

Reserved and secretive…

That was Shinya ne?

The breeze blew Shinya's brown hair away from his face, the soft fine strands playing with the gentle wind. His delicate oval face stoic, soft lips pursed in annoyance, eyes deliberately avoiding his gaze…yet Die felt his beauty enveloping him again as always.

" Shinya…"

He captured his wrist in one hand.

Do you know I'm obsessed…

…with you…

Shinya's eyes widened, round and shimmering as they looked at Die's face. His lashes fluttered as he blinked when Die pulled him closer, holding both his wrists. His lips parted to whisper Die's name in a question. "Die? What…?"


Shinya's lips felt warm and smooth against his own. Die held his wrists tighter as the drummer started to struggle. His tongue probed into his mouth. Die felt sharp teeth sinking into his lower lip. He drew back. He saw Shinya retreat from him, his eyes round in shock as his fingers touched his lips. Without saying a single word, Shinya turned around and ran from him.

A small smile sketched itself on Die's lips as he wiped the blood of the corner of his lip.

" Sweet Shinya…"


to be continued

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