Apple of Eden

by VanillaMint

Part 2:You Belong To Me

Shinya lifted his hand to his flushed cheeks, panting heavily as he slumped down against the wall, next to the drink machine. His hand slowly slid down and with his fingers, he traced his lips. He felt a shiver run through him. Die had kissed him. Kissed him! He choked on a sound of disgust and viciously began to rub his lips.

But he couldn't remove the memory from his mind. The texture of Die's lips, the masculine scent that belonged to him, the strong grip around his wrists…


He tried to hide from the sun when morning came. Outside, he could hear the train rambling on its tracks 8 floors below. Just as he was about to doze off, his alarm went off. Shinya pulled the blanket tighter around himself and smacked the alarm clock silent. The bed felt so warm, so comforting…he buried his face into his pillow.

After a while, everything turned dark then he appeared in a totally white place. So white, it can't be real. He looked at his own hands and there was a slight halo around them that made him feel as if he was glowing. A dream, yes? Suddenly he heard a giggle and he turned around. He saw a white door; it was parted slightly and through that crack, something glowed brightly(even though it seemed impossible to do so in the whiteness).

Curiously, he walked towards it. He heard whispers coming from inside but he couldn't make it out. He stepped closer and his fingers pushed the door lightly. The light blinded him for a moment. Then when his eyes refocused, he gasped at what he saw.

Die and him…on a chair. He was sitting on Die's lap and Die was combing his hair. But he was unconscious, his eyes closed and he was motionless. He was dressed all in white; his skin appeared almost white too except for the ring around his wrist where blood seeped out and dripped onto the floor, staining it with a contrasting crimson. A knife lay at Die's feet, the metal blade streaked with blood.

Die bent down and picked it up, running his tongue along the sharp edge. Then he brought his bloody lips to his throat but his eyes were strained on Shinya, who was standing stiff at the door.

"You belong to me…"

Shinya shot out with a loud gasp, his eyes wide in shock. Blinking once, twice, he saw that he was back in his room. He covered his face in his hands and let out a sob.

You belong to me…

No…no, no, "…no," he shook his head. He swallowed the lump in his throat.

Shinya jumped up slightly as the phone beside him suddenly rang. The young man pulled the blanket close to his chest and peered over his bedside table at the caller ID. The number was unfamiliar. He hesitated for a while.

What if…if it's him?

He bit his lip and let the phone ring a few times more.

Don't be stupid.

Taking a deep breath, he picked up the receiver.


No reply.

"Hello?" he frowned.

A wave of static came from the other side before a voice came through. "Shinya?"


Looking at the mirror, Die combed his red hair. A smiled grazed his lips as he looked the photos pasted all over the frame of his dressing mirror. He took down his favourite picture, one with Shinya wearing minimal make-up and smiling almost shyly at the camera.


He imagined the feel of Shinya's lips from the day before as he gave the photo a kiss.



Shinya sneezed as he stood there, arms wrapping around himself to protect his body from the biting wind. That idiot! He rubbed his nose which was beginning to water. A taxi slowly stopped in front of him. A sheepish looking Kyo steppe out of the vehicle as Shinya rolled his eyes and stuck his head into the cab, paying the driver.

Then with a seething glare as the car drove away, the drummer turned to the shorter man.

" I'm sorry! But I really lost my wallet!!!" Kyo said in defence.

"Yeah, and you owe me 2000 yen."

"Okay, okay!" Kyo nodded and yawned. "Can I go in your apaato for a nap? I'm really very tired ne…"

The pretty drummer sighed and walked into the lobby with Kyo trailing behind him.

In the elevator, there were only two of them surrounded with silence. Kyo was leaning on one side of the wall with his eyes closed, lips slightly apart and his arms crossed in front of him. Shinya stood in front of the elevator door, staring at the blurry reflection on the metal surface. The lift stopped at his floor with a soft muffled 'ding' and the door slid open.

As he walked out, Shinya turned back to see Kyo still sleeping. "Kyo…!" he whined as he reached out and grabbed the vocalist's arm. Kyo's eyes fluttered open. "Huh? Hum…hm…hm…" he let Shinya drag him out.

With his free hand, Shinya searched for his key in his pocket but something on his welcome mat on the floor caught his eye. "Eh?" He bent down and picked it up. It was a pink envelope with his name scribbled in the centre of it. Even though his face was far from the paper, he could smell the perfumed fragrance.


It was written on the envelope in black ink pen. Written in Die's handwriting.


to be continued

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