emma-senseless desu

Senseless Desu

by Emma 

~Part 4~

Comments: heh.. like all my other fics, this one got swept to the sidelines
for a while, but i'm really trying to write again, i swear!! i think maybe
from now on i should just finish an entire fic before posting any of it so i
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oh, and I had no idea what Shinya's real mother's name is, so i kinda.. umm,
used the name of the person who her character was based off of.. the woman
who actually lives in the house outside schomberg where the story is set (my
oh-so-wonderful-mother ^____^)

Dedicated to: uhh.. my mom? And pukachan for reminding me that there was
actually someone out there awaiting this installment ^__^


Warmth and comfort were the only things that registered in his still half
asleep mind. Shinya yawned, and moved slightly. Another movement startled
him slightly; there was someone lying there with him. With their head on
his chest. And their arms wrapped around him. And his arms were around
that person.

Shinya's eyes fluttered open with surprise and he lifted his head slightly
to gain a peek at the sleeping body he was holding. Die. Of course, he
remembered the previous night quite well, for all he'd thought it was a
dream. It hadn't been a trick afterall. Die had said he liked.. had said
he loved him. He said. He loved him.

An overwhelming surge of protectiveness washed over Shinya. Die had placed
himself on the line for him and he couldn't let his new love be torn down as
he had. He'd protect him anyway he could. Slowly he began to let his
fingers dance along Die's spine, tracing light lines all over the other
young man's back. Unconciously Die snuggled closer to him and tightened his
embrace, making Shinya smile.

It was a new world for Shinya, something unforseen, not ever hoped for, but
welcome. It was definatly a welcome feeling to wake up with Die there.
They laythere together for a few minutes, Die still asleep, before Shinya
decided to get up. He carefullylifted Die's arms and slid out from under
him. Die stirred and struggled against the slight movement, mumbling
something incoherent under his breath. Shinya remained as still as he
possibly could, not wanting to wake Die up prematurly. Once his breathing
settled back into a deep pattern Shinya got up from the bed and headed for
the bathroom to take a shower.


Shinya's mother was upstairs at the time, making breakfast. She felt
somehow guilty about forcing her son to babysit the previous night and was
hoping that a tall plate of pancakes, eggs, and bacon would make it up to
him. She cheerfully cooked, dancing slightly to the music she played in the
background, and as she put a batch of pillsbury crescent rolls into the oven
she decided it was about time she made sure her son would be awake for his

She descended the stairs, turning on the lights as she went. She approached
Shinya's door and opened it. The light was still off, but she heard the
sound of running water coming from the bathroom. She smiled, thankful that
she wouldn't have to forcably wake the boy up, and flicked on the light
before turning to go.

She didn't go, however, as a form lying on Shinya's bed caught her
attention. She walked over to the bed and examined the body. A young man,
probably Shinya's age, athletic, handsome. Sleeping on her son's bed. She
looked over her shoulder towards the bathroom and then glanced back down at
the sleeping boy. He looked like a nice boy, and didn't appear to have been
causing any trouble, so she decided to leave him be and let him rest.

Despite her seeming disinterest, she knew what her son went through everyday
of existence and it hurt her to witness it. She admired him for being able
to be open about himself and cursed the names of anyone who didn't. She'd
not once seen a friend of his since he'd come out. Maybe that was the
reason she didn't make a fuss about there being a stranger sleeping in her
son's bed. Maybe that was why she decided to leave the room, turn off the
light, and head back up the stairs to make twice as much food. She was
never one to be unhospitable to a guest.


Die was still sleeping quite soundly when Shinya stepped out of the shower.
He wrapped a towel around his waist after roughly drying his hair with it
and exited the bathroom. He walked back over to the bed and sat down beside
Die. Of its own accord, his hand reached out to Die's cheek, caressing it
softly. Shinya smiled to himself and stood up. As he walked to his closet,
Die's groggy voice reached him, "Good morning."

"Morning," he replied, suddenly quite concious of the fact that the only
thing covering his body was a towel. "Sleep well?" he asked, grabbing some
clothes and heading for the bathroom.

"Very," Die replied happily, "You look good like that." He chuckled
sleepily, noticing the furious blush on Shinya's cheeks. "What do you have
planned for today?"

Shinya stood in the door to the bathroom and thought. He shrugged and as he
closed the door, asked, "What are you doing?"

Die grinned and got up. He walked around the room, not having had a chance
to survey it the prevous night. It held many objects you would find in any
ordinary teenager's room, posters, a computer, notes, music. There was also
an unused drumset in drum cases stacked in the corner. Die walked over to
them while he waited for Shinya to get dressed. It wasn't a bad kit
overall, a Mapex Venus edition. The drums needed some new heads, maybe a
couple new cymbals and stands, a nice stool, perhaps.

Die's thoughts were interupted by Shinya's emergence from the bathroom.
"Listen, Die, I've got to get upstairs before my mom decides to come down
and wake me up or something, ok?" Die nodded, understanding, "I'll be right
back as soon as I can, though, I promise."

Die smiled, "Of course, I'll just make myself at home. You mind if I take a
shower, though?" He made a gesture as if to show how much he thought he
smelled and Shinya laughed.

"Sure, just be quick, I'm not exactly sure how much hot water is left." He
walked over to the door, "And when I'm back we can figure out what to do

Die walked over to the door with him, "Ok, then. Hurry back!" Shinya
nodded and jogged off to the stairs, leaving Die behind to admire him.
Shutting the door behin him, Die walked over to the bathroom for his shower.


"Morning Mom," Shinya said as he walked into the kitchen. "Whatcha
cooking?" He walked over to his mom and gaped at the vast amounts of food
she'd prepared.

"Oh just a little something to tell you how much I love you," she laughed,
shooing Shinya away from the bacon as he picked at it. "Nothing big, but I
felt bad about having you babysit without consulting you first."

Shinya successfully snatched a piece of bacon and as he nibbled at it he
asked, "But why'd you make so much? The two of us couldn't possibly finish
it all!"

Shinya's mother grinned, "Well, that young friend of your looked like he
would have a healthy appettite, so I decided to make more." She laughed as
she saw her son's jaw drop to the floor, "Now where is he, I want to meet
him." She turned back to the food, mumbling "..imagine, having a friend
over secretly, not telling your own mother.."

"Mom, he- I mean, I didn't-" he stumbled through the words, "He just showed
up, I-"

She shushed him, "Just get him up here, I don't want all this food getting
cold before you boys enjoy it!" She turned her son around and lead him out
of the kitchen and gave him a stern shove towards the stairs, "Go on."


Die finished his shower quickly, Shinya had been right about the hot water.
He towel dried his hair and stood before the mirror, giving himself a
miniature pep talk. He was still unsure, still scared, but he had Shinya,
right? He got dressed to avoid the slight chill of the cool air on his wet
skin and opened the door.

Shinya was sitting at his desk flipping through cds. "Oh, hey Die, you

Die smiled and walked over to him, "Yeah, I could eat. Everything cool with
your mom?"

"Actually.. yes. and she knows you're here, don't ask me how, but she
knows." Shinya laughed softly and stood up, leaving the cds on the desk.
"Come on, she made breakfast!"

Die followed Shinya upstairs, taking in his surroundings as they walked.
They climbed the stairs together and lazily wandered into the kitchen.
Shinya's mother had finished all preparations for the meal and was busy
moving food to the table. Die quickly rushed over to relieve her of her
burden, hoping to make a good first impression. Behind his back, shinya's
mother raised her eyebrows and gave her son a quick thumb's up, her eyes
full of laughter at her son's embarrassment.

Shinya carried the last of the plates to the table and gestured for Die to
take a seat beside him as his mother pulled out her own chair. "Mom, this
is Die," he said with the appropriate hand gestures, "Die this is my
oh-so-wonderful-mom." He rolled his eyes and grinned as he finished off the

"Oh-so-wonderful is right," she retorted gaily, "Who do you think cooked
this amazing breakfast?" She dished out some eggs for herself and offered
the serving spoon to Die who had remained silent until then.

"Thank you very much Mrs. Terachi, I-"

Shinya's mom cut her off, "Call me Sheila." She smiled in a friendly
manner, passing a plate of crescent rolls.

Die blushed and took the plate, "Sheila." He took a roll and passed it to
Shinya before continuing, "the food looks delicious." He was unsure of what
else to say so he just sat there, hoping one of the other two would fill in
the awkward silence he'd left wide open. They simply sat there, looking at
him expectantly. He was unnerved at first and sat frozen to his seat before
finally realizing that they were both waiting for him to actually try to
food he'd already labeled as 'delicious'.

As it turned out, he'd been exactly correct. Sheila had prepared a
veritable feast for the boys and once the original awkwardness faded away
the three of them laughed heartily throughout the entire meal. By the time
they felt they could not stuff another morsel into their oversized gullets
it was about noon, and Sheila got up to clear the table.

"Let me help you out there, Mrs. Te- Sheila." Die smiled and stood up, but
Shinya's mom just waved him away.

"I'll take care of it, I'm sure you two would rather be outside or doing
something else." She picked up their plates and took them over to the sink,
where she began rinsing them off.

Shinya grabbed Die's sleeve and pulled him out the kitchen door to the
patio. "Dear God, I'm so stuffed," he exclaimed, resting a hand on his
stomach. He stretched his arms into the air, yawning. Die stood beside him
admiring his slim build in silence with an appreciative smile on his face.

"Yeah, your mom sure knows how to cook, Shin-chan. I don't think mine even
knows how to turn on a microwave!" He laughed and gazed out into the
backyard. It was a large country lot, with a pond at the bottom of a hill
that the house stood on. "You've got a beautiful home."

Shinya followed Die's gaze down to the pond and once again reached out for
his companion's hand, "Come on, let's go lie down, I don't think I have the
energy or motivation to do anything more strenuous than breathe right now."
Contradicting himself, he broke into a light jog, heading straight for a
small cluster of rocks at the pond's edge. Die stumbled along behind him,
grateful when they reached the rocks. The sun's rays had warmed the stone
so that when they climbed onto them they found themselves eveloped in a
comforting feeling of warmth. //Like when I woke up this morning..// Shinya
thought to himself.

Die let out a sigh as he adjusted his weight on the rock. Shinya lay down
beside him and quickly found himself in the exact position he'd been upon
waking. It was so natural, so right to lie together like that. "I could
lay like this forever," Die little more than whispered, "Shin-chan?"


"Can we stay here forever?" He instantly became that small scared person
Shinya had been the previous night, "What am I going to do?"

Shinya ran his fingers through Die's hair and sighed, "Die, the right
question is 'what are WE going to do?' We're in this together, I won't let
you down, you know." He smiled and laughed softly. Die raised his head in
question and Shiya stroked his hair once more, "I was just wondering.. you
know, those guys idolized you, I wonder if they'll realize how hypocritical
they were in their treatment of me." He kissed the top of Die's head,
"Maybe they'll finally become a bit more sensible."

Die propped himself up on his elbow and loked into Shinya's eyes. he could
see the doubt present there despite the conviction in his voice and let out
a shaky laugh, "Yeah, maybe." His lips formed a genuine smile, "but let's
not worry about that now, eh?" He brushed a few strands of hair from
Shinya's face, "it's Saturday, we don't need to bother worrying about them
until Monday, we've got 2 whole days, now what do you want to do?"

Shinya looked thoughtful for a few moments before his features formed a
devious grin, "Absolutely nothing," he reached up to Die, whose face was
still directly above his, "except this." He pulled Die down into a kiss,
slightly more passionate than the ones they'd shared the night before, but
still chaste and innocent. Die let himself fall back down on Shinya's
chest, closing his eyes. He was content to say nothing, but listen intently
to the heartbeat of his new boyfriend. The only word to possibly describe
Die at that moment would be satiated. He let out a deep breath and breathed
in the scent of everything around him. He let out another breath.

"Oh trust me, I could definatly go for that."


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to be continued~

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