TITLE : Another Chance.

                                    AUTHOR : Esmeraude

                                    E-MAIL :

                                    BANDS : Noir fleurir
                                                 Malice Mizer
                                                  Missalina Rei

                                    PAIRING : Kengo + Klaha

                                    RATING : PG

                                    SUMMARY : Kengo nearly commits suicide until his
guardian angel saves him. NOT related to It' s a Wonderful Life !

                                                                ANOTHER CHANCE.

The Noir fleurir vocalist / bassist sat alone in his kitchen while eating a slice of cake.
His dress reached the floor and his hair touched his shoulders.
He wore dark wings from the previous Noir fleurir performance.
He could taste the chocolate.
 He stared at a photo of Malice Mizer¹ s Klaha in a j-rock magazine and sighed.
He enjoyed listening to his deep vocals while playing a Malice Mizer CD.
He wanted to find him and confess his love for him so he wandered outside.
 The lonely angel sang in a quiet tone. He wondered if he would ever find Klaha.
He yearned to kiss him. He sighed again.
 Why was everything starting to go wrong ?
 For starters, Noir fleurir were breaking up.
Kengo now had to find another way to make money.
He was uncertain about ever seeing Klaha.
He realized that his wonderful dream would never become a reality.
 He saw a bridge and walked over to it before standing on the edge.
He figured that if he died, he would be with Klaha in spirit.
 A tear exited one of his eyes before he whispered Klaha¹ s name and jumped.
 Kengo was shocked when he did not hit the water.
He gasped when he saw a beautiful angel hover above his possible watery grave.
He was carried to the park where he sat on a bench with his guardian angel.
He asked her why she saved him and saw her smile.

 GUARDIAN ANGEL : I would not be much of a guardian angel if you died now.
You still have a lot of time left in this world, Kengo.

 She embraced him when he started to cry.
She listened to him talk about everything that went wrong in his life.
 Her massive wings protected him from the night¹ s cold air.
Her long hair was golden like her robe.

 GUARDIAN ANGEL : I am able to help you get to Klaha, but it may be awhile.

 Kengo thanked her repeatedly. His face was held and kissed.

 GUARDIAN ANGEL : You are beautiful and I am certain that Klaha will think so too.

 Kengo imagined skipping hand in hand with the Malice Mizer vocalist.
He started to giggle.

 KENGO : ( giggling ) Am I able to see Klaha at all ?

 The angel sighed.

 GUARDIAN ANGEL : ( sighing ) I don¹ t know how to tell you this, Kengo.
Klaha is dying.

 Kengo gasped.

 GUARDIAN ANGEL : He ate Mana¹ s poisonous cooking a few days ago.

 Kengo tilted his head.

 GUARDIAN ANGEL : Klaha did not know that it was poisonous.

 She removed a crystal ball from her robe.

 GUARDIAN ANGEL : Do you really want to see him ? He may shock you.

 Kengo nodded. He gasped when he saw Klaha sleeping.
He seemed dead to Kengo. Tears filled his eyes.
 The angel touched his face.

 GUARDIAN ANGEL : I will take you to Klaha now.

 Kengo smiled while crying. He allowed the angel to hold his hand.
He let her carry him in her arms while she hovered.
He soon found himself in front of a mansion.
 He ran out of the angel¹ s arms. He approached the front door.

 KENGO : I want to have sex with Klaha !

 The angel narrowed her eyes.

 GUARDIAN ANGEL : No sex ! Klaha isn¹ t in any position to do such things !

 She lifted and carried him in her arms before hovering to a window that was open.
She watched him go through it and made herself invisible.
 Mana appeared in front of Kengo with one eyebrow raised.

 MANA : Who are you and what are you doing here ?

 Kengo¹ s eyes darted back and forth.

 KENGO : I uhhhh....

 He bit his lip.

 KENGO : Do you want to hear me sing ?

 Mana folded his arms and was not amused.

 MANA : I do not want to hear you sing.

 He stared at the attractive young man.

 KENGO : I know I am beautiful, but I did not know that I was that beautiful !
You must find me attractive if you are staring at me like that.

 Mana rolled his eyes.

 KENGO : I am here to see Klaha !

 The angel slapped her forehead.

 GUARDIAN ANGEL : Kengo. Kengo. Kengo. Kengo.

 KENGO : I want to have sex with Klaha this instant !

 MANA : He does not have the energy for such activities !

 Kengo proceeded to throw a temper tantrum.
He collapsed while banging his fists and shrieking.
 Mana looked at the spectacle before him.  
He took a few steps back from the shrieking figure on the floor.

 MANA : Klaha is unable to see guests who have child tantrums.

 Kengo¹ s screams rose in pitch until Mana had to manually conceal his mouth.
Whenever he took his hand off, Kengo would still scream.
 The Noir fleurir vocalist eventually stopped shrieking.
 MANA : You are a trespasser and you must be removed.

 He grabbed Kengo¹ s arm and escorted him to the exit.
He shoved him before shutting the door.
 Kengo started to cry and bang his fists against the ground.


 He avoided objects that were thrown at him from a window that had been opened.
He saw a maid with long hair that was blonde.
 He looked at his guardian angel.

 KENGO : Who is that ?

 GUARDIAN ANGEL : Maid Arisu. I heard Mana call him by that.

 KENGO : Maybe he can help me get to Klaha.

 He shouted.

 KENGO : ( shouting ) ARISU !

 The maid looked down.


 Arisu¹ s eyes were now wide.

 ARISU : ( shrieking ) I AM TELLING MANA ON YOU !

 He ran away.

 GUARDIAN ANGEL : There is a door that has been opened.

 Kengo saw the space near the side of the mansion and ran through it.
He found himself in one of the halls.

 KENGO : Now to find Klaha.

 GUARDIAN ANGEL : Do you even know where he is ?

 KENGO : No.

 GUARDIAN ANGEL : According to my crystal ball, he is hidden in a secret room.

 Kengo gasped when he saw Arisu in front of him.
He saw him smile and wave his fingers.

 ARISU : Hello again.

 KENGO : I have to see Klaha !

 Arisu grinned.

 ARISU : I know where he is.

 Kengo gasped.

 KENGO : By the way, where is Mana ?

 ARISU : I told him that you were trespassing and he said that he already knew.

 KENGO : Tell me about Klaha¹ s location !

 ARISU : Mana would kill me if I did that.

 Kengo¹ s angel whispered to him.

 GUARDIAN ANGEL : ( whispering ) Do you want to trust Arisu ?
He has blackmailed you. Don¹ t do anything stupid, Kengo.
Don¹ t put yourself in so much danger.  

 KENGO : Maybe you won¹ t tell me because you really don¹ t know where it is.
Big dummy !


 GUARDIAN ANGEL : See ? Stay away from him.

 KENGO : Wait, Arisu !
        Tell me where Klaha is and I will be in and out of the room !

 ARISU : Mana poisoned Klaha for a reason.

 He manually concealed his mouth.

 KENGO : Why did he poison him ?

 ARISU : He was upset because Klaha insulted his cooking once.
He figured that he would actually kill him very slowly and painfully.

 He sighed.

 ARISU : Mana told me not to tell anyone about Klaha.
He does not want anyone to know about his crime.

 KENGO : I am not waking up from my dream.

 ARISU : Keep it up and your dream will be a nightmare.

 KENGO : I wish I was there to shoo Mana away when he poisoned Klaha.
That was not nice !

 Arisu rolled his eyes.

 KENGO : I saw that.

 GUARDIAN ANGEL : I can help you find the secret room. Follow me.

 Kengo followed her.

 ARISU : Where are you going ?

 Kengo looked over his shoulder.

 KENGO : I am getting as far away from you as possible, you big dummy !

 He followed the angel through another hall where there were several doors.
He could hear Arisu screaming.
 He saw her pause at a wall. He pressed on it and gasped when it revealed a space.
He walked through the dark hall. He could tell that the angel was ahead of him.
 Kengo gasped when he saw a bed. He slowly approached it and gasped.

 KENGO : ( gasping ) Klaha !

 He saw the vocalist in bed. He touched his pale face.

 KENGO : ( whispering ) I know that you are dying, but I want to let you know that....

 He bit his lip while struggling to prevent tears from leaving his eyes.

 KENGO : ( whispering ) I love you, Klaha.

 He kissed the vocalist¹ s face before running out of the room.
He gasped when he ran into Arisu who crossed his arms.

 ARISU : The only place you are going to is your grave !

 Kengo pointed at the ground.

 KENGO : Look ! A dust bunny !

 ARISU : Where ? I just love bunnies !

 He searched for one on the floor.

 GUARDIAN ANGEL : I¹ ll take you home now, Kengo.

 She carried him in her arms and flew out of Mana¹ s place.
She took him to his room where she lowered him on his bed.

 KENGO : ( whispering ) Thank you for giving me another chance.

 He tried to smile, but only tears came.

     THE END 

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