Let go of the Banana !

by Esmeraude

PLOT : Will Klaha be able to get
out of
the abusive relationship he has with Mana ?


    Yu ~ Ki had just completed getting dressed backstage and exited the
He heard someone shouting and objects being thrown around.
    His eyes were wide when he saw Klaha and Mana have a lovers' spat.
    Mana threw glass at Klaha and kept on shouting and missing.
    Yu ~ Ki was concerned when he saw a few bruises on Klaha' s face.
He saw Mana storm away and ran to Klaha before he held him.
    He allowed Klaha to sob on his chest.

    YU ~ KI : What pissed Mana off this time ?

    KLAHA : ( sobbing ) He couldn' t find his lipstick and thought that I
stole it.
I never stole it.

    YU ~ KI : You have to let go of the banana, Klaha.

    The vocalist looked up at him and tilted his head.

    YU ~ KI : Scientists catch a certain type of monkey by putting a banana
in a cage.
The monkey sticks its hand through the bars and grips the banana.
It never lets go of it no matter what. That' s how the scientists capture

    KLAHA : ( whispering ) Are you calling me a monkey ?

    YU ~ KI : Well, yes. Mana is the banana and the abusive relationship is
your capture.

    KLAHA : ( whispering ) I think I understand what you mean now.
I have to let go of the banana.

    Yu ~ Ki nodded before he was embraced.

    KLAHA : ( whispering ) Be my banana, Yu ~ Ki.

    The bassist happily agreed and treated Klaha very well while Mana the
other banana was still rotten.

                                                        THE END