esmeraude-blessing or curse

                   TITLE : A Blessing or a Curse ?

                        AUTHOR : Esmeraude

                        E-MAIL :

                        BAND : Malice Mizer

                        PAIRINGS : Klaha + Yu ~ Ki ( at first ! )
                                         Klaha + Byron
                                         Yu ~ Ki + Milo

                      RATING : R

                        PLOT : Klaha betrays Yu ~ Ki when he falls in love with
another man. Is his betrayal a blessing or a curse ?

                        NOTES : Contains necrophilia !
                                     Byron and Milo are two characters I created.

                                                    A BLESSING OR A CURSE ?

Klaha and Yu ~ Ki sat within a restaurant one evening.
They wanted to enjoy their romantic dinner and express their love for one another.
 Yu ~ Ki was glad to spend this evening with the love of his life.
He rested his head on his palm before he blew kisses at his lover.

 YU ~ KI : You are the tender gender. You are my feminine half.

 He kissed his lover¹ s mouth.
 Klaha looked to his side and watched a woman sing onstage.
He could not help but stare at her hair that was long and golden.
He noticed her blue eyes. He saw her walk offstage and approach his table.
 Klaha and the woman fell in love at first sight.

 KLAHA : You are ?

 WOMAN : I¹ m Byron.

 Klaha and Yu ~ Ki gasped.
 BYRON : The purpose of my singing was to attract a lover.

 He touched Klaha¹ s hands.

 YU ~ KI : Klaha belongs to me !

 Byron looked at him.

 BYRON : You are ?

 Klaha stared at the blonde beauty.

 KLAHA : I don¹ t know him.

 Yu ~ Ki¹ s eyes were wide.
 Klaha held Byron¹ s hand.

 KLAHA : Let¹ s take a walk.

 He stood before abandoning Yu ~ Ki who proceeded to cry.
 The bassist crushed a wine glass in his hand.
He was alert when he saw someone shove a person out of the restaurant.
 He heard the man tell the thing to get out of his restaurant.
He approached the intruder....
 Byron rested his head on Klaha¹ s shoulder while holding hands.

 BYRON : Tell me about yourself, Klaha.

 KLAHA : When I was a boy, my father saw me try on my mother¹ s dress.
He beat me until I was black and blue. No son of his was going to be gay.
However, that¹ s how I turned out.

 He forced himself to smile.

 BYRON : My mother wanted a girl so badly that she raised me as one.
She had me wear dresses and made sure that I had long hair.

 Both young men were silent.

 BYRON : We could go to a manucurist.

 The singer laughed.

 KLAHA : He would say that we were taking complete advantage of him !
I would tell him to shut up and do his job ! He may want to break all of our nails !
I would inform him that it is not like we are screwing one another on his desk !
You may smile and tell me not to give you any ideas !
The manucurist may want to go out of business !

 BYRON : Let¹ s skip hand in hand, Klaha.

 His lover nodded before skipping with him.

 KLAHA : If we lived together for awhile, would you want to adopt a baby ?

 Byron ceased skipping before imagining a possible scenario.
 He imagined holding a baby and Klaha asking to hold it.
He was slapped when he refused the request.
He said that straight couples weren¹ t the only ones in abusive relationships.
Klaha got the message.
 Byron ceased imagining.

 KLAHA : Would you love me even if a crazy tomato throwing man set me on fire ?
Would you scream and run away if you saw my hideous appearance ?
Would you still love me if I cut into my wrists ?

 Byron kissed his face.

 KLAHA : If anyone makes fun of us, I¹ ll....

 He hit his open palm.

 BYRON : You do that.

 KLAHA : Have you watched any of the Ernest movies ?

 Byron nodded.

 BYRON : It¹ s a shame that Jim Varney died.

 KLAHA : What if there were two possible movies ?
Ernest Buried Alive and Ernest Goes to Hell !

 Byron laughed.

 KLAHA : Hey ! Let me out, Vern ! I¹ m afraid of the dark, Vern !
Know what I mean, Vern ?
        You with the horns ! Are you Vern ? You are ? That¹ s just swell, Vern !

 BYRON : We could create a robot known as Assbot.
It would have a huge ass, wheels, arms, and a square body with a head.
It would often think of us as lying bitches ! We would usually conceal its mouth.
Would we break its arms if it attempted to dial 9-1-1 ? Would it say ow ?

 KLAHA : It may self destruct !

 BYRON : Maybe we could call it Stu Pid !

 Klaha stumbled yet never collapsed.

 KLAHA : Damn high heels !

 Byron¹ s smile was sympathetic.

 KLAHA : My ex lover should be within a zoo ! That may be cruelty to animals !

 Byron was about to kiss him until his head tilted back when a dagger entered him !
He collapsed in Klaha¹ s arms.


 He could see the bloody cavity where the blade had penetrated him.
He held his hand and started to cry.

 KLAHA : ( crying ) Don¹ t abandon me, Byron. Let me suffer with you for eternity.

 Byron was in immense pain whenever he attempted to breathe.

 BYRON : ( whispering ) Before I die, let our lips touch one last time.

 Klaha nodded while watching Byron shut his eyes before they kissed.
He felt Byron¹ s nails dig into his arms and slide.
He knew that Byron had used his dying strength to hold him.
The bloody scratches on his arms would be a painful reminder of his lover¹ s death.
 Klaha wept uncontrollably while holding Byron¹ s dead body.

 KLAHA : ( screaming ) I DON¹ T WANT TO DIE ALONE !

 He looked up when he saw a shadow snatch Byron !

 KLAHA : ( shrieking ) BYRON ! GIVE HIM BACK !

 He collapsed when he felt someone hit his head.
 He opened his eyes and found himself tied to a chair within a dark room.
He struggled to escape, but couldn¹ t.

 KLAHA : Shit !

 He looked up and saw two shadows step out of the darkness before he gasped.

 KLAHA : ( gasping ) Yu ~ Ki ?!

 The bassist smiled.

 KLAHA : Who is the other person ?

 He stared at the gothic transvestite in front of him.
He admired the jewelry along with the black dress, white eyes, and long ponytail.

 YU ~ KI : This is Milo. He¹ s the one who snatched Myron after I stabbed him.

 KLAHA : Byron !

 Yu ~ Ki rolled his eyes.

 YU ~ KI : I found Milo when he was shoved out of the restaurant.
He was kicked out because of his appearance.

 MILO : Yu ~ Ki found me and convinced me that he loved me.

 Yu ~ Ki smiled when he looked at Klaha.

 YU ~ KI : You couldn¹ t protect Byron. His death is your fault !

 Klaha proceeded to cry.

 YU ~ KI : Is the salt stinging your open cuts ?

 He licked Klaha¹ s face.

 YU ~ KI : How does it feel to be betrayed, Klaha ?

 The vocalist still wept before he saw Milo wander into another room and return.

 KLAHA : ( screaming ) BYRON !

 Milo held the dead body while Yu ~ Ki lifted the dress and removed the panties.
 Klaha shrieked and pleaded for them to cease what they were doing.
He was helpless to protect his deceased loved one.
His tears never ceased when Yu ~ Ki and Milo took turns entering Byron¹ s anus.
His mind was torn apart.
 Yu ~ Ki and Milo approached him after they had their fun.

 YU ~ KI : You and Byron were never meant to be together.
Your love for him was a blessing until his death cursed it.

 He smiled before he removed a dagger from his dress and slashed Klaha¹ s throat.
He embraced Milo and kissed him.

 MILO : ( whispering ) That bitch can¹ t hurt you anymore.

     THE END

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