esmeraude-damsel in distress

                            TITLE : Damsel in Distress.

                            AUTHOR : Esmeraude

                            E-MAIL :

                            BAND : Malice Mizer

                            PAIRING : Klaha + Mana

                            RATING : PG

                            PLOT : Yu ~ Ki forces Klaha to make a choice.
Love him or death by train.

                                                            DAMSEL IN DISTRESS

    Klaha walked hand in hand with his beloved Mana one evening.
He kissed his face occasionally.
 Yu ~ Ki happened to be Manaš s rival who constantly spied on the lovers.
He wanted Klaha to be with him.
 He twirled his moustache while staring at Klaha from behind a tree.
He grabbed Klaha from behind a tree and ran off with him while Mana chased him.
 He attempted to kiss Klaha against his will until he was spat on.
He dragged him to the train tracks where he bound him.

 YU ~ KI : You wonš t resist my love when you die !

 Klaha gasped when he saw the train approaching.
 Mana ran over to him and shoved Yu ~ Ki out of the way.
He struggled to untie the knots before the train arrived.
 He succeeded and carried Klaha to safety.
 His lover wrapped his arms around his neck.
 Mana turned and looked at Yu ~ Ki.

 MANA : Klaha is my only damsel in distress.

 YU ~ KI : Damn ! Damn ! Double damn !

 KLAHA : Am I your damn damsel in distress, Mana ?

 MANA : You sure are.

 Yu ~ Ki watched him depart before he wandered to the tracks.
He never saw the train approach him at full speed....

    The end

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