esmeraude-dying to dream

TITLE : Dying to Dream.

                                     AUTHOR : Esmeraude

                                        E-MAIL :

                                    BANDS : Malice Mizer
                                                 Missalina Rei

                                    RATING : R

                                    PAIRINGS : Klaha + Yu ~ Ki

                                    SUMMARY : A combination of my j-rock
fics. It is also dedicated to my military father who died recently.
                                                     Klaha is slowly wasting away
after Yu ~ Ki dies before he dreams. Will he eventually dream forever ?

                                                    DYING TO DREAM PART 1.

    Klaha sobbed into his pillow one night and wore a locket containing Yu ~ Kiš s ashes.
He had loved Yu ~ Ki and was upset when Mana and Kozi did not show emotion.
    He recalled holding his hand just before he died.

 KLAHA : ( thinking ) That damn disease killed him !

 He thought about the funeral and remembered Mana giving him the locket.
 He looked up while holding the jewelry.

 KLAHA : ( whispering ) I will always have a part of Yu ~ Ki with me.

 He had been crying ever since Yu ~ Kiš s death.
He did not eat anything for a few days and was wasting away.
 He screamed into his pillow before he fell asleep and started to dream.
 The last words he whispered were....

 KLAHA : ( whispering ) I failed to save you, my princess.  

                                                                    End of part 1

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