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TITLE : Dying to Dream.

                                     AUTHOR : Esmeraude

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Part 3~

    Tetsu, Gackt, Klaha, Mana, Yu ~ Ki, Kozi, Kami, and Gaz looked around the stage.
They had to figure out a way to entertain the audience.

 KLAHA : I have an idea. We can all be Sailor Senshi !

 Tetsu, Gackt, Mana, Yu ~ Ki, Kozi, Kami, and Gaz looked at one another.

 MANA : Not a bad idea, Klaha. I would look very good in a short skirt.

 KOZI : Which Sailor Senshi should we play ?

 KLAHA : Well, I like the color black and that is Sailor Plutoč s color so I should be her.

 KOZI : The favorite color of Sailor Mars is red and thatč s my color in Malice Mizer.

 YU ~ KI : Sailor Venus and I both like orange so I am perfect for her role.

 MANA : Sailor Moon, Uranus, and Mercury all wear blue.
I am a leader like Sailor Moon. However, I am more like Sailor Neptune since I am elegant.
I should be Sailor Moon and Neptune.

 KAMI : Well, Saturn and Heavy Metal Papillon wear purple.
I should play both of them.

 GAZ : I will be Sailor Jupiter since she is open.

 GACKT : Sailor Uranus since her favorite color is actually gold.
Ič ll be Sailor Mercury as well if Tetsu does not want her.

 TETSU : Sailor Galaxia.

 KLAHA : Now that we all have roles, letč s get into our costumes !

 Tetsu, Gackt, Mana, Yu ~ Ki, Kozi, Kami, and Gaz followed him.
 They reappeared onstage wearing exact Sailor Senshi outfits.
 Tetsu stood facing the Sailor Senshi. Kami stood with him as Heavy Metal Papillon.
Mana was Sailor Neptune for now. Gackt was currently Sailor Uranus.  
 Mana and Gackt held hands. Klaha stood with Yu ~ Ki.
 Mana frowned when Klaha used his Time Key to enter Yu ~ Ki who was on all fours.
He thrusted it in and out of Yu ~ Kič s anus.

 MANA : You can have sex later. Right now, we have to defeat Sailor Galaxia.

 YU ~ KI : Kla... Pluto and I want to have sex now !


 Yu ~ Ki stood before collapsing in Klahač s arms due to exhaustion.

 MANA : Get into character. We are no longer Malice Mizer.

 Everyone bowed their heads before lifting them.

 SAILOR GALAXIA : I have already conquered 98% of the galaxy.
I have every star seed but yours.

 SAILOR URANUS : You will have to kill us in order to get them.

 Sailor Galaxia smiled.

 SAILOR GALAXIA : Thatč s my intention.

 Sailor Uranus turned her back on her and squatted.


 She blew into her hands for obvious reasons.
 Neptune pulled her arm.


 SAILOR URANUS : I couldnč t resist.

 SAILOR NEPTUNE : Stay in character.

 Sailor Mars prepared to attack.

 SAILOR MARS : Mars Flame Sniper !

 A fire arrow went towards Galaxia who stopped it by putting her palm out.
 Sailor Venus was the next to attack.

 SAILOR VENUS : Venus Love and Beauty Shock !

 She blew a kiss before turning it into a heart. She gasped when Galaxia just stood.
 SAILOR PLUTO : Use Venus Love Me Chain.

 SAILOR VENUS : That attack probably wonč t stop Galaxia.

 SAILOR PLUTO : Donč t use it on her. Use it on me.
Whip me for not guarding the Time Gate. I am a bad Sailor Senshi and I must be punished.

 SAILOR NEPTUNE : Puu, I am not going to tell you again ! Stay in character !

 SAILOR PLUTO : Puu ? What a way to treat a friend !

    Supreme Thunder Dragon !

 She crossed her arms before summoning a dragon made out of lightning.
 Sailor Neptune hit her head.

 SAILOR NEPTUNE : Wrong season !

 Sailor Jupiter growled.

 SAILOR JUPITER : I know, but I canč t twirl !

 Sailor Uranus rolled her eyes.

 SAILOR URANUS : You are Sailor Jupiter so you have to twirl.
You are in super form.

 Sailor Jupiter rolled her eyes.

              Jupiter Oak Evolution.

 She twirled around as green light came out of her tiara and shot out.

 SAILOR URANUS : You could be more enthusiastic.

 Sailor Pluto whispered before attacking.

 SAILOR PLUTO : ( whispering ) Dead Scream.

 She spun around once before a pink ball exited her Time Staff.
 Galaxia dispersed it with a mere swat. She looked at Heavy Metal Papillon.
 Her soldier stepped forward. Her huge butterfly wings were very beautiful.
Her smile was cruel. Butterflies surrounded her.

 SAILOR HEAVY METAL PAPILLON : Whose soul shall I steal ?

 She smirked.

 SAILOR HEAVY METAL PAPILLON : The butterflies will decide !

 She created fire in her palms.

 SAILOR HEAVY METAL PAPILLON : I will enjoy burning your dead bodies.

 She watched her butterflies fly towards the Sailor Senshi.
 SAILOR NEPTUNE : Deep Submerging !

 A sphere of water appeared after she raised her arms.
It caused the butterflies to vanish within the blue light.


 Sailor Neptune removed a violin from her fuku and started playing it.


 Sailor Neptune walked over to the side of the stage and put her violin on the floor.

 SAILOR HEAVY METAL PAPILLON : What did my butterflies ever do to you ?

 Gackt bowed his head before turning into Sailor Mercury.

 SAILOR MERCURY : Mercury Aqua Rhapsody !

 She played a harp made out of water that released ice.
 Galaxiač s warrior moved her head to the side.

 SAILOR HEAVY METAL PAPILLON : What are you aiming at ?

 Gackt bowed his head and was Sailor Uranus again.

 SAILOR HEAVY METAL PAPILLON : Someone please think of the butterflies !


 Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon looked up.

 SAILOR HEAVY METAL PAPILLON : They didnč t mean that, guys !

 Galaxia scowled.

 SAILOR GALAXIA : If you are just going to cry over your butterflies....

 Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon faced her.

I am able to kill the Sailor Senshi ! They need to die after killing my butterflies !
Let me take their star seeds !

 Galaxia stretched out her arm which caused her minionč s bracelets to lock together.
She ignored her screams.
 Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto watched her die.
They saw her body disappear in a puff of smoke.
 Galaxia proceeded to make a gesture of who should die next.
She pointed at Sailor Uranus who revealed her Space Sword.

 SAILOR URANUS : Steal my star seed ? I think not.

 She ran up to Galaxia and jumped in the air before screaming.


 A slice of light exited her sword and went towards Galaxia who caught it in one hand.
She used it as a boomerang and threw it back at Uranus thus knocking her down.


 She stood before raising one hand in the air.


 She spun around before pounding her fist and releasing a golden sphere.

 SAILOR VENUS : Well, that attack is a lot better than your poison gas.

 Galaxia crushed the sphere by using two hands.  
 Sailor Neptune slowly approached her until she stopped.
She removed a cup of tea from her dress and started sipping.


 SAILOR PLUTO : Well, Sailor Neptune is elegant.

 SAILOR URANUS : Go back to your toilet, Sailor Puu !

 Sailor Pluto used her Time Staff to hit her on the head. She heard a thud.

 SAILOR PLUTO : I always knew that your head was hollow.

 Sailor Mars had her hands on her hips.

 SAILOR MARS : Are we going to fight or have girly tea parties ?


 She skipped over to Neptune and drank tea with her.
 Sailor Pluto attempted to hit Galaxia with her Time Staff which she dodged.

 SAILOR JUPITER : Who do you think is going to win, everyone ?
Pluto or Galaxia ?

 SAILOR URANUS : If Pluto continues with those sissy swings, Galaxia will win.

 SAILOR NEPTUNE : Her only other attack is Dark Dome Close.
However, she will die if she uses it since she is forbidden to stop time.

 Sailor Pluto held her Time Key firmly. Her tears left her angry eyes.

 SAILOR PLUTO : ( thinking ) If I stop time, I will die.
However, the other Sailor Senshi will be able to attack if Galaxia is frozen.
If I donč t stop time, Galaxia will continue to do whatever she feels like.
I will kill Galaxia even if it means commiting suicide.

 She raised her Time Staff.


 Sailor Venus threw her tea at her.

 SAILOR VENUS : Donč t use Dark Dome Close ! I donč t want you to die !   

 Sailor Pluto looked at her and smiled.
 Sailor Neptune stood and walked over to Sailor Galaxia who was curious.

 SAILOR GALAXIA : What are your intentions ?

 Sailor Neptune smiled.


 She tossed the tea out of her cup and on to Galaxiač s white dress.


 Sailor Neptune smiled.

 SAILOR NEPTUNE : That was the idea.

 Sailor Pluto went around Galaxia and snuck up on her.
She raised her key and was about to hit her until she turned and ducked.
 Sailor Pluto ended up hitting Sailor Neptune instead !

 SAILOR PLUTO : I am so sorry, Mana.... Sailor Neptune.

 Neptune elegantly placed her empty tea cup down before snatching the Time Key.
She started hitting Pluto on the head while chasing her.


 She, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and Uranus ran away from Neptune.

 Neptune stopped running and faced her.
She was concerned when Galaxia touched her forehead and collapsed.


 The long haired Sailor Senshi made an attempt to stand.
Her hair dragged on the ground.

 SAILOR GALAXIA : ( thinking ) I was a good Sailor Senshi before....

 She looked up.


 Galaxia suffered as evil energy tore her soul apart in an attempt to conquer her.

 SAILOR GALAXIA : Long ago, there was an evil being called Chaos.
I was the legendary Sailor Senshi who defeated it.

 The Sailor Senshi gasped.

 SAILOR GALAXIA : I stabbed Chaos, but it would not die.
I managed to trap it in my body where it would never escape.
I knew that if I released it, the galaxy would suffer. It proceeded to destroy my pure self.
Once it conquers my body, I will no longer be known as Sailor Galaxia.
I will be known as Sailor Chaos.

 She gasped.

 SAILOR NEPTUNE : Donč t let Chaos destroy what is left of your sweet self.

 Sailor Jupiter scowled.

 SAILOR JUPITER : Donč t reason with Galaxia. She is a demon.

 SAILOR NEPTUNE : No. I canč t watch her suffer any longer.

 Galaxia raised her arms in front of her face before releasing light from her bracelets.
She watched the multiple beams hurt her opponents.
 Pluto was knocked back while her Time Key broke in half.
Her companions suffered with her.

 She released more lights from her bracelets.
 Just then, a voice exclaimed....

 VOICE : Silent Wall !

 A purple dome protected Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto.
 The Senshi turned their heads.
 Kami was dressed in a purple fuku. He held Sailor Saturnč s Silence Glaive.
 Sailor Saturn introduced herself. She pointed her Glaive at her enemy.

 SAILOR SATURN : Galaxia, stop this at once !

 Galaxia laughed.

 SAILOR GALAXIA : If I donč t ?

 Sailor Saturn scowled.
 Before she could reply, Galaxia shouted....


 She released multiple golden blasts from her bracelets.
She watched them penetrate the Sailor Senshi one by one.
She saw them fade. Her smile was cruel.
 Sailor Pluto and Venus held hands while dying.



 The fading Senshi kissed one another while crying together.
They wrapped their arms and legs around opposite bodies.

 SAILOR VENUS : We can suffer together.

 Sailor Pluto nodded before kissing her one last time before fading away.
 Galaxia smiled as she gathered their star seeds until a voice stated....
 VOICE : Galaxia !

 The long haired villain looked ahead.
She saw a shadow of a winged girl who had pigtails.

 GALAXIA : Who ?

 GIRL : To destroy a girlč s friendship is unforgivable !

 Galaxia watched the girl step out of the shadows.
 She was Mana disguised as Eternal Sailor Moon !
She told Galaxia that she was going to punish her in the name of the moon.
 Galaxia laughed.

 GALAXIA : You are too late. I now have complete control !

 Eternal Sailor Moon watched red energy surround her body.
She saw her white dress turn black and her long hair become blood red.
Her eyes were now golden and without pupils. She had dragon wings on her back.
Her bracelets shattered. Her voice was now demonic.

 GALAXIA : I am the strongest Sailor Senshi.... Sailor Chaos !

 Eternal Sailor Moon gasped.


 ETERNAL SAILOR MOON : I donč t wish to fight you, Galaxia.

 Sailor Chaos used the back of her hand to slap her.

 SAILOR CHAOS : Galaxia is dead !

 ETERNAL SAILOR MOON : No. She is still alive.
I donč t want to lose any other important people. You are important to me.


 ETERNAL SAILOR MOON : Give me your hand.


 ETERNAL SAILOR MOON : If we combine our love, we can defeat Chaos.

 She heard a voice from within Chaos.

 VOICE : I can hear you, Eternal Sailor Moon.

 Eternal Sailor Moon was able to see through Chaos and view the beautiful Tetsu.
She ran over to Sailor Chaos and embraced her.


 She gasped as blood appeared on her body.

 SAILOR CHAOS : Get away from me !

 Eternal Sailor Moon continued to hold Chaos until her body shattered.
In her place was the good Galaxia who embraced her.

 GALAXIA : Thank you, Eternal Sailor Moon.

 ETERNAL SAILOR MOON : What happened to Chaos ?

 GALAXIA : It has returned to the hearts of everyone.

 ETERNAL SAILOR MOON : Where are my friends ?

 GALAXIA : See for yourself.

 Star seeds appeared around Eternal Sailor Moon along with their Senshi owners.

 ETERNAL SAILOR MOON : Mars. Jupiter. Venus. Uranus. Pluto. Saturn.

 She wept tears of happiness.
 All was quiet until....
 BOP !

 ETERNAL SAILOR MOON : Who hit me on the head ?!

 Pluto looked up while smiling. Her Time Key was behind her back.

 SAILOR PLUTO : I would never hit you on the head with my Time Key !

 ETERNAL SAILOR MOON : Why is it behind your back ?

 She felt something sharp poke her back. She turned and looked at Saturn.

 ETERNAL SAILOR MOON : You poked me, Saturn !

 Saturn had her Glaive behind her back.

 SAILOR SATURN : I didnč t poke you.

 Eternal Sailor Moon sighed.

 ETERNAL SAILOR MOON : Klaha, Pluto would never hit someone on the head !

 SAILOR PLUTO : Out of character ! You are supposed to be Eternal Sailor Moon.

 Venus put her arms around her shoulders.

 SAILOR VENUS : Speaking of out of character, letč s play Hide the Time Key !

 SAILOR SATURN : Ič ll participate.

 Pluto and Venus looked at the Glaive.

 SAILOR VENUS : No thanks.

 Saturn attempted to convince Pluto and Venus to let her join in on their sex.

 SAILOR SATURN : I could use my Glaive to shred your outfits until you are nude.

 Pluto and Venus looked at one another.

 SAILOR VENUS : Join us, Saturn.

 She, Pluto, and Saturn went backstage to have a threesome.
 SAILOR MARS : I donč t want to know !

 ETERNAL SAILOR MOON : You donč t want to know what ?

 SAILOR MARS : You really are an idiot.

 Eternal Sailor Moon started to wail until Jupiter told her to look.
She looked at the front of the stage.
 The audience had disappeared.

 SAILOR MARS : We should go back to being Malice Mizer.
My red high heels are killing me !

 Everyone nodded before going into the dressing room.
They found Sailor Venus, Saturn, and Pluto having sex.

 ETERNAL SAILOR MOON : We do not need to see that.

 Sailor Saturn looked up.

 SAILOR SATURN : Donč t be a prude.

 ETERNAL SAILOR MOON : Would a prude wear micro skirts ?

 Sailor Pluto looked at Venus.

 SAILOR PLUTO : We can have sex at our place.

 The eight men proceeded to remove their Sailor Senshi costumes.
They wore various outfits.
 Klaha was alert when he saw someone in the shadows in front of him.

 KLAHA : Who ?

 Yu ~ Ki touched his shoulder.

 YU ~ KI : Klaha....

 His lover snapped out of his trance. He smiled at him.

 KLAHA : Letč s go home.

 Yu ~ Ki rested his head on Klahač s shoulder while linking arms with him.
 Klaha could not stop thinking about the shadow as he entered his home.
He and Yu ~ Ki sat down on the sofa.
 His lover touched his hands.

 YU ~ KI : I know that there is something bothering you.

 Klaha smiled again.

 KLAHA : It could have been my imagination.

 YU ~ KI : Klaha.

 His face was touched and kissed.
 Klaha noticed the concern in Yu ~ Kič s eyes.
He removed a chocolate bar from his dress and gave it to Yu ~ Ki who smiled.
He watched him devour it. He smirked.
 His smile disappeared when he looked ahead and saw the same person.

 YU ~ KI : Klaha....

 The vocalist snapped out of his trance.
 KLAHA : Sorry, Yu ~ Ki.

 YU ~ KI : Maybe a few hours in bed will make you feel better.

 Klaha smiled at him before taking him upstairs.
He undressed and crawled into bed with him.
 He started kissing him repeatedly.
He moved his hand up and down Yu ~ Kič s penis. He could feel it harden in his hand.

 KLAHA : Why are you so cold ?

 Yu ~ Ki shrugged before sucking on his loverč s penis. He heard him sigh.
He could feel his hot erection in his mouth. He felt the semen enter him.
He spat it out on the bed. He rested his head on the pillow.
 Klaha kissed him on the face before embracing him.
He looked up when he saw someone in the dark.
 He watched the person approach the bed.
 He looked down when he heard Yu ~ Ki whisper....

 YU ~ KI : ( whispering ) I love you, Klaha.

 His lover looked up again. He gasped when he finally saw the strange person.
 The manč s eyes were sunken and his grin was eternal. His flesh had decayed.
 KLAHA : Who are you ?

 The manč s eyes moved back and forth before he touched Klahač s face.
He disappeared while Klaha wondered why he was touched before looking at his alarm.
 KLAHA : Midnight.

 He turned Yu ~ Ki over on his back and gasped before holding him and crying.
 Yu ~ Ki looked exactly like the skeleton.
 Klaha picked up the phone that was near his bed and dialed a few numbers.
He heard Manač s tired voice.

 MANA : Yeah ?

 KLAHA : ( sobbing ) Yu ~ Ki is.... He....

 MANA : You didnč t know that he was sick ?

 KLAHA : ( sobbing ) I just found out this evening.

 MANA : He was sick for a long time.
He seemed a bit exhausted when we performed our Sailor Senshi play.

 KLAHA : ( sobbing ) I apologize for calling at this time. I have to get out of here.

 MANA : Stop by my place. Tetsu and everyone else are with me.
They were too tired to go to their own homes so I let them stay for the night.
There is an empty room for you.

 KLAHA : ( sobbing ) Thanks. I am on my way.

 He hung up before dressing and taking one last look at Yu ~ Ki.
He kissed him before departing.
 When he knocked on Manač s door, Tetsu answered.
 The blonde singer was not happy at all. His long hair was not pleasant to see.
His frown was like a dagger. His eyes were filled with anger.

 TETSU : Go away !

 He shut the door.

 KLAHA : Itč s me !

 TETSU : I donč t know anyone by that name.

 KLAHA : Mana said that I could stay here.

 Gackt opened the door instead of Tetsu.

 GACKT : Join us, Klaha. I apologize for Tetsuč s rude behavior.

 Klaha just smiled. He watched Gacktč s eyes lower.

 GACKT : I am sorry about Yu ~ Ki.

 KLAHA : Thanks, Gackt.

 He followed him to his room.

 GACKT : Do you feel better now, Klaha ?

 He watched him get into bed.

 KLAHA : A little.

 He saw Gackt leave and fell asleep.
 Mana slowly opened his eyes and lifted his head when the sunlight raped them.
He sat up and ignored his usual morning erection.
 He felt that something was missing. He touched the sides of his head.

 MANA : ( shouting ) WHO CUT MY PIGTAILS ?!

 He was determined to discover the culprit and kill him slowly and painfully.
He got out of bed.
 He barged into the first room he saw which happened to belong to Klaha.
He watched Klaha sleep.


 The vocalist quickly lifted his head and concealed his face with a pillow.
He shook his head back and forth.
 Mana could tell that Klaha was laughing at him from behind the pillow.
He scowled before going into Kozič s room without knocking.
 He watched Kozi hide himself with a heavy comforter.
He saw him move around before approaching him.


 The red haired Malice Mizer member slowly sat up and stretched.
He tried opening his eyes. They were now open. His jaw touched his chest.

 KOZI : ( gasping ) You.... youč re bald !

 MANA : No shit !

 KOZI : I did not have anything to do with this ! Did you ask everyone else ?

 Mana rolled his eyes when he heard Klaha laughing.

 MANA : If I donč t hear a confession, I am leaving Malice Mizer.

 KOZI : Why ?

 MANA : I canč t trust anyone in the band.

 KOZI : Mana....

 He watched him leave.
 Tetsu, Gackt, Kami, and Gaz approached Mana before laughing at him.
 MANA : Stop laughing for a minute.
If I donč t find out who removed my beautiful hair, I am leaving the band.

 Tetsu, Gackt, Kami, and Gaz were now serious.

 GAZ : Bye, Baldy !

 He, Kami, Tetsu, and Gackt laughed again.
 Kozi sniffed near Manač s bald head and made a face.

 KOZI : Your head smells like rotten eggs.
            What shampoo did you use last night ?

 MANA : Nair.

 His bandmates screamed while laughing.

 KOZI : Did you know that it removes hair ?

 Mana shook his head back and forth.

 KOZI : You couldnč t smell it ?

 MANA : My nose is stuffed up.

 KOZI : This should teach you to read labels and not to blame people.

 MANA : I apologize for yelling at everyone and threatening to quit Malice Mizer.

 KOZI : We forgive you.

 Mana walked over to Klaha who smiled.

 KLAHA : Thanks for cheering me up, Mana.
       I am glad that Yu ~ Kič s final minutes on Earth were spent with me.

 Mana entered the bathroom and looked at the bottle of Nair.
He gasped which caused his bandmates to run over to his side.

 MANA : The name Yu ~ Ki is on the bottle !
It also says that he still loves Klaha and that his playful side never died.

 KOZI : What time did you wash or rather remove your hair last night ?

 MANA : It was after midnight. As a matter of fact, it was after Yu ~ Ki died.

 KLAHA : Bald is beautiful, Mana.

 He smiled and looked up before his midnight tears returned.
 Klaha was still crying within his sleep.

 KLAHA : ( whispering ) My love will never cause Yu ~ Ki to revive.     

                                                                END OF PART 3

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