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TITLE : Dying to Dream.

                                     AUTHOR : Esmeraude

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Part 6~

     KLAHA : Hello everyone ! I am Klaha and I sing for a band called Malice Mizer.

 TETSU : I was the original singer !

 Klaha rolled his eyes.

 TETSU : Let me narrate !
      Klaha is a terrible cook, but I would never say that to his face.

 KLAHA : I am sitting next to you, Tetsu.

 TETSU : Oh yeah.

 Klaha scowled.

 TETSU : Like it is my fault that the stuff you make tastes like vomit !

 KLAHA : I am going to ignore Tetsu since he is being a dumbass right now.

 Hisui was next to him.

 HISUI : Tetsu is always a dumbass.


 Kengo spoke up.

 KENGO : No, Tetsu ! The intruder is already having her way with Yukinaka upstairs.

 TETSU : So ?

 KENGO : She will be angry if she is interrupted. She will torture us even more.

 TETSU : Thatč s true.

 Arisu started to speak.

 ARISU : I have to go potty !

 Kengo giggled as Klaha, Tetsu, and Hisui raised their eyebrows.

 HISUI : You will just have to wait until the intruder unties you.

 ARISU : I canč t wait that long !

 Just then, a female voice shouted from upstairs....


 Klaha, Tetsu, Hisui, and Kengo started to laugh.


 KLAHA : Let me start at the beginning....


 KLAHA : No narrating either ?


 KLAHA : ( whispering ) Anyway, we were sleeping over at my place.
Tetsu was at the slumber party because I had heard so much about him from Mana.
I wanted to see him for myself so I called him a few days ago and invited him over.
I did invite Mana, Yu ~ Ki, and Kozi, but they were all busy.
I had invited Kengo, Hisui, Arisu, and Yukinaka because they were my favorite singers.
What bands are they from ?
         Kengo sings for Noir fleurir.
Hisui is the ex singer of Madeth Grayč ll. Arisu had left Missalina Rei.
Yukinaka once sang for Arege.
         We sat in a sphere while trying to decide what to do.
         Hisui smiled.

 HISUI : I know what we could do.

 KENGO : What ?



 HISUI : It already is.

 KLAHA : ( narrating ) Judging from his scowl, Arisu was not enthusiastic.
               Finally, a scary grin formed on his face.
 ARISU : You wonč t be laughing when I tell everyone that you.... WET THE BED !

 HISUI : ( whining ) Ariiiisuuuu !

 KLAHA : Life with all of you is never boring.
You provide hours of endless entertainment.

 ARISU : ( interrupting ) I REALLY HAVE TO GO POTTY !

 KLAHA : Do you want the intruder to lock us outside ?

 KLAHA : ( narrating ) Just then, the intruder burst into my home !
She wore a corset and boots. Her hair was long.
She said that she was our fan and proceeded to bind us.

 Yukinaka shouted....


 KLAHA : ( narrating ) The woman dragged Yukinaka upstairs.
We could hear him screaming and crying.
                Kengo is now muttering about being in a happy place.
If he does not shut up, he will get his wish in a second !
    OW ! Tetsu just kicked my leg !


 KLAHA : My fault ? What did I do ?

 TETSU : You pissed our so called fan off by talking to yourself.
Ič m going to tell her to kill you first.

 KENGO : Nighty night, everyone.  

 He fell asleep.

 TETSU : The intruder might kill you in your sleep, Kengo.

 The Noir fleurir singer was still asleep.
 A white cat appeared from under a sofa.
 KLAHA : Atra !

 HISUI : She must have hidden during the slumber party.


 Atra ran under the sofa.
 The intruder dragged Yukinaka down the stairs.
She pushed him into Klaha, Tetsu, Hisui, Kengo, and Arisu.
 Kengo still managed to sleep.
 The fan removed a bundled whip from her corset and cracked it.
She pulled Hisui by his hair before turning him over on his stomach.
She heard him scream while the whip cut his back.
She did the same to Klaha, Tetsu, Arisu, and Yukinaka.
 She smiled.

 TETSU : Why didnč t you whip Kengo ?

 INTRUDER : He looks so cute when he is sleeping.


 His owner sighed.

 INTRUDER : Very well, but be quick !

 Arisu stood and hopped over to Klahač s bathroom.
 His mistress followed him. She removed his panties and watched him urinate.
She moved her hand up and down his male organ. She pushed him into the livingroom.


 He fell near Klaha, Tetsu, Hisui, Kengo, and Yukinaka.
 She forced Klaha, Tetsu, and Hisui into her. She kissed Kengoč s face.
 She smiled before forcing them to have sex with one another.
She assigned lovers while choosing Klaha for herself.
 One pairing consisted of Tetsu and Hisui.
The other pairing happened to be Yukinaka with Arisu. Kengo was left alone.
Atra still hid under the sofa.
 The intruder could see the terror in Klahač s eyes.
She squeezed his scrotum and licked his tears.
 Tetsu was on top of Hisui and licked his penis while Hisui did the same.
They kissed one anotherč s erections.
 Yukinaka and Arisu kissed one another on their mouths.
They were both erect. Arisu slid his penis under Yukinakač s dress.
He heard him sigh when he entered him. He went in and out of him.
 The intruder smiled before walking away in order to explore the house.

 YUKINAKA : We need to figure out how to escape.

 ARISU : I sure am hungry. I canč t move my arms though.

 He looked down at the ropes and had an idea. He proceeded to gnaw on them.

 TETSU : I always knew that you were a rat, Arisu !

 The singer ignored him and was soon free.
He entered the kitchen in order to cook rice.
 The intruder appeared.

 INTRUDER : You have a nice home, Klaha.


 Arisu exited the kitchen at the wrong time.His eyes were wide while he ate his rice.
 Tetsu looked at Klaha.

 TETSU : If Arisu would have eaten your yogurt or cooking, he would have died.
Your pudding is poisonous.
     Maybe if the intruder eats your food, she will die.
Ironically, your terrible cooking will save our lives by killing her.

 The intruder smiled while untying Klaha who smiled and entered the kitchen.
She saw him return with pudding. She watched him kneel in front of Tetsu.
She could tell that the sight of the so called awful food made him want to faint.

 TETSU : Is this the end of Tetsu ?

 KLAHA : Open wide !

 The singer was too weak to toss and turn. He knew that he was going to die.
He sobbed into his pillow again. He held the locket firmly.

 KLAHA : I donč t feel safe, Yu ~ Ki.
     What would our lives be like if we happened to be werewolves ?
What if other j-rockers were a part of our kind ?
     The pairings would be Mana and Kozi, Tetsu and Gaz, Kami and Gackt,
Arisu and Yukinaka, and Kengo with Soshi. You and I would be a couple of course !
      Mana is the wolf leader and Kozi happens to be the co leader.
Tetsu is the most aggressive wolf while Gaz is protective. Kami and Gackt are kind wolves.
Arisu is very playful unlike Yukinaka who is more serious. Kengo and Soshi are loners.
You and I are a bit obsessed with sex in both human and wolf forms !
      Mana orders us to hunt for a moose in our wolf forms.
It retreats after killing Gackt via hooves.
      Kami runs and samples a bit of poisoned meat.
      We are running out of food options.
Arisu refuses to eat cute bunnies and adorable mice.
     Tetsu wants to hunt on his own, but Mana does not want that.
He does not wish to lose any other pack members.
      Gaz licks Tetsuč s face in order to pacify him.
      Tetsu bites Arisu who happens to be in his way.
Hearing his cries encourages us to attack Tetsu and Gaz.
      We tear both wolves apart before we continue hunting for food.
      Just then, a steel trap holds Soshič s paw firmly.
Kengo licks his face in order to comfort him.
      We depart when we hear footsteps. We see a man aiming a rifle at Soshi.
We turn our heads in order to avoid seeing him die. We watch the man leave.
     Kengo reverts to his human form and holds Soshi while crying.
He looks up when he sees a plane above him. He switches to his wolf form and runs.
He sees bullets around him.
    Suddenly, a wolf whines in a loud tone when a bullet penetrates his back.
He is Kozi.
    The plane leaves.
    Mana becomes a human before he holds Kozič s dead body.
He sobs quietly.
    Kengo touches his shoulder before looking at his wet face and kissing him.
Mana returns his kiss.
    We all have sex in our human forms until there is a full moon.
We turn into women with golden eyes and fangs !
     We were born with human and wolf forms.
However, it was a curse to be a woman.

 He ceased talking momentarily before continuing to cry.
He held his locket firmly before his arm proceeded to hang over the side of the bed.
His head tilted to the side. His tears slid down his face.

 KLAHA : ( whispering ) Part of me wants to die and the other part fears death.
If I die, I will be able to dream forever. If I donč t die, I will continue to suffer very slowly.
You seemed peaceful when you died.

 He sobbed while remembering Yu ~ Kič s death.

 KLAHA : ( whispering ) Will my eternal dreams consist of terrible nightmares ?

 He struggled to smile.

 KLAHA : ( whispering ) Perhaps if I die, I will join you. We can be together forever.

 He held the locket again before letting go.
His last thought consisted of a happy Yu ~ Ki welcoming him.
 His smile was now permanent.

     THE END

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